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Third Edition 





Copyright 1M7 by Waltei Russell 
Copyright 1971, ]9W by The Univetsity of Sdeoce and Philosophy 

ISBN I-87-960S1CM 

Printed in U. S. A. 

To the one God, the universal One 
this book is humbly dedicated 


The original volume of THE SECRET 
OF LIGHT was published in 1947. This 
current publication includes some modi- 
fications and amplifications that Doctor 
Russell made with regard to this particular 
volume prior to his refolding in 1963. 

released by Walter Russell, our year's 
Home Study Course in Universal Law, Nat- 
ural Science and Living Philosophy — and 
all of the other books listed herein— have 
been written and released, for the world is 
now fully ready and in great need of the 
new and basic knowledge contained in all 
of these writings. 

Lao Russell 


Concerning The Divine Iliad 

The Divine Ilfad is the basis of this boot 
"Bffi Divine Iliad is an inspired message from 
the Creator to give man the needed compre- 
hension of his relation to his universe, to man, 
and to God, for the coming cycle. 

Man progresses in cycles of approximately 
twenty-five hundred years. At the beginning of 
each cycle of his growing awareness of the 
Light within hint, God sends messages through 
prepared messengers to further his 
comprehension of the Light. Comprehension of 
these cosmic messages gradually exalts 
mankind into higher beings, and thus each 
cycle is one more step for man toward full 
awareness of the Light, and of his Oneness 
with God. 

The DrviNE Iliad cannot be fully published 
for many years. As much of it as can now be 
published will appear in these pages. Further 
portions of it will be released as the world is 
ready to receive them. 

Walter Russell 



This 1994 edition of Walter Russell's classic 
masterpiece has been edited to correct mis- 
spellings and grammatical errors, and add sev- 
eral editor's notes. The preservation of the 
essence of Dr. Russell's thoughts and teachings 
has been foremost in our minds. 

Scientific investigation of Walter Russell's 
ideas gives the reward of deeper understanding 
into the nature of the Universe, and will serve 
as an inspiration and light into the next cen- 
turies. Technological application of his princi- 
ples holds the promise of a non-polluting sus- 
tainable energy future that is presently so des- 
perately needed. 

It is with great hope and expectation for 
humanity's greater comprehension and use of 
The Secret Of Light that we offer this updated 







Jesus said, "GOD IS LIGHT," and no man of that 
day knew what He meant. The day is now here when 
ai] men must know what Jesus meant when He said 

For within the secret of Light is vast knowledge yet 
iinrevealed to man. Light is alJ there is; it is all we 
have to deal with, but we do not yet know what it is. 
The purpose of this message is to tell what it is. 

Today's civilization has advanced far in knowing 
HOW to deal with matter but we do not know WHAT 
matter is nor the WHY of it. Nor do we know what 
energy, electricity, magnetism, gravitation and radia- 
tion are. Nor do we know the purpose of the inert 
gases and WHAT they are. Nor do we know the struc- 
ture of the elemental atoms nor the gyroscopic prin- 
ciple which determines that structure. Nor are we 
aware of the fact that this is a two-way continuous 
universe of balance in all effects of motion and not a 
one-way discontinuous universe. Nor have we even 
yet heard of or suspected the most important of all 
principles in physics, THE VOIDANCE PRINCIPLE 
and the mirrors and lenses of space which are the 
cause of illusion in all moving things. 



Nor do we even consider the entire materia! electric 
universe to be the illusion which it is; there being no 
reality to it whatsoever. 

Nor have we the slightest inkling of the cause of 
curvature of space, nor the voidanc^ of that curvature 
in planes of zero curvature at wave field boundaries. 
No one now knows how it is that crystals get their 
various shapes. It will amaze the world to know that 
those shapes of crystals are determined in space by the 
shapes of the wave fields which bound the various ele- 
mental structures. 

Nor have we the slightest conception of what con- 
stitutes the life principle, nor the principle of growth, 
nor the simultaneous unfoldment-refoldment principle 
which repeats all patterns in Nature sequentially and 
records and voids them as they are repeated. Nor are 
we aware of that recording principle by means of 
which the Creator carries forth the sum totals of every 
sequential cycle in His unfolding and refolding uni- 
verse unto the very end of its manifestations upon one 
planet and its beginning on a new one. 

Nor are we dynamically aware of the souls and 
seeds of things. These roots of universal repetition are 
now but metaphysical abstractions to religion and 
physical guesswork to science. 

Within the secret of Light is the answer to all of 
these heretofore unanswered questions, and many 



more, which the ages have not yet solved. This revela- 
tion of the nature of Light will be the inheritance of 
man in this coming New Age of greater comprehen- 
sion. Its unfoldment will prove the existence of God 
by methods and standards acceptable to science and 
religion alike. It will lay a spiritual foundation under 
the present material one of science. 

The two greatest elements in civilization, religion 
and science, will thus find unity in marriage of the 
two. Likewise human relationships will become more 
balanced because of greater knowledge of universal 
law which lies behind ail of the processes which light 
uses to interweave the patterned forms of this electric 
wave universe. 

There is no department of life which will not be 
vitally affected by this new knowledge of the nature of 
Light, from the university to the laboratory, from gov- 
enmient to industry, and from nation to nation. 

I therefore give it to you with all of its clarity as I 
myself have become aware of it from behind the 
scenes of this cosmic cinema of light illusion which is 
our universe. 

Walter Russell 


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Walter and Lao Russell, please write or phone: 

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(703) 942-5161 
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I. ..The Eternal Question 1 

II ...Creator and Creation 12 

III ,,, Sensation AND Consciousness 22 

IV... Cosmic Consciousness 27 

V . . .Creative Expression 31 

VI . . . Knowledge 34 

VII .. . Knowledge Versus Thinking 38 

VIII ...Thinking Versus Sensing 42 

IX... Sensing Binds All Things 50 

X... Function of The Brain 56 

XI... Electrical Awareness 61 

XII ...Instinct 65 

XIII ...Unconsciousness-Sleep- AND Pain 71 

XIV.,, Motion Simulating Rest 75 

XV. ..The Illusion of Change ..,.78 

XVI... The Senses Deceive 83 

XVII,..Man's New Cycle 89 





I... Man's Two Supreme Illusions 93 

1L-. Genesis 98 

II I... The Law of Balance 106 

IV... The Source of Power 113 

v.. .This Sexed Electric Universe 118 

VI.. .Sex-Conditioned Opposites 1 23 

VII. ..The Sex Reproductive Principle 132 

VIII ... Electricity Defined ,,..,139 

IX... The Two Electric Desires 144 

X...The Unfolding-Refolding Principle... 148 
XI... The Illusion of Attraction and 

Repulsion of Matter 153 

XI I... Light 160 

XII I . . .Cycles 173 

XIV. ..Weight 181 

XV.,. The Source of Solar Energy 187 

XVI, ..The Life Principle. 196 






"/ am the Light; I alone AM. 

"What I am thou art. Thou art the Light. 
Thou art One with Me. 

"Man may know me by desiring to know 

"To know Me is to be Me. Through My 
Light alone can man know Me. 

"Man is Light when he knoweth that he is 

"Man is Me when he knoweth that he is Me. 

"All men will come to Me in due time, but 
theirs is the agony of awaiting. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 



ONE ' 




The Universe of Knowing 

Chapter I 


"Who am I?" 

"What am I?" 

"Why am I?" 

"Whither am I bound?" 

"What is my relation to the universe, to man, and to 

"What is Truth? How am T to know Truth?" 

"Whence cometh my power? What is the Source of 
my power?" 

"How am 1 to find Balance? in my dealings with my 
fellow men, how am I to know that balance in our inter- 
change which will enrich both him and me?" 

"Countless are the religious teachings, and many are 
the commandments to goodness, but goodness is still 
veiled fi'om my eyes like a thick mist which hides Thy 
Light which 1 vainly seek." 

"1 stumble in its darkness. Unbalanced I fall" 

"O thou unseen One, tear from my eyes the blinding 
veil which hides the path to Thy Light, that I may find 
my way to Thee." 

That is the cry of the ages. 


That is the unanswered question which is arising from 
the heart of this awakening generation. 

Civilization progresses in cycles. New comprehension 
periodically transforms mankind into higher beings. A 
new cycle of three thousand years duration is now in its 
birth throes. 

God's omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence 
are centered in the consciousness of every man; but few 
there are who know of the Oneness of their Self-Soul 
with the Universal Self-Soul. Man requires many mil- 
lennia to begin to be aware of that. Each cycle of man 
brings him nearer to his awareness of his Oneness with 
the Light of his Self-Source. 

Man lives in a bewildering complex world of 
EFFECT of which he knows not the CAUSE. Because 
of its seemingly infinite multiplicity and complexity, he 
fails to vision the simple underlying principle of Bal- 
ance in all things. He, therefore, complexes Truth until 
its many angles, sides and facets have lost balance with 
each other and with him. 

Truth is simple. Balance is simple. Rhythmic balanced 
interchange between all pairs of opposite expressions in 
Natural phenomena, and in human relations, is the con- 
summate art of God's universe of Light. It is also the 
Law. In this one fundamental Universal Law lies the 
balanced continuity of all creative expression in God's 
electric wave universe of two conditioned lights in 


seeming motion which record God's One Whole Idea of 
Creation into countless seemingly separate parts of that 
Whole Idea. 


The great unanswered question of man has a simple 
answer. The Silent Voice within every man is ceaseless- 
ly whispering it to his awakening consciousness. Every 
desire written upon the heart of man is carried to the 
Source, and its answer will come, but few there are who 
ask comprehensively and fewer still who hear. 

Many are the ages of preparation for worthiness to 
hear it, for man's consciousness is insulated from his 
Source by the sensations of his electrically conditioned 
body which he wrongly thinks of as being his Mind and 
his personal Self. 

What he calls his objective human mind is but the 
seat of electric sensations of his body. What he mistakes 
for thinking is but an electric awareness of things sensed 
and recorded within the cells of his brain for repetitive 
usage through what is termed "memories." Memories 
have no more relation to knowledge of Universal Mind 
which is m man than Victrola records are related to the 
source of their recordings. 

What he thinks of as his living body is but an electri- 
cally motivated machine which simulates life through 



motion extended to it firom its centering Self -Soul which 
alone lives and wills the body to move. 

What he calls his subjective mind is his conscious- 
ness, his spiritual storehouse of all-knowledge, all- 
power, and all-presence. That consciousness is his Self, 
his ETERNAL Self through which his omniscience, 
omnipresence and omnipotence are expressed as he 
slowly becomes aware of their presence within him. 

The electrically oscillating nerve-wires which operate 
his bodily mechanism act ahnost entirely through auto- 
matic reflexes and instinctive control, and to a very little 
extent through mental decisions. Each cell and organ of 
his body has an electrical awareness of its purpose and 
each fulfills that purpose without any mental action 
whatsoever upon the part of the Intelligence which 
occupies that body. The heartbeat, for example, is purely 
automatic. The white corpuscles of the blood rush to 
repair an injury to the body as automatically as a bell 
rings when a button is pushed. 

In this body and its electric recording brain, man thinks 
that he thinks and lives, loves and dies. He thinks himself 
conscious while awake and unconscious when sleeping; 
unaware that in all Nature there is no such (xindition as 
unconsciousness when sensation ceases in sleep. 

Man does not say that his tooth is unconscious when it 
is put to sleep by short-circuiting the electric current in 
the nerve-wire which gives sensed electrical awareness 


to his tooth. He knows that his tooth cannot be con- 
scious, but he does not know that his body cannot be 

Nor does he yet know that consciousness never sleeps, 
never changes, for consciousness in man is his immortal- 
ity. It is the Light which he is unknowingly seeking but 
assumes that the sensation of his brain is his thinking. 

Man is still new. He is barely out of the dark of his 
jungle. For the million or more years of his unfolding he 
has relied upon sensation for his actions and the evi- 
dence of his senses for his knowing. He has been aware 
of the spirit in him only a very few thousands of years. 
In this beginning of his new awareness he is confused, 
knowing not which is Mind in him, which is conscious- 
ness in him and which is sensation. 

He has not yet learned that bodies are but Self-created 
mechanisms which manifest their centering Self, and 
that Self manifests God as One with it. Likewise he has 
not yet learned that bodies neither live nor die, but 
repeat themselves continuously and forever as all idea of 
Mind likewise repeats itself. 

The wheel, for example, is a mechanism consisting of 
a hub, spokes and a rim. A little part of the wheel touch- 
es the ground, feels it, then leaves it, to disappear from 
reach of the sensations which connect rim, spokes and 

But then it reappears. „ 


When that happens to man we say, "He was born, 
lived and died." When it happens to the apple, the 
flame,, or the tree, we say, "The apple was eaten, the 
flame has gone out and the tree has decayed." We say 
that because only a small part of the cycle of any idea 
comes within the range of our senses. The larger part of 
the cycle is beyond our range of perception, just as the 
larger part of the wheel is beyond the sensed perception 
of the ground. 

We do not yet know that the invisible part of the 
cycles of all idea is as continuous as the wheel is contin- 
uous. The cycle of the apple is light reaching from the 
sun and earth to that positive half of the apple cycle 
which we hold in our hand. The negative half of the 
cycle is light returning to sun and earth for repetition as 
another manifestation of the eternal idea of the apple. 
The same is true of the flame, the tree or any other part 
of the One Whole Idea of Creation. 

The flame "goes out" to our sensing. But it still IS. 
Likewise the tree, the forest, mountain, planet and nebu- 
la of the far heavens appear, disappear and as surely 

Likewise man appears to disappear and reappear agait] 
and again in countless cycles to express eternal life of 
the spirit in eternal repetitions of that part of the man 
cycle which the body of man can sense. 

Man never dies. He is as continuous as eternity is con- 


tinnous. Jesus rightly said that man shall not see death, 
for there is no death to see or to know. 

Likewise the body of man does not live, and having 
never lived it cannot die. The spirit alone lives. The 
body but manifests the spirit. That which we think of as 
life in the spirit of man manifests itself by willing the 
body to act. Actions thus made by the body under the 
command of its centering Soul have no motivative 
power or intelligence in themselves; they are but 
machines motivated by an onmiscient and omnipotent 
intelligence extended to them. 

These things we do not yet know, for man is in his 
infancy. He is but beginning to know the Light. 


Man is forever seeldng the Light to guide him on that 
long tortuous road which leads from his body's jungle to 
the mountain top of his awakening soul. 

Man is forever finding that Light, and is being forever 
transformed as he finds it. 

And as he finds it he gradually finds the Self of him 
which IS the Light. 

And as he becomes more and more transformed by the 
God-Light of the awakening Self within him, he leaves 
the jungle farther below him in the dark. 

There are those who seek the Light who are discour- 


aged because they seemingly cannot find it, wholly 
unaware that they have forever been finding it. Unknow- 
ing ones expect to find it all at once in some blinding 
flash of all-power, all-knowledge and ail-presence. 

It does not come that way until one is nearing his 
mountain top. Man cannot bear much of the Light at a 
time while his body is still new and too near its jungle. 
All who are well out of the jungle have already found 
enough of the Light to illume their way out of its dark 

He who is far out of the jungle and still seeks the 
Light in the High-heavens is forever finding it, and is 
forever being transformed as he finds it. 

One cannot for one moment remove his seeking eyes 
from his High-heaven, for ever so slight a glimpse 
below into the dark brings him back to the fears of the 
dark, which tempt him to plunge back into them. 

Look ye, therefore, forever upward into the High- 
heavens of inspiration, where glory awaits the fearless, 
all-knowing seekers of Beauty in the purity of the uni- 
versal Light. 

To him whose eyes are in the High-heavens, the Light 
win forever come, and he wiU be forever transformed as 
he finds it. 

The dark road from his jungle to his mountain top of 
glory becomes ever more illumined during the ascent 
fi'om body to spirit. 


It is a hard, but glorious road to climb. All must make 
the climb. 

THE LIGHT is the forever repetitive play of man on the 
planets of suns. 

When all mankind has foimd the Light, the play will 
be finished. Likewise this planet will be finished as an 
abode for man. It wUl then be rolled off into its ever 
expanding orbit while Venus is gradually being rolled 
into place to become the stage for the next repetition of 
THE ASCENT OF MAN in this solar system. 

We actors of the play must, therefore, be content with 
the lines of the play revealed to each of us in Light. We 
must, likewise, be ever joyous at our continuous trans- 
formation, as each one of us learns our part, line by line, 
the better to fulfil! it worthily. 

All parts of the play are experiences which become 
the action of the play. All man's experiences are part of 
his unfolding. Each experience is a part of his journey 
from die dark to the Light. All experiences are steps in 
that journey to his mountain top of glory. All experi- 
ences, therefore, are good experiences. 

There is naught but GOOD. There is no evil. 

There is naught but LIFE. There is no death. 

'7 am the One Whole, the ALL. 

"Glorify thou Me, the One Whom I am, for 
I am ALL, and no other is. 

"I, the sexless One, am Unity. 

"What I am thou art, for thou art Me; thou 
art the Whole. 

"Glorify thou thy Self, for in so doing thou 
art glorifying Me. 

"I, the One Whole, am knowing Mind. I 
exist to think. All thinking is Light of My know- 
ing but My thinking is not Me. 

"lam Creator, creating with My thinking. 

"Out of My Light of knowing are My two 
lights of thinking born as sexed pairs of oppo- 
sitesfor repetition as sexed pairs of opposites. 


"To think is to create. I create with Light. 
Nothing is which is not Light. 

"I think idea. Light registereth My idea in 
the two sexed lights of My thinking, and form 
is born in the image of My thinking, 

"Form hath no existence, nor have My 
imaginings. These exist not, for they are not 
Me. I alone existeth; /, the ALL. 

"I create my imaged body with the in- 
breathing of My pulsing universe of Me. 

"My universe is My image; but My image is 
not Me. 

"All things are My image, but they are not 
Me, e'en though I am in them and they in Me." 

— From The Divine Iuad 


Chapter U 

God, the Creator, is all there IS; all that EXISTS. 

God's creating universe of matter in motion appears to 
exist. To our senses it sequentially disappears, to reap- 
pear. It has no reality. It but simulates reality through the 
illusion of two-way projected lights in motion. 

God, the Creator, is the One Being, the One Person, 
the One Mind, the One Thinker, the One Self, the One 
Life, the One Soul, the One Power, the One Reality. 

God's Creation is the imaged patterned form of God's 
imagining, built in His image. It is the body of God, the 
record of His thinking, created by Hiin for expressing 
the One-ness of Life, Love, Mind, Soul and Power 
which is in Him alone. 


God is light. God is Universal Mind. Mind is Light. 
Mind knows. 

Mind thinks what it know^. Mind thinks in two opposed 
lights simultaneously projected from their centering white 
light Source and sequentially repeated in cycles. 



God's thinking and imagining are qualities of God's 
knowing. God's knowing Mmd is timeless and still. So 
also are God's thinking and imagining timeless and still. 
So, likewise, man's thinking and imagining are as time- 
less and still as is his knowing. 

Stillness never can be motion, or become motion, but 
it can appear to be. Motion merely seems, but stiUness 
always is. The universal equilibrium can never be other 
than its own balance but it can seem to be. The illusion 
which is motion springs from stilbiess and returns to 
stilhiess. This is a universe of rest. There is naught but 
rest in the universe. 
Mind knows its One Idea of Creation as One Whole. 
Mind thinks its One Whole idea into seeming parts. 
Hence the illusion of motion which we call Creation, 
and the illusion of substance which we call matter. 

Matter, motion, time, change, dimension and sub- 
stance have no existence. The Light of knowing Mind 
alone exists. 
There is but One Mind and One Thinker. 
The One Light of knowing Mind is Self of God. It is 
the Universal Self which centers all omnipresent self- 
creating bodies of God-Selves. This self creating uni- 
verse is the Mind imagined body of God, and record of 
God's thinking. 

We can KNOW God. We cannot KNOW His body but 
we can SEE it. Likewise we can KNOW man. We can- 



not KNOW the body of man but we can SEE it. What 
God is man is. God and man are ONE. 


We seemingly live in two universes; the still cosmic 
Mind universe of KNOWING and the moving thought- 
of-Mind rhythmic wave universe of SENSING. 

We cannot sense the cosmic universe of God's know- 
ing nor can we know the thought-wave universe of 
God's thinking. 

The cosmic Mind universe of the One Light of all- 
knowing is all that is. 

The vibrating thought -wave universe of sensing mere- 
ly seems. 


The one still Light of God is the cosmic Light which 
watches over all creating things at countless points 
locatable by man, but invisible to man. 

Man's senses have misled him into believing in a 
force called magnetism which attracts compass needles 
and lifts tons of steel. These phenomena of motion are 
due to electricity and not to magnetism. The cosmic 
Light is absolutely still It neither attracts nor repels. 

We now need to comprehend the nature and purpose 
of the "magnetic poles" of suns, planets and all other 
moving extensions of the One Light. Likewise, we need 



to know the nature and purpose of the two electric work- 
ers which interweave this light mirage of seeming 
motion and dissolve it sequentially for rebuilding. This 
will give a foundation of knowledge to man which will 
enable him to see behind the illusions which deceive his 

The time has come in the history of man's journey 
from his material jungle to his spiritual mountain top 
when it is imperative that he must live more and more in 
the cosmic Light universe of knowing, and less in the 
electric wave universe of sensing. 

Man must know that his power lies in the stillness of 
his centering Self and not in the motion by means of 
which he manifests that stillness. He must know that his 
Self is God in him. AJso he must know gradually the 
dawning awareness of the cosmic Light of God in him, 
for with it comes an awareness of his purposefulness in 
manifesting the Light and the power to manifest it. 

Man must now know the universe of God for what it 
is instead of what his senses have made him believe it to 

Also, he must know that this forever creating universe 
which seems so real to him is but a cosmic cinema, con- 
ceived by the Master Playwright. It is but an electrically 
projected, spectrum-colored light and sound-wave 
motion picture play of CAUSE AND EFFECT thrown 
on the black screen of imaged space and time. 



The CAUSE is real. TTie EFFECT is but a simulation 
of the reality. 

The Self of man is cause. His self-creating body is 

God's universe of magnetic Light is static. 

God's perpetually creating electric wave univeree of 
two moving lights is dynamic. It forever moves. The 
two moving lights are projected through each other from 
the static One to create the illusion of the idea they but 
manifest. The illusion which manifests the idea of Cre- 
ation through seeming motion is not the idea which it 
seemingly manifests. 

Creation is the product of Mind-knowing expressed in 
form by Mind-Thinking. 

The product of Mind is not the idea which it simu- 
lates. No idea of Mind is ever created. It is but simulated 
by form and motion. Idea is eternal and belongs to 
God's still universe of knowing. 

Form of idea in matter is transient but is eternally 
repeated as transient form of idea. 


The foundation of the spiritual universe is stillness; 
the balanced stillness of the One magnetic Light of God. 

Balanced stillness is the Positive Principle of stability 
and unity, in it there are no negations. 




The foundation of the physical universe is motion; the 
ever-changing motion arising out of pairs of unbalanced 
conditions which must forever move to seek the bal- 
anced stillness of unity from which they sprang as mul- 
tiple pairs of units. 

Unbalanced motion is the Negative Principle of insta- 
bility, multiplicity and separateness which is this physi- 
cal universe of electric octave waves of opposed lights. 

In the Negative Principle there is no positive. It is 
composed entirely of pairs of negations which are for- 
ever voiding each other, cancelling each other's action 
and reaction, thus negating each other by never allow- 
ing either one to exceed its fixed zero of universal stUl- 


The still magnetic Light universe of God's knowing is 
an invisible, unchanging, unconditioned and unmeasur- 
able quality from which visible, changing, conditioned 
and measurable quantities spring to simulate those qual- 
ities through two-way wave motion. 

There is no one word in any language to express that 
quality so we must use many words, all having the same 
meaning but different connotations. 



These words are mind, consciousness, love, life, truth, 
desire, knowledge, power, balance and law. 

The God-quality of the One Light is seemingly trans- 
formed into quantities by being divided into pairs of 
oppositely-conditioned light pressures of this electric 
universe. These divided pairs are then multiplied into 
countless octave wave units of light pressures and set in 
opposite directioned motion to create the illusion of 
sequence, change, dimension, condition and time in a 
universe where none of these effects of motion exist. 

The calm sea, for example, is an unchanging, unmea- 
surable quality of oneness, of sameness and stillness. 
Upon its calm surface there is no change, nothing to 
count or to measure. 

The moment that quantities of waves spring from that 
quality of calm, those quantities can be measured. Like- 
wise, they are forever changing. Nor are there two 
points in them which are similarly conditioned. 

This creating electric universe is composed of moving 
light waves which sprang from a calm sea of the One 
still Light. 

It is a universe of moving pairs of quantities which 
simulate the quality of stillness from which those quan- 
tities spring. The quantities of divided and conditioned 
pairs of opposite lights which thus simulate the One are 
not the One they simulate. 


The Creator is One Mind indivisible. Creation is One 
Whole Idea of Mind divided into countless simulated 
ideas of mind, through motion. The simulation of Idea 
thus expressed is not the idea that it expresses. 

Parts of the One Whole Idea are only seeming. There 
are no two separate or separable things in the universe. 
There is but One Whole Simulation of the One Whole 

"Everything that b is of everything else that is. 
All things are indissolubly united. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 

Every happening anywhere happens everywhere. The 
milkweed fluff floating lazily in the sununer sky affects 
the balance of the whole universe of suns and galaxies. 
Every part of the universe moves in interdependent uni- 
son as the wheels of a watch move in unison. The watch 
wheels are geared together mechanically. The rhythmic 
wave universe is geared together electrically. 

The entire universe is one and must be kept in balance 
as one. Changes of condition in any one part are simul- 
taneously reflected in every other part, and are sequen- 
tially repeated in it. 


"Say thou these things in words of man's 
knowing, for, verily I say, I am within all 
things, without all things, and involved in all 
things, for I am everywhere. 

"All things are omnipresent, for all things 
extend from Mind of Me, and I am 

"All omnipresent things are omniscient, for 
I am within them, and I am omniscient. When 
man 's consciousness telleth him of My pres- 
ence within and without him he will then know 
all things, for I know all things, and I am he. 

"All thinking things manifesteth all power 
when consciousness within them recognizeth 
their omnipotence. Until then, things are 
naught but things, manifesting me not, being 
but blank slates upon which to write My 
mighty thoughts for blind eyes. 


"For I am omnipotent, I give all power to 
him who asketh but no one may ask of Me who 
is not aware of Me. See thou to it that man well 
knoweth that, and manifest thou thyself that 
principle of power in thine own works. 

"For I say to all the imaged forms of My 
imagining, that power lieth in them to manifest 
the balanced Light which centereth them, by 
making the One Light appear as two unbal- 
anced lights which interchange sequentially 
but equally. 

"And again I say that all things which man 
senseth are but waves of dual light which 
record My electric thinking in the imagined 
forms of My imagining. 

"And also I say that the imagined forms of 
My imagining have no Being, for I alone have 

— From The Divine Iuad 


Chapter III 

God is consciousness. Consciousness is static. Con- 
sciousness is the KNOWING of mind. Knowing is stat- 

Consciousness is tlie spiritual awareness of Being, of 
all-knowing, atl-power and all-presence. 

Thinking is electric. 

God's thinking is expressed by two-way moving wave 
extensions from consciousness, like a lever swinging 
upon a fixed fulcrum, or like waves extending from the 
calm sea. Thought expression is dynamic. Thinking 
belongs to the electrically sensed and conditioned 
vibrating universe of motion. Thinking is the motionless 
principle in light which creates the illusion of motion. 

The Self of man belongs to the static, invisible, con- 
scious, unconditioned universe of KNOWING. We 
express knowing in the dynamic, visible, electrically 
conditioned universe of sensation. 

Sensation is the electrical awareness of motion simu- 
lating the spiritual QUALITIES of the One Idea by cre- 
ating imaged QUANTITIES of separate forms which 
seem to have substance. 



Consciousness is real. Sensation simulates reality 
through motion of interchanging lights, but the mirage 
of a city is not the city it reflects. 

Confusion and misunderstanding as to whether we are 
thinking consciously from knowledge or sensing electri- 
cally from memory records stored in our brains have led 
us to the necessity of distinguishing between the two by 
the common usage of such terms as "the human mind" 
and "mortal mind." We know full well, while using 
them, that there is but the One Mind of the One Living 
God of Love. 

The universal Mind centers every particle and mass in 
this universe: animal, vegetable or mineral, electron, 
atom or sun. 

Man is the only unit in Creation who has conscious 
awareness of the Spirit within him and electrical aware- 
ness of dually conditioned light acting upon his senses. 
All other units of Creation have electrical awareness only. 

Man alone can be freed from body to think with God, 
to talk with God and be insphed by His centering Light. 
All other units of Creation are limited in their actions to 
automatic reflexes from sensed memories built up 
through ages of sensing and recording such sensing as 

Likewise the same confusion leads us to the adoption of 
such terms as "subconscious mind," and "superconscious 



There is but One Mind functioning universally within 
all creating things, and that One Mind is not stratified 
nor divided into the more or less. There are no differing 
conditions of the One Mind, nor are there different kinds 
of minds. 


God is the imaginer of His One Idea. 

All imagining is God's imagining. 

All creating forms in this thought universe of God's 
imagining are built in the image of His imagining, creat- 
ing "in His image." 

All forms in this creating universe of imagined forms 
are but electric recordings of God's imagiaings. They 
have no existence. Records of Idea are not the idea they 

They have no substance. They are but black and white 
lights of sun-centered wave fields of space assembled in 
vibrating systems to simulate substance in an objective 
universe which is not, but seems to be. 

God's imagining never began and wiU never end. 

It was not "created" at some remote past time by some 
vast cosmic event, as commonly believed. Nor is it con- 
demned to a "heat-death" by expansion into nothing- 



This is a creating universe, not a created one. 

God did not begin to imagine at some fixed time, for 
time does not exist. This light-wave universe which 
records God's knowing by His thinking and imagining is 
as eternal as God's thinking is eternal. 


Inspiration is the language of Light which man uses to 
talk with God. 

Inspiration is that deep awareness of the conscious- 
ness of Being which differentiates the genius or mystic 
from the being of average intelligence. 

Inspiration in man is accompanied by an intense men- 
tal ecstasy which is characteristic of all who become 
intensely conscious of their closeness to God. 

Inspired geniuses forget their bodies while deeply 
conscious of their existence as wholly Mind. Their bod- 
ies, thus forgotten, act almost automatically in obedi- 
ence to instinct and cell memory reflexes. 

Inspired geniuses translate God's knowing uito words 
of man for the soul of man, They uplift all mankind by 
reinspiring all who listen to their ecstatic words and 

He who attunes his heart to the messages of genius 
purifies himself. No impurity can there be in his heart 
for verily he then is in communion with the Holy One. 


"Man alone of all My creating things hath 
begun to hear My whisperings. Since his 
beginning My still small Voice hath whispered 
within him that 1 am he and he Me; but even 
now barbaric man on thy small new world 
heareth dully, and maketh idols which he trea- 
sures before Me, for he is still new. He is still 
but in the ferment of his early brewing. 

"For I say, that all things which floweth 
from Life of Me have Life of Me flowing 
through them, e 'en to the least of these; but, I 
say, that e'en though My Light of immortal 
Life floweth through those mortal symbols of 
My thinking, It toucheth them not in Its pass- 

"When they shall know the Light of Me in 
them, then they shall be Me and I them. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter IV 

Beyond the genius is the mystic. 

The mystic is one who has attained cosmic conscious- 
ness by a complete severance of the seats of conscious- 
ness and sensation. He is then almost totally unaware of 
his body and is totally aware of the Light of God center- 
ing him. Omniscience comes to him in that timeless 
blinding flash of light which is characteristic of a com- 
plete severance. This experience was described in the 
illumination of St. Paul. Every timeless flash of intense 
inspiration which comes to any man is a partial illumi- 
nation, for inspiration is the manner in which new 
knowledge comes to man from the cosmos. 

Of all mystics, Jesus was the outstanding example of 
all time. He was the only One in all history to have 
known complete cosmic-conscious unity with God. 

The Bible refers to cosmic-conscious experience as 
"the illumination" or "being in the Light" or "in the 

In all history less than forty cases of partial cosmic 
consciousness are known, and probably not more than 
three of these anywhere nearly approached the complete 



state of iflumination experienced by the Nazarene. 

Cosmic consciousness is the ultimate goal of all 
mankind. All will know it before the long journey of 
man is finished, but there are many in this new age just 
dawning who are ready for it in part, if not fully. 

Many desire it fully, but it is best that it come bit by 
bit for the complete severance is very dangerous. The 
ecstasy of this supreme experience is so great that one 
does not wish to come back. The power of severance of 
soul from body is within easy accomplishment, but to 
step back into the body is very difficult. 

The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is 
to intensify one's conscious awareness by much alone- 
ness and companionship with God while manifesting 
Him in every moment and in every task of life. 

Moment-by-moment companionship with God brings 
with it so great a realization of Oneness with Him that 
the transformation into that full realization of unity is 
apt to take place at any time. 

The deterrent to cosmic consciousness is the feeling 
that God is far away instead of being within, and that we 
can reach that far away God only through sources out- 
side of ourselves. 


"He who would interpret the rhythm of Me 
in art must walk his path in ecstasy, undiverted 
by deviations, that he may see Me only and 
hear naught but Me. 

"Say thou to man these words: 

"/ am the source of inspiration. To him who 
seeketh inspiration through Me, I say: Learn 
thou to walk my path strongly in the Light, for 
in the dark thou canst not find thy way to Me. 
The path to Me is Light, and by it thou canst 
well see thy way to Me. 

"I am the soul of art. To him whose soul 
would touch My Soul, aruifeel the heartbeat of 
its mighty rhythm, I say: In so far as thou 
knowest thyself as Light, shalt thou know Me 
as Light. 



"/ am Beauty, In Beauty must man be born 
anew. Through Beauty must knowing man 
become ecstatic Man, 

"To him who would add ecstasy to his 
knowing I say: Seek Me in Truth; for only in 
the rhythm of Truth shalt thou find ecstasy. 

"Verily I say, the creations of Ecstatic Man 
are My creations, for they are balanced things, 
and I am balance. 

"To him who wouldeth create unbalance I 
say: Un-truth exists not in My house. I alone 
hold balance; and the eyes of those who see 
through Me are immune from all but balance. 

"For I am Balance. And I am Energy, and I 
am Rest. I am the Light of Love and Truth, 
Upon that foundation have I laid the corner- 
stone of My universe. " 

—From The Divine Iuad 

Chapter V 

Inspired man alone can create enduring things. To cre- 
ate we must fiist conceive. 

To conceive we must stop thinking and KNOW. All 
sensing must cease. There is no power in thinking. 
Thinking but expresses the power which lies in know- 
ing. We must project our Selves into the still Light of 
knowing to commune with God. We must become one 
with God to conceive idea in order to produce the form 
of that idea. A concept must precede its manifestation in 

The culture of the entire race is given to it by the few 
inspired ones who know God in them. They alone know 

The art of a civilization long outlives the civilization. 
The pyramids of Egypt still speak of the creation of a 
race which is long gone from the face of the earth. The 
sculptural and architectural beauty of Greece still tell us 
of a type of creative genius which has never been 
excelled. The great in the arts are few. "Art alone 
endures. All else passes," 

Great art can be created only by working moment by 




moment with God as co-creator. When man and God 
thus work together they commune one with the other as 
One Person. The language of their communion is the 
language of Light which man calls "inspiration." 

When man works alone, his works are as the winds 
which blow. When man works with God as co-creator, 
his works are forever enduring. 

Every great genius manifests this law: that he is One 
with the God- Mind, that God in him is the source of 
every thought and that he is inspired by that omni- 
science and omnipotence within him which make his 
work enduring. 


"All knowledge existeth. All knowledge 
Cometh to man in its season. Cosmic messen- 
gers periodically give to man such knowledge 
of My cosmos as man is able to comprehend, 
but that which he can bear is like unto a thim- 
bleful out of the mighty ocean, for man is but 
beginning to comprehend. 

"When man knoweth Light then he will 
know no limitations, but man must know the 
Light for himself and none there can be who 
can make words of it, for Light knoweth Light 
and there need be no words. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter VI 

Knowledge is cosmic. It belongs to the stiil Light of 
the positive principle. It never can become a property of 
the two negations which constitute this mirage universe 
of matter in motion. 

To "know all things" means to have all knowledge of 
the Whole One Idea of the cosmos as CAUSE. It does 
not mean knowledge of created things which are effect 
of cause. The whole Cosmic Idea is simple. It can be 
known by anyone of average intelligence. Its bewilder- 
ing complexities lie in effect of cause, 

Man cannot know transient effect. He can KNOW 
cause only. He can but comprehend effect. Man caiwot 
know a sunset sky, for example, but he can comprehend 
it if he knows its cause. Knowledge is, therefore, limited 
to cause. 

All knowledge exists. All mankind can have it for the 
asking. It is within man, awaiting his awareness of its 

Knowledge cannot be acquired by the brain from 
without; it must be "recollected" from within the con- 
sciousaess of Self. Gradually dawning conscious aware- 



ne^ is but gradual recollection of the all-knowing which 
has always been within man. 

Man cannot acquire knowledge from books or 
schools. He can but acquire information that way, but 
information is not knowledge until it is recognized by 
the spiritual consciousness of man, just as food is not 
nourishment for the body until it becomes a part of the 
blood stream. Information gained by motion of the sens- 
es must be returned to the stillness of the Source before 
it becomes knowledge. 

For the same reason man cannot acquire knowledge 
from the so-called "facts of matter," for there are no 
facts of matter in a universe of transient matter in 
motion. All matter in motion is but a series of illusions 
which deceive man into drawing wrong conclusions. 

It is impossible for man to draw right conclusions 
from his observation of matter in motion until he has 
acquired the ability to translate dynamic effect back to 
cause. This he can do only through decentration to the 
One Light of his conscious awareness of the Source of 
all knowledge. Until he knows the WHY of effect and 
its deceptions, he has no knowledge whatsoever upon 
which he can rely. He has naught but unreliable infor- 

Information concerning the body, for example, does 
not give knowledge concerning cause of body, or of the 
body's relationship to the universe. Information of birth 



and death of the body, on the assumption that the body 
is Self, never can lead to knowledge that body is not 
Self, or that Self is immortal. 

Nor can information concerning the material body 
alone, its chemistry and its functionings, heal the body. 
Bodies manifest life, but life is cosmic. Life is not in the 
body. Life is spirit, and spirit is still. Life is not chem- 
istry or germ of matter. To heal the body so that it can 
manifest life of the spirit Self of the body, one must give 
the unbalanced body the balance of the spirit. Knowl- 
edge of the Light can alone do this. All the information 
in the world will not heal a body unassisted by the Light 
in him who heals and in him who is being healed. 


"I am LIGHT, but the Light which is Me is 
not the sensed tight of the sensed universe of 
My creation. 

"I, the Creator, think J think in two lights 
extended from the One Light of Me, yet those 
two lights are not Me, nor is My thinking Me. 

"Verily I say, I give of Me and I take away; 
for I am the Imaginer who builds image forms 
to tear apart to build anew. 

"I am thinking Mind, forever thinking the 
changing image of My unchanging self. 

"My image changes ever with the changing 
of the two lights of My thinking, though 1, My 
Self, change not. 

"All things change, and their changing still 
images Me, yet they are not Me. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter VJl 

Man's knowledge is his power. His thinking is the 
expression of that power. The expression of power is not 
power; therefore thinking is not power. 

As man gradually becomes aware of his omniscience, 
his thinking intensifies in voltage in proportion to the 
increase in awareness of his omniscience. 

Thinking is an electric wave extension from the cen- 
tering fulcrum of knowledge which seemingly divides 
knowledge into ideas and sets those ideas in motion to 
create forms of ideas as product of knowledge. 

Man's knowledge is like a deep well of still water. His 
thinking is like a two-way pump which divides the 
QUALITY of that stillness mto QUANTITIES of parts 
and sets them flowing. 

That is what the objective universe is, quantities of 
many seemingly separate forms of idea, all of which are 
but parts of the One Whole idea. 

Each seemingly separate part is a dynamic extension 
of the One Static Unity, but separateness only seems, for 
all are indissolubly bound together in light as one part. 

Knowledge is the foundation of man's concepts. 

Thinking transfers concepts into product. The quality 



of man's product depends upon the degree of awareness 
of his knowledge and not upon the quality, quantity or 
intensity of his thinking. 

Water cannot be drawn from an empty well, nor can 
clear water be drawn from a muddied well. Likewise 
good product cannot come from intensive thinking 
unless knowledge backs that thinking. 

No idea of Mind can ever become matter. Idea of 
product can never become product. Moreover, no 
expression of anything in Nature is the idea which it 

The product of idea is not the idea it simulates. Idea is 
cosmic and cannot be produced in matter. Idea must be 
conceived in the Mind before it can be simulated as 
product. Conceptions belong solely to the magnetic 
God-Light and never become matter. 

A lever, for example, moving upon its fulcrum, 
expresses the idea of power by motion, but the idea of 
power is in the stili fulcrum source of power. It is not in 
the moving lever. The lever would be both powerless 
and motionless if it did not have the stillness of the ful- 
crum from which to extend the simulation of power. 

A watch expresses the idea of time, but the watch is 
not time. Likewise it expresses the idea of mechanical 
principles, but the watch is not the idea which is 
expressed by those mechanical principles. 

The printed poem is not the idea expressed in the 



poem. That printed poem has no meaning to anyone 
whose intelligence is insufficient to reflect the idea from 
the composer's mind to his own. No idea of mind ever 
becomes matter. 

Likewise neither the musical composition on the 
printed page, nor the art of music which issues as 
sounds from musical instruments is the inspired idea of 
the musician. Inspiration can never be produced. It can 
but be reflected from one inspired mind to another rec- 
ognizing one. Idea and inspiration may be echoed from 
spirit to spirit but they can never become product of 
matter in motion. 


"Man 's sense-seeing with his eyes binds 
him to the illusion of My dual thinking, for I 
but build illusion with My dual thinking for his 

"Sense-seeing binds man to forms and 
things, while Mind-knowing opens doors of 
glory to the opposed threads of Light with 
which I weave all idea of Mind into forms of 
many moving things. 

"Mind-seeing decentrates unto the farthest 
reaches of My universe of Me, and sees all 
forms as One. 

"With his seeing eyes man sees Light as 
matter energized, but senses not that the ener- 
gy of matter is the Light of My divided think- 
ing. With man 's unseeing eyes of spirit he 
knows the Light of Me, the Source, and knows 
that he is bound in Me as One, and I in him. 

"Behold in Me thy God of Love, the One, 
inseparable. " 

—From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter VIH 

Man is still primate with very few exceptions. He has 
not yet learned to think powerfully from knowledge. He 
is just beginning to think as an extension of knowledge. 

We sense electrically and mistake that electrical sens- 
ing of observed effects for thinking. Sensing is not 
thinking. Sensation is but an electrical awareness of 
wave motion by other waves. 

We mistake the electricaJ records of the information 
which our brains have recorded as sensation, for think- 
ing and for knowledge. 

Information thus acquired by the senses is not knowl- 
edge, however. A man may have vast information and 
skill but have very little knowledge. 

The greatest scientists of today, for example, are well 
informed. They know how to do wonderful things but 
do they know the WHY of what they do? 

Information from observed effects, and skills in 
putting those effects together for useful purposes, have 
multiplied vastly since man first observed natural phe- 
nomena. His sense of observation told him how to make 
a boat; then a sail for the boat. He then discovered the 



wheel and fire. Electric awareness of effects of motion, 
plus memory, plus the power to reason objectively, gave 
him the ability to do this. Very little of it has been due to 
either thinking or knowledge. 

We thus confuse sensing for thinking and knowing 
when, factually, we have been but functioning through 
sensed electrical awareness acquired from information. 

The "information" thus conveyed is electrical, not 
mental. The telegraph message which goes over any 
wire is not the thought conveyed by that message. Even 
the typed telegram is not the thought conveyed by it. Its 
symbols mform the thinker of the thought conveyed by 
it, but it is not the thought. 

Thus it is that our vast mechanistic, electrically moti- 
vated universe is inter-sensitized for the purpose of 
informing every nerve ganglion in every cell of every 
organic and inorganic part of it of the condition of every 
other part of it. 


In speaking of an electrical awareness which we call 
sensation, we think of our senses as five in number. 
These are the senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling 
and feeling. 

All of these five senses are but the one sense of feel- 
ing. We do not have five senses. Seeing is a sensation of 
feeling light waves through our eyes. Hearing is a sensa- 



tion of feeling light waves through our ears. Tasting and 
smelling are sensations of feeling light waves reacting 
upon mouth and nostrils. 

All variation in sense of feeling is due to a difference 
of electric conditioning in pulsiog wave matter. If puls- 
ing wave matter is but an electric wave record of 
thought, sensation likewise is but an electric wave 
record of thought. Neither of them have reality. Neither 
of them are the thought they record. 

It also follows that if matter, motion and substance are 
electric records of thought, then sensation has no reali- 
ty — for sensation is but an electrical awareness of wave 
motion by other waves. 

It likewise follows that if matter, motion and sub- 
stance are electric wave recordings of thought, then 
electricity which records thought, and thought itself, are 

There is but one thing in this universe — LIGHT — the 
still Light of all Knowing. The One Light which is God. 
God alone lives. His thinking and imagining is Know- 
ing; the Knowing universe is all that is; Knowing Mind 
is still. There is no activity whatsoever in the universe of 
either spirit or matter. 


Man's present civilization is erected upon the founda- 
tion of empirical knowledge obtained through his sens- 



es. What is empirical knowledge? The definition in the 
dictionary is: "conclusions founded upon experiment 
and observation alone." 

In other words, the so-called "knowledge" upon which 
man relies is founded upon the evidence of his senses, 
or more simply, upon the nonexistent waves of motion 
of a nonexistent substance. 

That fact is the answer as to why mankind has, as yet, 
practically no knowledge. DiurJng his amoeba and jungle 
days, he lived a purely sensed existence. His body ceUs 
were controlled entirely by instinctive flux threads of 
light extended to him directly from the Creator. 


Out of miliions of such years, he has had but a few 
thousand years since the dawn of consciousness awak- 
ened in bun the slightest suspicion of his spiritual inher- 

The advance of man since the first messengers of God 
appeared on earth to kindle an awakening spark in him, 
has been based upon information gained by his senses 
and stored in his electric brain as memory records of 
sensed observations. These observations he has rea- 
soned into sensed conclusions by an electrically sensi- 
tized brain. 

All of such conclusions which are based upon the evi- 
dence of senses have within them the elements of decep- 



Uon which characterize all effects of motion in this three 
dimensional universe of illusion. 

Man is aware of some of these illusions, such as those 
of perspective. He is aware of the fact that railroad 
tracks do not meet upon the horizon, but he is not aware 
of the fact that all effects of motion are not what they 
seem to be. He is thus misled into forming conclusions 
which have no relation to Nature whatsoever. One can 
have no knowledge of effect, for all knowledge lies in 
cause. Our new fundamental laws and principles must 
be based upon knowledge of cause. 


Newton, for example, confessedly did not know what 
gravitation was, yet wrote laws concerning it based 
upon his observation as to what gravitation did to an 
apple. Also, he concluded that the moon would fall upon 
the earth if it were not for its motion. He even proved 
this mathematically, not being aware of the fact that 
those same mathematical formulae would apply to every 
satellite, planet and star in the heavens, as well as to 
every electron in every atom, noae of which are falling 
into their primaries.' 

Observers in natural phenomena are still calculating 
the age of the universe and weight of the earth. The uni- 
verse is ageless. It had no beginning. Likewise the earth 



has no weight in respect to anything else in the universe. 
Every orb in the heavens is in perfect balance with every 
other orb. 


What little knowledge man has acquired during these 
last few thousand years has been given to him by the 
very few geniuses, prophets, mystics and other messen- 
gers of the Light who have come to reinspire mankind 
with their inspired knowledge. 

From these rare few, the begiimings of our culture 
have sprung. Without them there would be no under- 
standing of beauty in the world. Without beauty man 
would still be barbarian. Through beauty alone will he 
gradually become consciously aware of his oneness with 
the Light. 

When man knows the Light he will know all things. 
Today that Light is so dim in all mankind that no one 
has as yet fathomed the secret of Light, or of gravitation, 
radiation, electricity, growth, life, reincarnation or the 

The day has now dawned when he will know these 
things. This is man's inheritance for this New Age. 


"Behold in Me the One Light from which a 
seeming two lights appear as pairs of rhythmi- 
cally interchanging opposites. These are My 
light messengers. They are My workers which 
build My imaged forms and give them back to 
Me devoid of form. 

"They are the pulsing heartbeat of My 
body, the Makers of forever horning cycles of 
My imagining informs of things. 

"The two are equal halves of one. They 
never can become one. They forever inter- 
change to simulate a balanced unity which 
they never find for they never can be aught but 


"From Me one light extendeth to give form 
to My imaginings, and give them pulsebeat to 
simulate eternal life in them which IS in Me. 
The other light dissolveth that form and giveth 
it back to Me unquickened for resurrection in 
My rest to repeat My imaginings. 


"Say thou, therefore, that life is eternal in 
man through eternities of resurrections of him 
in Me. And say thou, also, that his resurrection 
is his own, for he is ONE with Me. 

"Thus is My imagined dual light universe 
born, dissolved and reborn; concentrated, 
decentrated and reconcentrated; integrated, 
disintegrated and reintegrated forever and for- 
ever in My imagined universe of imagined time 
and space. 

"And, behold, each of My pairs of opposite 
expressions of Me are reborn through Me as 
the other one. Again I say, there is naught but 
rebirth in Me. There is no death. 

"Go thou and tell to man that both life and 
death are but mirrors of each other which 
becometh each other in their forever interpass- 
ing through each other to their still fulcrum in 
My knowing, from which both sprang into 
seeming being to record the imaged forms of 
My thinking. " 

—From The Divine Iuad 




Motion itself is illusion. 

Chapter IK 



The electric inter-sensitizing of the two pulsing light 
extensions of the One still Light is for the purpose of 
recording thought-patterns in matter. 

Mind knows but one Idea as a whole. Thought is Idea 
taken apart and patterned as separate idea. Thought is 
patterned idea electrically expressed and electrically 
recorded in matter by its two pulsing, interchanging 

This universe of matter in motion is but the electric 
record of thought. The process of recording is to take 
the One undivided Universal Idea apart and express it as 
many seemingly divided parts. This gives form and mul- 
tiplicity into many seeming parts and things of a uni- 
verse of but one thing. 

Electricity is the servant of the God-Mind. Electricity 
expresses the desire in the God-Mind for creative 
expression by seemingly dividing the One still light into 
transient waves of spectrum divided positive-negative 
colors of light. 

This entire universe of seeming substantiality consists 
solely of transient light waves in seeming motion. 

All patterned thought creations of God or man are the 
interweavings of the spectrum colors of the two electric 
opposites of light-waves into the patterned designs of 
those thoughts. 

Creation might be likened to the tapestry weaver who 
KNOWS the one idea as a whole, then THINKS it into 
parts, then RECORDS those parts by interweaving their 
spectrum colors into the many forms which, together, 
manifest the whole idea. 

To exemplify our meaning, consider any one part of 
the whole idea of Creation — iron, for example. Iron is a 
separate part of the whole. 

We think of iron as a hard, cold metal with certain 
properties which make it possible for us to manufacture 
it into many products. When iron is in its frozen condi- 
tion, we do not think of it as light, but we can photo- 
graph by it if we heat it to incandescence. 

Not only is it then light but all of the properties which 
make it available to us as iron have then gone out of it. 
It is as though the divine tapestry weaver had unwoven 
all the threads of the idea of iron and sorted them into 
their spectrum colors, thread by thread. 

The physicist can tell you what element those threads 



of light would be if frozen. Upon looking at them, he 
would say, "That is iron." But it would not be the form 
of iron as we loiow it — it would be the formless idea of 
iron as the sun knows it. 


In the incandescent sun is all idea that earth knows. 
The idea of the apple of earth is in the sun, likewise the 
wood of the tree and the violet in the meadow. Likewise 
the cool earth is there, with its rivers and mountains. 

All idea is one idea in the light of the sun. The light of 
the sun is never divided into its many seeming separate 
ideas until it is electrically extended from the sun and 
those extensions electrically echoed back to it. 

The sun is a crucible which melts all ideas into one, 
then sets them out into space to cool and separate into 
many units of that one. 

Likewise Idea of Mind never becomes the many ideas 
of Creation untQ electricity divides that One idea into 
many separate parts. 

The One Light cannot be divided, but extensions of 
the One Light can appear to divide it. The spots of sun- 
light upon the cathedral floor are many, but they are all 
extensions of the one light of their source in the sun. 
Likewise all mankind is an extension of the One Idea of 
man for man is but One in the Light of his Source. 



Likewise all moving extensions of the One still Light, 
as manifested in the white light of suns and the black 
light of their surrounding space, are but extensions of 
one Source. 


The cinema exemplifies this meaning. Upon the 
screen are many patterned ideas in noisy, violent 
motion. We know, however, that all of the motion of 
separate ideas, and all of the sounds emanating from 
those patterned, moving forms, would instantly cease if 
the still source of light from which these images and 
sounds are projected were turned off. 

We know that the cause of all this transient division 
into positive and negative effect is in the one still light 
from which it is projected. We know that the sounds we 
hear emanate from that stillness, yet we seem to be 
totally unaware of the fact that all of our pulsing uni- 
verse is but an extension of One still Light of Universal 
Mind, projected through positive and negative light 
upon the universal screen of space. 

It is difGcult to conceive earth and all of its phenome- 
na of motion, sound, people, animals, and plant life, as a 
motion picture projection from our sun. Yet all of the 
separate ideas of earth are in that one incandescent light 
of the sun. All are but one thing, Light. 



Turn off the sun and all of its pattenied ideas on earth 
would instantly cease. The still idea which is extended 
into motion is not in the motion but in the stillness from 
which it is extended. 


"For I say that man who senses but clay of 
earth in him is bound to earth as clayed image 
of his earth. 

"Clayed images of My imagining who 
knoweth not Me in them are but dwellers of 
earth's dark. To sensed man the doors of My 
Kingdom are self-barred by darkness until the 
Light of Me in him is known by him as Me. 

"Until then he is but moving clay, manifest- 
ing not Me in him while sensing naught hut 
moving clay of him; knowing not the glory of 
My Light in him. 

"Wherefore, I say to thee, exalt thou thyself 
beyond thy sensing. Know Me as fulcrum of 
thy thinking. Be Me as deep well of thy know- 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter X 


Electric awareness of observed effects of matter in 
motion is registered in the brain. 

It is commonly believed that the brain thinks and 

The brain does not think, nor does it know, It is but a 
storehouse of recorded sensations. The brain "remem- 
bers" these records for man's usage as he needs them, 
and for fulfilling the requirements of his body. 

The brain is a complex state of motion expressed by 
waves of light pulsing in cycles. 

States of motion cannot KNOW anything, nor can 
they THINK anything. 

The brain is part of a machine, a human machine. 

Machines can express thoughts which are electrically 
projected through them, but machines are incapable of 
thinking the thoughts thus projected. 

Likewise machines can express knowledge but they 
caimot have knowledge. 

Likewise machines can do marvelous things when pat- 
terned and controlled by knowledge, but they cannot 
KNOW what they do. 


The centering conscious Mind of man's Soul-will 
alone thinks by projecting desire for creative expression 
through the brain machine. 

Desire in Mind is electrically expressed. Electricity is 
the motivative force which projects the One Light of 
Mind two ways to create cycles of Ught waves for the 
purpose of expressing thought cycles. 

Desire is not in the brain. It is in the centering con- 
scious self. Desire is the cause of all motion, 


The brain is but the electric recording mechanism of 
conscious Mind thinking. It is also man's storage ware- 
house of electric records of memories and thoughts 
since his beginning. 

It is the servant of Universal Intelligence. It operates 
all mechanisms of the body. It acts as the central switch- 
board for all its instinctive voluntary and involuntary 

The brain is the seat of sensation. Its purpose in this 
respect is to keep the body electrically informed of the 
condition of the body, through electrical messages. 

Such messages are not mental. They are purely electri- 
cal. They produce sensation. The brain senses and 
records every message. It sends counteracting messages 
to other parts of the body. 



The body is a vast and complex mechanism. The brain 
is an electrical recorder, distributor, broadcaster and 
receiver for all operational parts of that multi-celled 
machine, but its actions have no relation to intelligence. 

The brain records sensations of experiences and obser- 
vations which the senses convey to it. Such sensations 
are mistaken for thinking and knowing. Sensation aris- 
ing from electrical motion is purely automatic. 

The mistake in assuming that the brain thinks and 
knows is due to the fact that man believes himself to be 
thinking when he is only sensing. Man also believes that 
he is acquiring knowledge through sensed observation 
of sensed EFFECT, when he is but recording electrical 
sensations which inform him as to the nature of diings 
observed by his senses. 

The body is a patterned machine designed to do many 
things. Electric motivation through nerve wires deter- 
mines each movement. 

When such sensations act in unison with his conscious 
awareness of the Light which center him as PERSON, 
he is then thinking as well as sensing. 

The centering consciousness of man, the PERSON, 
transforms information received by the senses into 
knowledge to the extent of which he is capable of recog- 
nizing CAUSE in spirit, back of the EFFECT which his 
senses record. 

Until that transformation takes place, man is without 


knowledge no matter to what extent his senses may have 
informed him, for information is not knowledge. 

A man may be a veritable encyclopedia of informa- 
tion. He may have earned many college degrees for 
being well informed and yet be without sufficient 
knowledge to create anything. 

For instance, we cannot sense the idea of a harp while 
it is still, but we can know the idea of the harp. We can 
know its various possibilities of expression, even though 
its strings are not vibrating. Likewise we can imagine 
countless complexities of rhythms which lie unex- 
pressed within those still string. 

Conversely, we cannot know the vibrations which 
come from those strings when we set them in motion. 
We can but sense those vibrations through our own 
sensed electrical awareness. 


"The Source of all things is within all 
things, centering them as Rest, from which 
their motion springeth. It is also without all 
things, controlling their balance with all other 

"Man's universe is still composed of many 
things, many separate things, and separable. 

"Yea, not one thing is there in My imaged 
universe which is apart from Me, nor of itself 

"Yea, I guide My homing things from very 
seed by sensed threads of light extensions of 
My thinking until they themselves can guide 
themselves. Not e'en the least of these which 
are not bound to Me in Light. 

"Images of My imaginings which grow from 
Earth, and those which freely move, all of 
these things grow and move through extended 
tight of My dynamic thinking until they them- 
selves can think with Me. " 

—From The Divine Iuad 


Chapter XI 

This material universe of many seemingly separate 
parts is electric. 

The whole universe of countless parts is wired togeth- 
er by an electric flux of "nerves" which inform each part 
of the universe of the ever changing condition of every 
other part. 

There is no "sensation" between balanced parts or 
balanced conditions of matter. By "sensation" we mean 
the feel of the electric current which conveys the mes- 
sage. The electric current is impossible in an equilibri- 
um condition, hence we can feel no sensation whatso- 
ever when our bodies, or parts of them, are in a bal- 
anced condition. 

Electrical awareness is necessary to an electrically 
mechanized universe. An electrically controlled 
machine in one's factory has exactly the same electric 
awareness that a man has. Its wired nervous system con- 
veys electric messages to its parts for the dual purpose 
of motivating them as well as for adjusting all parts to 
each other in continuity. 

Electric machines do what electric awareness 





demands of them through sensation. So does man, tree, 
the solar system and every nebula of the heavens. 

Man's body cells are electrically aware of their mech- 
anistic purposes and respond to electric messages sent to 
them. They have electrical cell memory of their individ- 
ual and group purposes. They act automatically when 
sensed reflexes are electrically motivated. 

Bodily functions, such as our heartbeat, digestion, 
chemical gland transformation, breathing and walking, 
are automatically operated by cell memory reflexes. 

Cell memory and instinct cause birds to migrate, spi- 
ders to spin webs and certain vegetable growths to close 
in on flies and fish. 

Instinctive actions and cell memory reflex actions are 
not mental. Tliey are purely mechanical and automatic. 


This principle of electric awareness, through sensa- 
tion, is not limited to animal life alone. It is equally 
characteristic of tbe mineral and vegetable kingdoms. It 
extends to the veriest electronic particle and to the 
mightiest galaxy. 

Not only is each particle in each mass electrically 
aware of its purpose, but each particle in the entire uni- 
verse reacts in response to electrical messages sent to it 
from every other particle in the universe. This physical 

universe is controlled solely by electrical sensation 
which is measured and balanced by the still magnetic 
Light, centering all things. 

"For behold, saith the Universal One, I am 
within all things centering them; and I am 
without all things controlling them. " 

— From The Divtne Iliad 

All of the electric universe of motion is thus so per- 
fectly conditioned by the two electric workers which 
build the universe and tear it apart sequentially for 
rebuilding, that all moving things in it sense all other 
moving things in it. 

Likewise, all differently conditioned things in the uni- 
verse readjust their conditioning to every change of con- 
dition of every other thing in the imiverse. 

There is a constant separating process in Nature which 
forever expresses the universal desire for change and 
multiplicity, and there is likewise a constant levelling 
process which forever expr^ses the universal desire for 



"I, with man, am creating man in My uni- 
versal image, 

"What I am, man is. 

"1 think idea; and the form of My idea 
appears in the pattern of My thinking. 

"1 think man; and man appears in the pat- 
tern of My thinking. 

"Man thinks man; and man appears in the 
image of man's thinking. 

"Man 's thinking is My thinking. 

"All thinking things are thinking My think- 

"All creating things are formed in the 
image of My thought imaginings to manifest 
My thought imaginings. 

"The universe is My image, creature of My 
imaginings. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 

Chapter Xli 

Organic matter generates purely from the desire of 
mind to manifest idea in matter. That cosmic desire to 
create form produces the desired form. Desire is the 
motivating force of all Creation. 

Man begins to express the idea of man as a single cell. 
The whole idea of man is in that single cell. It then 
unfolds in orderly time and space according to cosmic 
law. Likewise the whole idea of all Creation is in that 
single QsM. All idea is omnipresent. There are no parts of 
the Whole. 

Each step in the unfolding of the man-idea follows the 
continuing desire for unfolding. Cell memory of purpose 
is given to each cell as it unfolds, Pattern of idea follows 
in sequence as desire in God Mind and desire in the 
growing idea work together to express the idea in form. 

Every action of unfolding man is a part of the unfold- 
ing of the man-idea as it exists as a whole in God's 
Mind. Any desire of man is, therefore, a two-way exten- 
sion of the Light of that idea from God to man. Whatev- 
er God desires to express in man He will express, for He 
is man's Creator. 




Whatever man desires, the God in him will create. 
Man must, however, co-create with God according to 
God's universaJ law. If man breaks that law, the law will 
break him to an equal extent. 


All of the expressions of desire in the unfolding of any 
idea are a part of the idea. They are experiences in deci- 
sions. All experiences are parts of the unfolding of any 

Whatever those decisions are, however, they are 
recorded upon the individual man as his own interpreta- 
tion of the man-idea. Likewise they are recorded in the 
whole of the race of man as the sum total of all desires 
and experiences of the whole man-idea. 

As the idea of anything is one, so also the parts of that 
idea are one. 


If it were not for instinct, animal life could not survive 
or develop. 

Instinct causes mechanical actions to take place in all 
bodies to meet the necessities of existence. Instinct pro- 
tects animal life from enemies. It tells the proper food to 
eat, how to build nests, how to take care of its young, 



how to return home when taken great distances, as the 
carrier pigeon does, and countless other wonderful 
things that anunals do. 

A salmon, spawned in a certain river, instinctively 
leaves that river and makes its way to the sea until matu- 
rity. At the proper time for its mating and spawning, it 
then returns, over thousands of trackless miles, to the 
very river in which it was bom. 

It is Instinct which tells birds to fly south before win- 
ter. Instinct tells them the direction of south. Instinct 
tells them it is warmer in that direction. Instinct likewise 
governs the migration of seals, the building of the 
beaver's dam and the weaving of the spider's web. 

Instinct might be defined as a cell-memory record of 
all actions of a body, and of all of the sensations caused 
by those actions. 


Without instinct m atl animal and vegetable life, their 
evolution would not be possible. All creations of the 
Creator are the result of electric wave recordings of the 
Creator's thought. They are parts of the whole Idea 
taken apart and put together bit by bit. They are the 
result of Universal Law, of Cause and Effect. 

None of the creations of the Creator have in them at 
their beginning the power to think. It takes millions of 



years for complex organisms to recognize the spirit 
within them sufficiently to think at all. During these 
long ages, they are guided almost entirely by their 
instinctive reflexes. Man alone has begun to think, rea- 
son, imagine, create and invent, and then only during the 
last few thousand years. 

Instinct is god-control 

Instinct is, therefore, God-control over the actions of 
His creations. The involuntary actions of the body, such 
as the heartbeat, or the action of white corpuscles, do 
not know their purpose in the healing process of the 
body, but God centers and controls every atom of His 
Creation and each must fiilftU its purpose. 


A good example of the manner in which God and man 
work together for creative expression is the familiar 
knitting woman. Knitting is part of the man-idea which 
requires a skill. The woman who desires to knit must 
desire to acquire that skill. Desire must precede all 
expression of that desire. 

Slowly she takes one stitch at a tune. All of her power 
of concentration is needed to take those first stitches. 
Each stitch taken, however, has within it the desire for 



taking the next stitch. 

Very slowly she interlaces yarns into the pattern 
required. The cells of her fingers gradually acquire cell 
memories of their purpose. These cells coordinate with 
other cells of the body in the development of the whole 

Gradually she learns to knit instinctively. Her mind is 
freed from concentration and she may think of other 
things and converse freely. Her body cells alone wiU 
work from the memory of purpose given to them. 

Instinctive skills are thus imparted to bodies of man 
by the co-creative efforts of God and man. The pianist 
teaches his fingers to work instinctively in order to free 
his mind to think music. God is working with him. 
Without this moment-to-moment cooperation with God, 
he could do nothmg. 

God, Creator of all things, knows all things and has all 

Man and God are One. Man may know all things and 
have all power to the extent in which he desires to know 
all things and have all power. Awareness of the Light in 
man will give him all knowledge and power, Man may 
not be apart from God at any time. Nor can any part of 
Creation be apart from God at any time. 


"All things come and go from My divided 

"All things go from very heart of Me into 
My imaged universe; and when they disappear 
from there I also take them back to very heart 
of Me. 

"Know thou that all creating things are res- 
urrected things, again manifesting life of Me 
through My divided thinking. 

"Man divides his thinking in manifesting 

"The body of man sleeps, that it may awak- 
en in Me, to manifest Me. 

"The body of man dies, that it may be res- 
urrected in Me, to manifest Me. 

"The body of man disappears, that it may 
reappear to manifest Me. 

"Man who sleeps or dies or disappears is 
but man's image, for Self of man sleeps not, 
nor dies, nor disappears; for Self of man is 

"Again I say that I am One, and man is One 
in Me when he knows that I am he. " 

— From The Divine Iuad' 


Chapter Xin 

TTiere is much confusion regarding the supposedly 
possible condition known as "being unconscious." 
When we sleep, or are anesthetized, we say we are 

We cannot be unconscious. We have always been con- 
scious without the slightest awareness of it. 

Our confusion in this respect lies in mistaking sensa- 
tion and thinking for consciousness. 

When we stop thinking, whether asleep or awake, we 
do not stop KNOWING, nor do we cease being con- 
sciously aware of our Being. We but cease to set our 
knowledge in motion to express idea through the pulsa- 
tions of thinking. 

Conscious Mind does not sleep. Sleep is merely the 
negative half of the wave cycle of electrical awareness 
of sensation. Wakefulness is the positive half. 

All nature sleeps when the sunlight lessens the ability 
of all things to manifest life. Sleep is the death half of 
the life-death cycle. 

One may say, "1 am unaware of this or that," but one 
cannot say "I am unconscious" when one is always con- 



Conscious awareness is KNOWING. Unawareness 
means that one does not yet know. Knowledge is within 
him which he can know when he desires to know, 

Sleep and wakefulness are positive-negative wave 
parts of a wave cycle, just as birth and death are oppo- 
site ends of a life cycle. 

Sleep is but an anesthetic. Sleep can be induced chem- 
ically, either to the whole body or any part of it by 
desensitizing its cells. When the body or parts of it are 
thus "put to sleep," they have not been rendered "uncon- 
scious"; their voltage has merely been lowered. 

The dentist does not refer to a local anesthetic as hav- 
ing produced unconsciousness; he refers to it as a desen- 
sitizing condition, but when the surgeon desensitizes the 
body, it is then supposed to be "unconscious." We 
assume that the brain has stopped thinking. The brain 
does not think, therefore it cannot stop doing that which 
it never does. We assume that bodies cease to be con- 
scious, but consciousness is never in bodies. 

A local anesthetic stops pain. Pain is a too intense 
electric current. The voltage is too great for the nerve 
wires to stand the strain. They bum out, and the over- 
charge of burning out causes the pain. 

When the nerves of the body FEEL an electric current 
running through them, the body is aware that something 
is happening to throw it out of balance. When the body 
is in balance, it has no sensation. When the body is 



unbalanced, sensation informs it when and where, other- 
wise it could not function. 

Wakefulness and sleep are merely the charging and 
discharging of the uncountable electric batteries of the 
body. If these batteries were kept constantly charged, 
there would be no such alternating conditions as sleep 
and wakefulness. 

This planet is carrying us on our uphill journey to our 
pinnacle. The sun is the generator which charges its bat- 
teries. The sun is that generator, but the earth is turning 
toward and away from its generator continually. 

As the sun's charging light disappears from one edge 
of the planet's rim at evening, everything goes to sleep. 
Conversely, all things awaken at the dawn. The batteries 
of all thmgs on earth are being forever charged daily and 
discharged nightly. 

"1 center the moving shaft of My universe, 
yet I move not, although its power to move 
springeth from Me. 

"I center growing systems, and changing 
cells of growing systems, yet I change not, e'en 
though their changing patterns spring from 

'7 center living things which manifest My 
life, but they live not. I alone live. 

"Growing things are moving things in 
man's sensing, though they move not in man's 

"Moving things are changing things in 
man 's sensing, yet they change not in man 's 

"E'en though fast moving things of man's 
sensing move fast, they simulate the rest, while 
moving, from which they sprang into seeming 
motion. " 

—From The Divine Iliad 




This electric universe of motion forever moves to find 
rest, but never finds it. Matter in violent motion simu- 
lates rest and balance through violent motion. The more 
violent the motion the greater is the illusion of rest and 
balance. Motion can cease but it can never become rest. 


The entire dynamic wave universe of electric matter is 
not what it seems to be. Everything which seems at rest 
depends upon violent motion to make believe it is at 

A wire wheel could appear to be a steel disk if spun 
fast enough. The faster it is spun, the more at rest it 
would seem. 

This planet, seemingly at rest, is in violent motion 
around its centering point of rest from which it is electri- 
cally extended. Seemingly motionless clouds, floating 
above the earth, are rotating with it at the tremendous 
speed of one thousand miles an hour at the equator, or 
four times faster than a plane. 



All the planets are revolving swiftly around their cen- 
tral sun which seemingly stands still in the heavens of 
space, but in fact is moving with incredible speed- 
Likewise, all the stars of night, simulating rest, are 
moving at terrific speeds to adjust their mutual unbal- 
ances in this dual universe of divided pressure. 

The pencil in one's hand, the desk upon which one is 
writing, the room full of motionless things, seeming to 
be at rest, are but simulating rest through violent motion 
of their many parts. Tremendous vibrations may be in 
that glass paperweight. 

Not one thing could manifest the rest it simulates if it 
were not for the incredible speeds of those atoms which 
so incessantly rotate and revolve to make that seeming 
restfulness possible. 


An seemingly still matter is manifesting make-believe 
rest by make-believe motion. 

Motion itself is an illusion. The motion one senses in 
one's brain has no more reality than the motion which 
one senses in a motion picture. 

The seeming motion of the cinema is caused by 
sequences of changing patterned forms projected on the 
screen which give the impression of motion because of 
the rapid change of pattern in the negatives. That self- 
same illusion applies to the material universe. 


"Without change My play of Creation could 
not be played, nor its actors be. Behold, there- 
fore, the changing universe of My imagining, 
the seeming universe of My thinking. 

"And again I say that there is no change in 
Me, the changeless One, so, also, is there no 
change in My thought universe of pairs of 
opposed things which forever interchange to 
simulate My universe of change. 

"E'en the seeming changing of My thought 
universe is not change save for senses of 
sensed things which are bound to pairs of 
parts of wholes. 

"Each pair wendeth its way through the 
interchanging pressures of its electric journey. 
Each appeareth, then disappeareth, to reap- 

"E'en though senses of sensed things sense 
changing in all things, they change not to con- 
scious knowing. 

"Whyfor be thou slave to sensing? Rise 
above thy sensing. Be Me in thy knowing. " 

— From The Dfvine Iuad 


Chapter XV 

Change is an illusion of the senses due to motion. 

Tliere is no change whatsoever in the conscious uni- 
verse of knowing. There is only an illusioQ of change set 
up by the two interchanging lights of thinking to divide 
the One Whole Idea into inany separate ideas and record 
them in moving matter. 

The senses are the audience for these thought pulsa- 
tions. The senses are a part of this illusion. Senses are 
electric. They belong to the thought universe of motion 
and do not respond to stillness. As motion itself is non- 
existent, so also are senses non-existent. 

The senses are but the imagined records of imagined 
motion, matter and change. As such they are limited to 
pin-hole peeks into the vastness which extends beyond 
their sensing. The senses have no knowledge of what 
they sense. They merely record motion. 

The senses respond to motion in only one direction. 
Tliey sense the forward flow of time but not its back- 
ward flow. If they could register both directions, they 
would become aware of the stillness of this zero uni- 
verse of seeming motion. 



The Universal One planned it this way, otherwise 
there could be no sequential manifestation of thought 
which constitutes the creating universe. 

When our knowing exceeds our sensing, we will no 
longer be deceived by the illusions of our senses. 

A man seeing a technicolor motion picture for the 
first time and without knowledge of such electric 
effects would think he were looking through a window 
at real happenings, unaware that it was but an illuston 
"created" by projecting positive light through patterned 
negatives. That is all that creation is; two lights project- 
ed through each other to simulate motion, form and 

Our senses are like passengers on a fast-moving train. 
They sense parts of the landscape as they rush forward, 
while, to their senses, the landscape rushes backwards. 
The senses interpret these effects as matter in fast 
motion which is forever fast changing. A man, seeing 
the same train from a mountain, would sense that same 
fast motion and fast change as changeless and still. 

As man unfolds from sensed man to spiritual man he 
gradually becomes aware of the two-way motion of aU 
effect; that two ways being the visible effect which 
responds to his senses and the invisible effect which he 
knows but does not sense. 

Gradually the time arrives in his unfolding when his 
full awareness of Cause voids all reliance upon sensation. 



He then rises above his sensing. He then knows the 
universe of motion for what it is instead of for what it 
seems to be. 


"See thou no more with outer eyes alone for 
thou hast knowing eyes to void the illusions of 
thy sensing. 

"Throughout long aeons man hath walked 
his earth with eyes of outer seeing, giving 
belief to that earth of his body's sensing. 
Throughout his new aeons he must walk the 
earth of inner seeing and know Me in it as but 
visioning it in Light of Me and Light of him. 

"For I think earth, and earth appeareth, 
disappeareth and reappeareth in balanced 
rhythms of My thinking. Wherefore, I say, 
man 's earth and man are but My imagining, to 
come and go with My imagining. It is not Me, 
nor is it him; nor is it e'en what it seems to be 
to him. 

"Nor shall man longer place earth before 
Me, gaining aught of earth and naught of Me. 


"For I am a patient God. I patiently awmt 
awakening man. 

"Awakening man is he who knoweth the 
Light of Me in him. Man may choose his own 
aeons for his awakening, but know Me he 
must. Until that day man's agony of unknowing 
shall be man 's alone. His knowing must be his 
own desiring. 

"Knowing man is ecstatic cosmic man. He 
who beginneth to know Me in him — yea, e'en 
him who suspecteth Me in him hasteneth his 
unfolding to cosmic man of all-knowing. " 

— From The Divine Iuad 


Chapter XVI 

Imagine a perfectly motionless wheel and a fly walk- 
ing around its rim, moving ever forward over changing 
ground, and the wheel seemingly moving backward, 
during a continuity of time in which the fly sensed a 
constant change in the changeless wheel. 

Every time the fly got back to the same point, it would 
compute the past time consumed on the journey and the 
forward time necessary for the next circuit. 

The wheel being still, motion, change and time are 
created by the fly itself as it takes the whole idea of the 
wheel apart by journeying around it and examining it bit 
by bit. 

The fly sensed motion by changing its position on the 
wheel. It sensed change by finding a seeming difference 
of condition at each forward movement. It sensed time 
by creating the sequences necessary in taking the one 
idea of the wheel apart and dividing it into many sepa- 
rate ideas. 

This simple analogy is a good symbol of Creation. 
This planet, like the fly on the wheel, moves forever 
around its motionless orbit. The orbit is as rigid and still 
as the wheel upon which the fly is moving. 



As the planet moves upon the wheel of its orbit, it 
senses constant motion and change. It senses changes of 
days into nights, of spring merging into summer, autumn 
into winter. All of these seeming changes are in the 
motion of the planet and not in the wheel of its orbit. 
Each change is entirely due to the motion of the planet 
and not to the changeless orbit. The planet itself regis- 
ters change on its changeless wheel. Change therefore 
lies in motion alone. The senses are motion, therefore 
the senses sense only that which they themselves are. 


Man overrates his senses. He places too much depen- 
dence upon them without justification, for they are not 
recording all of the phenomena of his surroundings. He 
likewise trusts them too much without justification, for 
they are constantly deceiving him, 

While his senses are recording the stillness and rest of 
Nature on a lazy afternoon, they are failing to record the 
violent motion of everything in his entire environment, 
from the blade of grass to the clouds in the heavens 
above him. 

Those seemingly motionless clouds are moving at the 
speed of a thousand miles an hour at the equator without 
the slightest evidence of that swift motion being record- 
ed upon his senses. The earth also is moving many miles 



per second in two directions; one of rotation upon its 
axis and the other of revolution around its orbit. His 
senses register stillness. They are electrically unaware of 
that motion. 

This deception is as it should be, just as the same 
deception in a cinema is as it should be. God's universe 
is but an electric recording of His knowing, manifested 
by His thinking. To thus record the idea of His knowing 
in the two lights of His thinking, a three dimensional 
universe is necessary. If the senses could detect and 
record all motion, instead of but a part of it, the illusion 
would d^appear. The senses would see behind the illu- 
sion and find that all motion voids itself. Division of the 
whole into parts causes the illusion. If the film were 
removed from the projector of the motion picture, the 
illusion of motion and change would be voided. 

That is what Creation is, the One Light of knowing 
divided into the patterned parts of thinking. Sensing is 
but an electric tension set up by the seeming division of 
one into many which "strain" to fulfill their desire for 

When a unity of condition is consummated, sensation 
between those parts ceases because the tension ceases. 
The senses, being but tension of desire for unity 
between divided parts, have no existence. 

The senses are electric flux threads of light connecting 
every particle in the universe with every other particle. 



They are the intercommunicating nerves of the one uni- 
versal body. 

When strain of desire for balance, rest or unity ceases, 
sensation ceases. 

In this electric universe, sensation is the strain of 
resistance to the separation which exists between all 
separated masses. All matter is one. Separated particles 
desire to Und that oneness. 

It is part of God's plan that the senses are limited 
entirely to the recording of a very small fraction of 
effect. The senses can never sense the Whole but the 
conscious Mind can KNOW the Whole. 


"These words I now say for newly compre- 
hending man of his new cycle. 

"Love ye one another all men; for ye are 
one in Me. 

"Whatsoe'er ye do to one in Me ye do to 
all; for all are one in Me. 

"Love thy brother as thy self. Serve thy 
brother before thy self Lift high thy brother, 
lift him to high pinnacles, for thy brother is thy 

"For of a verity, Lsay, love of self, or nation 
of selves, turneth neighbor against neighbor, 
and nation against nation. Self love breeds 
hate and soweth its seed in all the winds to 
blow where 'er it will. Wherefore say I, love of 
neighbor for neighbor, and nation for nation, 
uniteth all men as one. 


"Serve first thy brother. Hurt first thy self 
rather than thy neighbor Gain naught from 
him unbalanced by thy giving. Protect thou the 
weak with thy strength, for if thou use thy 
strength against him his weakness will prevail 
against thee, and thy strength will avail thee 

"He who giveth love prospereth mightily; 
but he who taketh aught gaineth naught 

"Why for lose all to gain the world, gaining 

"He who hath not laid up a treasure in 
heaven to equal treasure gained of earth has 
sought the dark. 

"For him the Light is far, " 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter XVTI 

This coming age will mark an epochal advancement in 
man's evolution toward his goal of omniscience and 

Man becomes a higher being with greater power as he 
acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone lies power. 
Only through knowledge can man become co-creator 
with God. 

Knowledge can be obtained by man only through 
awareness of the Spirit within him. Lack of that aware* 
ness is the tragedy of today's civilization. 

During the last century of the greatest scientific 
progress in the history of man, great nations of the 
world have killed, robbed, and enslaved other men to 
build their own empires. 

Even today man kills by the millions, condoning his 
killing as necessary for his self-preservation. He is now 
but reaping the seed of his sowing. He who lives by the 
sword shall die by the sword. 

No man can hurt another man without condemning 
himself to greater hurt. 

Fear dominates the world of today. While fear is in the 



world love cannot also be. Love can never dominate the 
world until man ceases to live a primarily sensed exis- 
tence and knows the Light of the spirit within him. 

This new age brings man one step nearer to the uni- 
verse of greater knowing through greater comprehension 
of man's relation to man, and to God. 

Each past cycle in the growth of man toward higher 
levels has been illumined by the few inspired messen- 
gers of the Light who have known God in themselves. 

New inspired messengers who know God in them- 
selves will likewise give the Light to this new cycle. 
And these few messengers of the Light must multiply 
into legions, for the need of a spiritual awakening is 

Man's whole reason for being is to gradually pass 
through his millions of years of physical sensing into his 
ultimate goal of spiritual knowing. Man has now 
reached a transition point in his unfolding where he 
must have that knowing. He can acquire that knowing 
only through greater awareness of the Light of the uni- 
versal Self whidi centers him as One with God. 




\t cNExnws UNnntK 




The Universe of Power 


"Without thinking My One Idea could not 
become many one ideas for My stage setting. 

"Without motion My cosmic play could not 
be played^ nor could its actors be. 

"Without change my undivided One Idea 
could not unfold. 

"Without time My drama of My creating 
universe could have no sequences. 

"Without motion, time, change and 
sequences the unfolding of My Mind imagin- 
ings could have no measured space for its 
stage settings, no screen for its light projec- 

"Therefore see them as I imagine them; but 
know that they are but unfolding patterns of 
My knowing through My thinking. 

"Know thou, therefore, that time is naught, 
nor are there moving things which change; nor 
is there life, nor death, nor cold, nor heat, nor 
good, nor bad in My universe of Me. " 

— From The Divine Iuad 

Chapter I 

The secret of Light is fathomable to man only by first 
solving his two supreme illusions. The greater of these 
is the illusion of the universe itself. Man has never 
known his universe for what it really is, but only for 
what his senses have made him believe it to be. His 
senses have deceived him mightily. 

The other is the illusion of man himself. With the 
exception of the Nazarene, man has never as yet known 
man. Nor has he known his relation to the universe, nor 
to his still more unfathomable God. 

The little that man knows of himself and his universe 
is what the eyes and ears of his body have told him they 
have seen and heard about himself and his universe. 

But man has eyes and ears of the spirit which see and 
hear what man's sensed eyes and ears can never see or 
hear, for man is still too new in his unfolding. He is still 
but in the ferment of his begiimings. 

Man senses motion, change, sequence, multiplicity. 




time, activity, life, death, good and evil. Of these things 
he is most certain. His senses have made him most cer- 
tain of their substantial reality. In face of the fact that he 
has lived with his familiar universe all his life, it is not 
easy for him to accept the statement that it has no exis- 
tence whatsoever, that it is all illusion, all of it, nothing 
being left upon which to even base that illusion. 

He can accept the illusion of the raikoad tracks meet- 
ing upon the horizon, but the railroad tracks are real, 
even though their seeming meeting is not. They, at least, 
still remain as a basis for their own illusion. 

A mirage of a city is comprehensible to man also as an 
illusion. He knows it does not exist but he also knows of 
the reality of the city which thus repeats itself, ghostlike, 
in the mirrors and lenses of light waves of the heavens 
above the city. To tell him that the city, as well as its 
own mirage, has no existence is to lay too heavy a tax 
upon his credulity and patience. 

Yet that is what the secret of Light reveals, and that is 
what we must tell, simply and convincingly, to layman, 
churchman and scientist alike, and in the language stan- 
dards and methods which each requires for his convic- 

So come, therefore, and know God, His universe, and 
man with eyes other than our sensed ones. The eyes of the 
spirit are knowing eyes. God's universe of knowing is all 
that is. The universe of seeming motion does not exist. 


"Why/or be thou slave to sensing. Be 
Me in thy knowing. " 

— From The Divine Iuad 



"The heavens and the earths of My curved 
universe are father-mother of My universe, 
each of each and each to the other one. Nei- 
ther one can be save the other also be. 

"Nor can one leave the other, saying, 'Sit 
thou here while I journey to the far reaches. ' 

"Nor can there be aught upon the earth 
without the fathering skies, nor in the skies 
without the motherhood of earth; neither man, 
nor bird, nor reptile, nor fish, nor beast of wild 
jungle; neither tree, nor flower, nor shrilly 
singing insect; neither tempest, wild tornado, 
nor gentle breeze of calm ocean; nor cloud, 
nor mist, nor dewdrop for flower petal; not 
one of these things can be born of earth alone 
unfathered by the heavens, nor can heaven 
alone born them without the motherhood of 


. . "Again I say: I, the Light, am One. But my 
thinking is two, for thought is two in every cre- 
ating thing, two halves of One which never can 
be one. Always must they be two to go opposed 
ways from Me and back again to Me for 
reborning from the other one after finding rest 
in Me." 

— From The Divine Iliad 



Chapter II 

In the beginning God, the Father. 

The Father is Light, the still Light of the Spirit Whom 
no man can see. 

The dwelling place of the Father is the kingdom of 
Heaven; and it is without form and void. 

In the Light is the seed of Creation; and the Light is 
Father of the seed. In the Light is Being, and in the seed 
is desire for Being. And desire in the seed is soul in the 

The Father in Heaven knows His Idea. He knows it as 
One, the undivided One. 

In the Father Light is the seed of all-knowing. In Him 
is two-fold desire to unfold and refold His seed of all- 
knowing into imaged forms of His imagining, by divid- 
ing wholeness into parts, stillness into motion, unchang- 
ing into changing, unconditioned into conditioned, void 
into form, infinity into measure, eternity into time and 
immortality into mortality. 

The spirit of God moved to fulfill His two desires and 
said: "Let there be Light; and let darkness shine out of 
Light and Light out of darkness," And it was so. 

The One Light of the Father in His Kingdom of Heav- 
en divided the void. And behold, two father-mother 
lights of flightless suns shone out of the darkness of the 
void and day appeared in undivided oneness of everlast- 
ing day. 

And the Father centered His suns as seed of His desire 
that forms should appear from formless Light to fulfill 
His desire for division of the One into many divided 
ones formed in the image of His imagining. 

And mighty polar breathings of desire within the 
nightless suns begat earths to course suns' far heavens 
to divide the day and give night to day to mate the day. 
And lo! night was bom on earths from nightless day and 
day was bom from night. 

And God saw that it was good that each of the two, 
begat from One, was bom of each other, to disappear 
into the One, to reappear as the other. 

Thus the One Light of God's knowing extended to the 
two of His thinking, pulsed as the three of all creating 
things, the One centering the two, the two extended 
from the One; the Spirit; the Father-Mother polarity of 
Light; the Trinity centering the shaft of Creations' seem- 
ing, fulcrum of its heartbeat, all ONE. 






The manner of the extension of God's knowing to His 
thinking was in this wise: 

The Father of the kingdom extended His arms of still 
Light unto His heaven and said to one: "Sit thou here 
and look thou inward. Be thou seed of My knowing for 
repeating My thinking. Refold thou the forms of My 
imagining within thy stillness and give them back to Me 
for resurrection in the imaged forms of My imagining. 

"Father thou My thinking; and let thy name be North, 
for North, in Light, means inward breathing from the 
heavens toward oneness in the seed. Guide thou the 
enfolding forms of My imagining from seed of thee to 
centering seed of Me." 

And to the other Light the centering Spirit said: "Sit 
thou here and look thou outward. Be thou womb of My 
knowing for homing My thinking. Unfold thou My seed 
from the stilhiess of seed and give earth forms of them 
to heavens to manifest Me. 

"Mother thou My thmking; and let thy name be South, 
for South in Light means outward breathing from the 
seed into their heavens. Interweave thou thy threads of 
light of earths and suns with threads of light from heav- 
ens into patterns of My thinking extended from My 
knowing to manifest My knowing." 




To North and South the Father said: "Behold in Thee 
and Me the firmament of my desiring to mirror the Light 
of My knowing into father-mother forms of My imagin- 

And earths appeared below and heavens above the fir- 
mament, each being each, each mirrored from the other 
to become the other. 

And lo! all imaginings in seed of earths unfolded into 
the heavens for heaven's refolding into patterned seed of 
earths for earth's reboraing; and behold, God's imagin- 
ings pulsed with life of His imaginings within His 
oimiipresent kingdom. 

In this wise God divided the waters from the waters: 
those which were under the firmament from those which 
were above the firmament, and each was of each, and 
each of the other. 

And God saw that it was good. All things were thus 
divided, as two halves of one which never could be one, 
but must forever bom the other from each other to mani- 
fest the Knowing of the One as the two opposed desires 
of His thinking. 

And all-knowing was in the Light. And God sowed 
seed-suns of all-knowing Light unto far reaches of His 



finnament for homing into patterned images of His 

"And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding 
seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose 
seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it 
was good." (genesis 1:12) 

"And God said. Let the waters bring forth abundantly 
the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly 
above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. 

"And God created great whales, and every living crea- 
ture that moveth, which the waters brought forth abun- 
dantly, after their idnd, and every winged fowl after his 
kind: and God saw that it was good." 

"And God blessed them, saying. Be fruitful, and mul- 
tiply, and fill the waters in the seas; and let fowl multi- 
ply in the earth." (genesis 1:20, 22) 

"And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living 
creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and 
beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. 

"And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, 
and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth 
upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was 
good." (GENEsrs 1:24 and 25) 




And it was that God had whispered to man for long 
ages while man was new, but man heard not God's 

And God said, "Let us give man knowing and make 
him in our image after our likeness; and let him have 
'dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of 
the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and 
over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.'" 
(genesis 1:26) 

And lo, man knew God in him and emerged from the 
dark of his jungle into dawn of the Light in him and 
turned his eyes upward toward the Mount of his ascen- 
sion from sensing to knowing. And man desired his 
ascension to the Light, 

And God saw that it was good and dwelt within man 
to give him the Light of all-knowing, as awakening man 
desired the Light of all-knowing. 


"Great art is simple. My universe is great 
art, for it is simple. 

"Great art is balanced. My universe is con- 
summate art, for it is balanced simplicity. 

"My universe is one in which many things 
have majestic measure; and again another 
many have measure too fine for sensing. 

"Yet t have not one law for majestic things, 
and another law for things which are beyond 
the sensing. 

"I have but one law for ail My opposed 
pairs of creating things; and that law needs 
but one word to spell it out, so hear Me when I 


say that the one word of My one law is 


"And if man needs two words to aid him in 
his knowing of the workings of that law, those 
two words are 


"// man still needs more words to aid his 
knowing of My one law, give to him another 
one, and let those three words be 


— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter HI 


The underlying law of Creation is RHYTHMIC 
BALANCED INTERCHANGE in all transactions in 
Nature. It is the one principle upon which the continu- 
ity of the universe depends. Likewise, it is the one 
principle upon which the continuity of man's transac- 
tions, his health and happiness depend. It is the mani- 
festation of God's two opposing desires in all process- 
es of creation. 

BALANCE is the principle of unity, of oneness. In it 
is the stability which lies in CAUSE. Balance is the 
foimdation of the universe. 

BALANCED [NTERCHANGE simulates oneness by 
interchange between pairs of opposites. It is the princi- 
ple of equal giving between all moving pairs of unbal- 
anced opposites which constitute this dual electric uni- 
verse. In it is the instability of EFFECT. Instability is 
forever seeking to find stability. It can never find it, but 
it can simulate it by balancing its instability through 
equality of interchange. 

principle of continuity of EFFECT Balanced inter- 



change between opposites repeats simulation of stabili- 
ty, and rhythmic balanced interchange continues that 


Rhythmic balanced interchange is the inviolate law 
which must be obeyed. Nature persistently violates it 
and Nature instantly pays the price of its violations in its 
stomas, tornadoes, crashing avalanche and tragedy of 
field, forest and jungle. 

Man persistently violates it and instantly pays the 
price of his violation in his crashing business failure, 
enmities, unhappiness and illness. 

All the storms of earth cannot affect the balance of the 
earth, for balance in the universe cannot be upset. The 
earth continues in its fixed, balanced orbit with so mudi 
precision that its position can be determined at any time 
to the split second. 

If the earth disobeyed this law by the slightest vari- 
ance, its oceans would sweep its continents clear of all 
living and growing things. 


Man's disobedience to the law cannot affect the bal- 
ance of man in his whole journey, for every unbalance 



action of his must eventually be balanced. Man is on his 
way to his cosmic goal of Oneness with his Creator and 
he can in no way deviate from that fixed orbit which 
will eventually take him to his destination of glory in the 
high heavens. By disobeying the law he is but hurting 
himself while on hU journey, but he must make the jour- 
ney and must balance every unbalanced action while on 
the way. 

It is as though a man on a great ocean liner disobeyed 
the laws of the ship. In spite of his disobedience the ship 
is taking him to his destination and he must go with it. 
Likewise, he has hurt himself by lessening the happiness 
of his journey. 

The whole principle of Creation lies in equal giving. 
The Oneness of the Light is divided into an equal and 
opposite two, and all interchange between the two must 
be equal in their giving. 

God's division of the Light into a seeming two is man- 
ifested in Nature by electric waves of two opposing 
lights springing from the still sea of God's magnetic 
Light, just as waves of water spring from the still ocean. 

The outstanding characteristic of waves is that they 
forever interchange. Troughs become crests and crests 
become troughs. Gravity pressure above and below their 
axis is equal. So long as equality of interchange contin- 
ues rhythmically, waves repeat their mterchange. When 
the sloping sand at the beach prevents this equality of 



rhythmic balanced interchange, the waves accumulate 
unbalance until they crash on the shore. 

Every transaction in human relations either continues 
or discontinues in accord with obedience or disobedi- 
ence to this one law. A man who sells and gives less 
value for what is given to him lays the foundation for 
his own wreckage. He finds it ever harder to sell and 
loses many purchasers by gaining their ill will. He who 
gives equally for what is given to him multiplies his pur- 
chasers and prospers by gaining their good will. 

The pulse beat, the swinging pendulum, the inbreath- 
ing and outbreathing of living things all exemplify 
God's one law of rhythmic balanced interchange. Any 
deviation from that law in the heart-beat of a man would 
endanger his continuance, but when there is a rhythmic 
balanced interchange between the two compression and 
expansion opposites, man's life continues to function at 

Man has free right to choose his own actions, but he 
must balance those actions with equal and opposite reac- 
tions until he learns that God's one law must be obeyed. 
This God holds inviolate. 

The whole purpose of life is to learn how to manifest 
God in Truth and the Law. The lesson is a hard one but 
man, himself, makes it hard by his unknowing of the 
law. As man gradually knows his purpose and the law 
by knowing God in him, life becomes more and more 



beautiful, and man more powerful in his manifestation 
of power. 

Man's power lies in giving. He must Jearn to give as 
Nature gives. Each half of a cycle eternally gives to the 
other half for re-giving. Nature forever unfolds into 
many for the purpose of refolding into one. Each indi- 
vidual must manifest this universal law. 

The desire of some so-called "apron string" parents to 
run their children's lives for them, often claiming that 
they have sacrificed their very own Uves for them, are 
taking from their children— not giving. They are taking 
away the initiative children need to complete their own 
cycles: they must live their own lives for themselves. 

Man must know the principle of Creation? giving 
between each interchanging opposite half of each cycle 
for the purpose of repeating its giving. This is universal 
law and each individual must manifest this law. 

Man wiL forever war with man untU he learns to give 
his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and 
never taking that which is not given as an earned reward 
for his giving. 

"All things are One, but made to appear as 
two extensions of the centered One. 

"Know thou that the two extensions of My 
recorded thinking are divided by the One 
which centers the two, the One balancing the 
two, the One controlling the two. 

"I, the One, am not divided into two, as 
pairs of opposites of Me. I divide the two 
extensions of My thinking but I am not My 
thinking, nor am I two. 

"When man thinketh man alone, denying 
Me, then is man 's image man 's, not Mine and 
man % for the pattern of My balanced, rhyth- 
mic images within man may not be seen in 
him; nor may the glory of My Light be seen in 
him or known by him. 


"When man thinketh Me, through knowing 
Me, then is he patterned by My image and I 
am he. 

"When man thinketh Me in him, then is 
man's balance absolute. 

"When man so thinketh, then hath he all 
power that I, thy Father-Mother-Thinker of 
Creation hath. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter IV 

God, the Creator, is POWER. There is no other power. 
All energy lies within the stillness of the One Magnetic 
Light of God. 

God is Mind, the Intelligence of the universe. In 
God's Mind is One Idea, which God knows as One 
Whole Idea. 

In God's Mind is desire to give creative expression to 
that One Idea by thinking it into parts. Desire in the 
Light of Mind is the power quality of Mind. Desire is 
the soul of Mind; the will of Mind. 

God expresses the desire of Mind to manifest His Idea 
by creating this electric wave universe. 

This electric universe is the sole product of God's 

All product of God or man is the result of desire of 
Mind to create product. 

The power to create product is in Mind. It is not in 
the product. Product has no power in itself to produce 

This assumption that product has power within itself 
to produce itself is another of man's illusions which 



have deceived the senses of man during these early days 
of his unfolding, (t is as though the architect gave to his 
cathedral the power of creating itself. 

The cathedral is an expression of desire of the archi- 
tect to give form to the idea of his knowing. The power 
to create the idea is in the knowing. The idea of the 
cathedral already exists. The eyes of the spirit can see its 
spiritual image as clearly as the eyes of the body can 
sense it in stone as product of his knowing. 

The expression of power to create the idea as prod- 
uct — lies in the electric action of thinking idea at rest in 
the Light of Mind into the two lights of waves of motion 
which simulate that idea. 

As servant of Mind, electricity gives moving form to 
the idea by performing the work necessary to produce it. 
The power to thus produce does not lie in electricity nor 
in motion. It lies in desire of Mind only. Without that 
desire Creation could not be. Without desire of Mind in 
man his power to create could not be. 

Mind is Light at rest. Desire of Mind is expressed 
through waves of light in motion. The expression of 
power in waves is not power. All of the power of the 
ocean is in its stillness, whether expressed or not. Like- 
wise all of the power of Light is in the stillness of its 
knowing whether expressed by light waves or not. 

All expressions of energy spring from rest, seek a 
point of rest and return to a condition of rest. The power 


of a moving lever is not in the lever nor in its motion. It 
is in the stillness of its fulcrum from which it borrows 
its ability to manifest the power of its fulcrum. 

God is the fulcrum of man, and of the universe. Nei- 
ther man nor any moving thing in the universe, has 
power within himself to do anything. All power 
expressed by man must be extended directly from the , 
Father in heaven to His father-mother lights of earths 
and heavens which manifest Him. 

The mechanical principle by means of which power is 
expressed by the Creator is in the light waves of two- 
way motion which record His two-way thinking. Waves 
are two-way cycles which are divided equally to express 
the two desires of Mind to create form images of Mind 
imagining and to destroy those forms sequentially for 

Waves of motion spring from the stiUness of the uni- 
versal equilibrium. They are the universal heartbeat 
which manifests eternal life and power in God's stillness 
by eternal repetitions of simulated life and power as 
expressed in waves of motion. 

Waves of motion express the power of desire for 
unbalance and motion which is in Light at rest, and they 
also express the opposite desire for balance and rest 
which is in motion. 

Desire in the One Light of Mind is positive. Its 
expression in the two lights of opposed motion is nega- 



tive. Every expression of power in Nature is negated by 
its opposite expression. 

The senses are limited to the perception of but one of 
these negations at a time, and then only in small frac- 
tions of whole cycles. If the senses could record the 
whole of each cycle both ways, they would record still- 
ness, not motion, for every action would be voided by 
its oppositely flowing reaction. 


"For I have ordained that the father-moth- 
er of My imaged stage, its players and its 
motions become an equal two extension- 
retraction of My Light 

"An equal two must be an equal two, for 
desire of each to outbalance each would 
upset My spatial stage and all the father- 
mother offspring of My stage. 

"Therefore, I have set a measure in My high 
heavens to balance each with each, that each 
might have its all, but not one whit more; nor 
lose aught, nor gain one whit more. 

"Wherefore I, the ONE, watch o'er all My 
creating pairs of father-mothered things with 
My two measuring eyes to balance that which 
fathers My universe with that which mothers it. 

"And as My sexed electric universe is two, 
so also must its watchful measuring eyes be 
two, centered by arutther One from which the 
two extend and seem to move as that mirage 
expression of My thinking seems to move. " 

—From The Divine Iliad 



Chapter V 

The still magnetic Light of the Father of aJI Creation 
is One. The One Light is the positive principle. It is 

The moving electric father-mother lights of all Cre- 
ation are two. The two are opposites of each other. The 
two negate each other. They are the intercommunicating 
nerves of the universal body, like those of man's body 
through which he senses things. They have not existence 
save an awareness of each other. They are but mirage 
extensions of Mind imagining which senses that which 
they but manifest. 

Each electric opposite conditions the other with sex 
unbalance. Each sexed condition gives unbalance to the 
other to separate each from each to increase the power 
of each to oppose each. Each then gives of itself to the 
other to void the unbalanced condiUon of each other. In 
order to effect balance in each, each must become the 
other. The charging one must discharge and the dis- 
charged one must charge. Voidance of unbalance can 
only come that way. Likewise repetition can come only 
that way. 

The electric universe is the negative principle. It is 
EFFECT. The two moving lights of the electric universe 
are two equal halves which express themselves in oppo- 
site directions. Their sole purpose is to oppose. 

Opposites which violently oppose and void each other 
can never become one, nor can they attract each other. 


Sex is the division of a balanced equilibrium condition 
into two equally unbalanced conditions which negate 
each other periodically for the purpose of repeating the 
two unbalanced conditions. 

Sex is the creative principle. It is the dual desire force 
in Mind for expressing its One Idea, Without a division 
of the one unconditioned Light into two seemingly con- 
ditioned lights, Creation could not be. 

Sex is not a thing, it is a condition of a thing. 

An electrically balanced condition of anything is sex- 
less whether it be a man, woman, electric battery, or the 

A sexed condition is an unbalanced condition. An 
electric battery which is fully charged is dually unbal- 
anced by the opposite electric pressures of compre^ion 
and expansion. These two opposite unbalanced condi- 
tions violently desire to return to the oneness of balance 
from which they were divided into two. A short circuit 




between the two poles of the battery will give it that bal- 
ance. We then say if is dead, for it will no longer per- 
fonn work by expressing its desire for balance. 

An unbalanced atmosphere will violently seek a bal- 
anced condition, depending upon the intensity of the 
unbalanced condition. When calm foUows the storm, it 
means that desire for balance has gone out of it, for 
when balance has been attained by rest, motion is no 
longer possible. 

The sexed condition of unbalance in man is exactly 
the same in all phenomena in Nature. An unbalanced 
sex condition in man demands balancing in the same 
way, and its violence depends upon its electrical mea- 
sure of unbalance. When that desire is satisfied and bal- 
ance is restored, man is as sexless as the dead storage 
battery and for the same reason. 

Man is recharged into a sexed condition by his heart- 
beat, by the food he eats and by his inbreathing-out- 
breathing. These are the generators which recharge the 
"dead storage batteries" of all the universe into sexed 
conditioned "live batteries." 

A sexed condition and an electric condition are identi- 
cal. Electricity conditions all sexless matter into its 
sexed condition, by dividing a pressureless condition 
into two opposite pressures which desire release from 
their opposition. All of the work of the universe is per- 
fonned as a result of that desire in unbalanced matter to 



seek rest in a balanced condition, 

This is a sexed electric universe in every effect of 
motion, whether it be hi the heart of a giant sun or in the 
petal of a meadow violet. 

Every action of motion in the universe is a result of 
sex desire for motion from a state of rest, or for rest 
from a state of motion. 

These two sex desires of electric action and reaction 
are the result of the two desires of the Father to manifest 
His One Light through the extended father-mother lights 
which interweave His idea of Creation into the multiple 
forms of that idea and void them periodically for the 
purpose of repeating them. 

The desire for two-way motion in equal action and 
reaction is reflected in the dual electric desire to give for 
regiving, and to unfold for refolding. 


"Each thing in My universe is paired as 
opposite expressions of that thing. Neither 
expression is that which it expresseth; there- 
fore, both life and death of things which seem 
to live and die, are neither life nor death. 

"For all things in My universe interchange 
with their opposites and with all other things. 

"Each opposite becometh the other sequen- 
tially, for, I say, in Me is Balance. I balance all 
opposites of pairs of things with equal oppo- 
sites of pairs of things. " 

—From The Divine Iliad 


■ '•> 

Chapter VI 


The entirety of this balanced universe is thus divided 
into unbalanced pairs of father-mother sex-conditioned 
sex mates for the purpose of seemingly dividing univer- 
sal Oneness into a universe of many ones. 

No matter what names we use to designate one pair 
of sex mates from another, whether gravity and radia- 
tivity, male and female, positive and negative, charge 
and discharge, centripetal and centrifugal, generative 
and radiative, integrative and disintegrative, plus and 
minus, heat and cold, life and death, buyer and seller, 
producer and consumer, import and export, emptying 
and filling, inward and outward, north and south, heav- 
en and earth, growth and decay — all of them are simi- 
larly conditioned by the two opposite electrical condi- 

In other words, they are all being either compressed or 
expanded if we use pressure terms; or charged and dis- 
charged if we use electrical terms. Both are the same. 
Likewise, all that are being compressed or charged by 
positive electricity are simultaneously being expanded 
and discharged by negative electricity to a lesser extent. 



Likewise, all that are being expanded by negative elec- 
tricity are simultaneously beiog compressed and charged 
by positive electricity to a lesser extent. This is a two- 
way universe in all effects of motion, and both opposite 
effects are expressed in both mates simultaneously as 
well as sequentially. 


Electricity is forever winding light up into hot 
spheres, surrounded by cold cube wave-fields of space 
and likewise sequentially unwinding them for rewind-' 
ing. While winding them into compressed light masses 
they are simultaneously unwinding to a lesser extent' 
Conversely, while unwinding they are simultaneously 
rewinding to a lesser extent. 

Every opposite of a pair charges in excess of its dis- 
charge for one half of its cycle. It then discharges in 
excess of its charging. Life and death are good exam- 
ples. Life charges a body in excess of its discharge for 
one half of its cycle and death discharges it in excess for 
the other half. 

Likewise the sun charges the earth during half of its 
twenty-four hour cycle in excess of its charge on the 
night side of the planet. The night side sequentially 
becomes the day side. The discharge of night then 
reverses to a preponderance of charge. 



The father-mother principle is fundamental in every 
expression and both are simultaneously manifested in 
every expression, each being preponderant sequentially 
during half of each cycle. 

The father principle multiplies light into density and 
high potential. The mother principle divides it into 
vapors and gases of lower potential. Light is thus multi- 
plied and divided into suns and planets surrounded by 

The "matter" of earth is the same as the matter of 
heavens with but one difference; VOLUME. And there- 
in lies the secret of the universal pulse beat. Space is a 
division of solidity into tenuity. It is also a multiplica- 
tion of volume at the expense of potential. Interchange 
between these two unbalanced opposites is the basis of 
all motion in this rhythmic universe. 

Sex mates are two equal halves of one. They never 
can be one. They can never unite for they are the oppo- 
sites of motion. Opposites of motion can cease to be and 
by thus ceasing to be they can give birth to the other 
opposite, but they never can be other than opposite. 


Compression can never expand but expansion is bom 
from compression. Conversely, expansion can never 
compress, but compression is bom from expansion. 



They can interchange with their opposites with every 
pulse beat, and they do. Each opposite is bora from the 
other. Each pulse beat brings each opposite nearer to 
voidance of each and complete interchange into the 
other. It becomes the other sequentially at the halfway 
point in its cycle, but it is still an opposite. Opposites 
oppose. They never perform any other office than to 

Opposition alone produces the idea of separateness in 
a universe of one inseparable thing. 

The opposite of water is water vapor. Water is a com- 
pressed condition. It is of the father-light. Water vapor is 
the expanded condition of water. It is of the mother- 
light. They aie two halves of one which never can be 

The mother-light unfolds from the father-light. The 
father-light refolds the water vapor into water. Each has 
been bom from the other. Each IS the other but they can 
never unite to become one. 

All idea of Mind is thus divided into sex pairs of 
opposite mates. Matter is divided into solids and gases. 
The gases are the solids outwardly bound toward the 
heavens. Solids are those same gases inwardly bound 
toward gravity. 

Heat and cold are opposites. Inwardly bound light rays 
generate heat from cold by compressing cold. Outward- 
ly bound light rays degenerate heat into cold by expand- 



ing heat. It is said that cold is less heat. One might as 
well say that east is less west. East and west are two 
opposites just as cold and heat are opposites. 


Matter and space likewise are sex mates. Each has 
become what each is by opposing the other to attain the 
appearance of separateness. Then each interchanges 
with each by breathing into and out of each other until 
space disintegrates matter and becomes what the other 
was. Space disintegrates suns and earths by the way of 
equators and generates them by the way of poles. Heat 
generated by cold by the way of poles is radiated by the 
way of equators. Suns thus turn inside-out. Cold bores 
black holes right through their poles and great suns 
become rings, like those m Lyra and other ring nebulae 
which are plentiful in the heavens. 

All matter is generated by the degeneration of its 
opposite. Likewise all generated matter is sequentially 
degenerated by the generation of its opposite. 

Compression in matter is balanced by an equal evacu- 
ation in space. Every unbalanced condition in Nature 
must be balanced by an equal opposite. All borrowings 
from the bank of Nature are debited with an amount 
equal to the credit extended just as money borrowed 
from man's bank is debited and credited. 




The two are always two and never can become one, 
although the desire for oneness is with each during the 
entirety of its cycle. It is this desire for oneness which 
causes them to interchange. When credits and debits are 
balanced by interchange with each other, they cease to 
be. They do not become one. 

When electrical opposites thus cancel each other out 
by interchange of their plus and minus conditions, they 
do not neutralize each other, as commonly believed — 
they cease to be, 


There is no exception to this process of Nature. All 
idea is recorded electrically in equal pairs of opposite 
expressions. Each of the pair cancels the other out in 
cyclic periodicities. Each then becomes what the other 

Generation of any idea exceeds radiation during the 
first half of its cycle. Radiation then exceeds generation 
for the second half of the cycle. Both of these simula- 
tions of the idea, as expressed by motion, disappear. The 
idea still exists, howevcL The idea is at rest in its seed 
from which it can again appear in form of idea. 



The two points of rest which are the fundamentals of 
every cycle are: the point of beginning at the wave axis, 
and the point of interchange between positive and nega- 
tive opposites at the wave amplitude. 

At these two rest points, motion has utterly ceased. It 
has not been neutralized into a condition of rest. 


"The One Light of Me desires to be two. 
Two sensed warring divisions of the One 
spring forth from My unsensed Oneness into 
an imaged space. Two voiding lights of My 
One White Light spring from their Rest in unity 
to find rests of their own, but find not two but 
one, for two rests there cannot be in My uni- 
verse of One. 

"For I say that each light seeks rest in each 
where wave of My pulsed thinking meets wave, 
and at that mutual point of rest each voids 
each in the One from which another two spring 
into their mirrored infinities. 


"Hear thou Me when I say that all things 
which flow from Me are sex-conditioned pairs 
of two, even to the cosmic dust of space which 
formeth new worlds, yea, and even to the heart 
of blazing fires of hottest suns. 

"Naught is there in My divided universe 
which is not sex-conditioned, sex-interchang- 
ing and sex-balancing. Thus these moving 
pairs seek balance In voidance forever to 
repeat the thought-patterns of My thinking in 
the sex-balancing voidance of their 'condition- 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter VII 

All creating things are paired as unbalanced equal and 
opposite sex mates. 

Reproduction of two unbalanced mates cannot be 
repeated until balance has flrst been restored. The calm 
surface of the ocean may be broken up into waves, but 
those waves cannot be repeated until the calm surface of 
the ocean has been restored to the equilibrium of its rest 
position, even though that rest position is not main- 

Reproduction begins at the rest point where the previ- 
ous wave cycle ends. Reproduction of unbalance must 
find a fulcrum from which the wave lever may leap into 
wave expression for repetition of pattern. That is what 
Creation is, merely the repetition of pattern with added 
pattern forever. 

This is a universe of waves within waves and waves 
without waves; pulsing waves of dual light, extending 
forever outward to the ends of mirrored space and 
reflecting back again to microscopic centers of rest from 
which they may again spring from rest to seek rest 
through dual motion, but never finding it. 



This is a sex divided, opposed, two-way electric uni- 
verse which creates and voids through unbalanced pairs 
but repeats (reproduces) through voided ones. 


Reproduction of dynamic sexed pairs does not come 
through the union of dynamic sexed pairs, but from the 
voidance of sex condition, and with it, the power of 
dynamic sex expression reproduction. 

RepTXKluction is not the unity of two opposite halves 
of one patterned thing; it is the voidmg of the power of 
dynamic expression which all unbalanced opposites 

Reproduction is the cessation of those two unbalanced 
conditions which restores a balance from which similar- 
ly patterned negative forms reverse their expressions 
and become positive forms. 


In this manner all patterned forms repeat their patterns 

All pairs of unbalanced opposites come from God, the 
One, and return balanced as one, to God. 

All unbalanced pairs of separately conditioned things 
must first find voidance of unbalance and voidance of 
opposition. They must then become their own opposites 


to again acquire an unbalance necessary for another 
voidance and consequent repetition. All twos must 
become voided in the One in order to again become two. 
Reproduction of unbalanced opposites, by unbalanced 
opposites, is impossible. Opposition must first be voided. 
The dynamic must emerge from rest and it must be void- 
ed in rest in order that it may again become dynamic. 


All things seek balance. Two opposed, unbalanced 
halves of one are forever seeking to balance their oppo- 
sition. TWo children on a seesaw are balanced when they 
are on a level with their centering fulcrum. When they 
are on two different levels they are then unbalanced with 
their centering fulcrum. They are then dynamic. The ful- 
crum no longer centers them although they are balanced 
in themselves. In such a position they are obliged to 
move. Repetition of their motion is impossible while 
they are in balance with their fulcrum, but is imperative 
when the fulcrum no longer centers them. 

A sexless condition is imperative before a sexed con- 
dition can be repeated. Just as all motion starts from rest 
and returns to rest, so does a sexed electric condition 
arise from a sexless one. 

The two sexes, therefore, cannot be united to cause 
reproduction. They must first be voided. 



Unbalanced condition and change cannot unite to 
reproduce unbalanced condition and change. The unbal- 
anced condition and change must be voided in order to 
repeat unbalance and change. 


The sexes like the two opposites of motion cannot 
"neutralize" each other by so-called "union." 

The dynamic cannot be "neutralized." 

Likewise, it cannot become static. But it can be void- 
ed. The static condition does not then take its place, for 
the static condition is eternal. It was there before the 
dynamic condition arose. 

The dynamic condition of sound, for example, arises 
from the static condition of silence, but sound does not 
become silence. Sound is voided; silence is eternal. 

The dynamic conditions of sodium and chlorine do 
not unite to become the static condition of sodium chlo- 
ride, nor are they neutralized. They must be voided 
before they can be repeated. 


Opposites are not things; they are conditions of things. 
Just as heat and cold, or east and west, or inward and 
outward, or compression and expansion cannot unite to 
become one, so also, the opjKJsite sexes cannot unite for 
they are but inward-outward pressures. 



Sex Opposition is a difference in the pressure condi- 
tion of things. The male condition is one of compres- 
sion, the female is one of expansion. The sexes are thus 
differently conditioned by the two directions of electric 
pressures, in accord with the two opposite desires of the 
Creator. The difference of conditioning makes basically 
similar substances appear to be different things and dif- 
ferent substances. 

All things are sex divided. When, therefore, any two 
opposed and unbalanced sex halves of one conditioned 
thing balance their opposed conditioning through 
motion, they appear to become another thing or sub- 

This appearance is a deception of the senses for they 
do not become another thing. They become voided and 
another thing from which both are extended, appears in 
their place. In chemistry we call these pairs stable com- 
pounds such as the salts. 

Water, for another example, is a voidance of oxygen 
and hydrogen, for there is no oxygen or hydrogen in 
water. Nor do oxygen and hydrogen become water. 
Water is the result of the voidance of two unbalanced 
and opposed conditions caused by equalizing opposed 
pressures at static equators. 

Consider the static condition of the calm ocean. A 
storm transforms that surface into a dynamic condi- 


Waves which spring from the static ocean surface 
toward crests and troughs do not unite to reproduce 
another wave; they withdraw into the ocean surface. 
They disappear entirely and then reappear from it in 
reverse to repeat the next wave. 

Absolute voidance of one condition must take place 
before repetition can follow. 

Voided motion is recorded in the stillness from which 
it was unfolded in order that it can be repeated from that 

Records of motion are seeds for repetition of motion. 
In the seed is desire for manifesting imaged forms of 
idea. All forms are wave forms. All wave forms unfold 
from seed records of those wave forms. 

"I am dual thinking Mind, thinking two in 
action and reaction. 

"1 am dynamic thinking Mind, pulsing with 
My dynamic thinking. 

"With one pulsebeat of My dual thinking I 
build My multiple one image and bind them all 
as One in Me. I then cancel them with the 
other voiding pulse. Each then is naught, but 
both are seed for another two. 

"Thus I produce, void and reproduce; gen- 
erate, radiate and regenerate in cycles without 

"For behold, My imaged universe is mir- 

"Thus I produce, void arui reproduce; gen- 
erate, radiate and regenerate in cycles without 

"For behold, My imaged universe is mir- 
rored to infinity; it is repeated to the endless 
end; yet there are but multiples of three in all 
My universe. And again I say to thee, two of 
those very three are naught but My imagin- 
ings, for My Trinity is but One. 

"The two are in Me, and they are of Me, but 
they are not Me, nor am I them. " 

— From The Divine Iuad 

Chapter YIII 


Electricity is the strain or tension set up by the two 
opposing desires of universal Mind thinking: the desire 
for balanced action and the desire for rest. 

This electric universe is a complexity of strains caused 
by the interaction of these two opposing, interchanging 
electric desires. 

All matter is electric. All matter is conditioned into 
greater or lesser strains according to the intensity of 
desire which is the cause of all electric strain to which it 
electric desires. 

All matter is electric. All matter is conditioned into 
greater or lesser strains according to the intensity of 
desire which is the cause of all electric strain to which it 
is subjected. 

The farther removed from rest, the greater the strain or 
tension. That which we call high electric potential is 
merely great strain to maintain a condition which is far 
from the condition of rest. 

The familiar return ball with which a child plays is a 
good example of electric strain. When the ball is thrown 
from the hand, the elastic gradually tightens to increase 
the tension of resistance to strain generated in the elas- 
tic. The strain continues to intensify until the ball comes 
to rest. When the ball returns, the strain gradually 
lessens until the ball again comes to rest in the child's 


hand. When that happens, the strain and tension have 
been voided. Tension has not BECOME rest; it has 
ceased to be. 

This whole electric universe is a complex maze of 
similar tensions. Every particle of matter in the imiverse 
is separated from its condition of oneness, just as the 
return ball is separated from the hand, and each is con- 
nected with the other one by an electric thread of light 
which measures the tension of that separateness. 

It is as though all of the universe of separated particles 
were playing return ball with each other. When a condi- 
tion of oneness has been attained in matter, the electric 
tension ceases to be. Sodium chloride will illustrate this 
meaning. When sodium and chlorine desire separateness 
from their oneness of condition in sodium chloride, an 

tension ceases to be. Sodium chloride will illustrate this 
meaning. When sodium and chlorine desire separateness 
from their oneness of condition in sodium chloride, an 
electric strain is set up between that separated trinity. 
When the desire for separateness has gone out of sodi- 
um and chlorine, the electric tensions which bound them 
to the rest condition from which they sprang are voided. 
Likewise sodium and chlorine are utterly voided. 

The reason for this is because all matter is a series of 
electric tensions. When the tensions cease, the condi- 
tions set up by them cease. It is as though two children 
on a seesaw withdrew into their fulcrum. 

Sex tensions and strains intensify the farther they are 
removed &om rest. When unbalanced sex tensions void 
their unbalance through interchange between the oppo- 


site electric desires which caused those tensions, electri- 
cal force ceases to be. Likewise sex desire ceases to be. 

Electrical tensions exist only between unbalanced 
electrical matter in motion which is separated from other 
electrical matter in motion. Wherever there is a condi- 
tion of rest, electricity ceases to be. Electricity is, there- 
fore, a dual force which seemingly unbalances a condi- 
tion of rest by dividing it into two opposite conditions 
and sets them in seeming motion. Interchange between 
the two opposites of motion voids the unbalanced condi- 
tion at the end of each cycle of electric expression. 

As rest cannot be unbalanced save by illusion, elec- 
tricity which causes that illusion has no existence. 

tricity which causes that illusion has no existence. 

"Behold in Me the One, inseparable. 

"Two things there are not in My universe. 
There is but Me. 

"Everything that is is of every other thing 
that is. Nothing is of itself alone. All things are 
indissolubly united. 

"This is a universe of seeming; an imaged 
universe of thinking; an action universe of 
desiring. That which Mind desireth will appear 

.'» lU^ 

~f jI._* J J_ 

"This is a universe of seeming; an imaged 
universe of thinking; an action universe of 
desiring. That which Mind desireth will appear 
in the image of that desire. 

"Seek ye, therefore, what ye will in Me and ye 
shall find it. Desire what ye will and behold it 
standeth before Thee. Throughout the aeons it 
hath been thine without thy knowing, e'en 
though thou hast but just asked for it. 

"Sit ye not and ask, acting not, for thy desire 
will not come thy way to thee unaided by thy 
strong arms. 

"Behold, I am within all things centering 
them; and I am without all things controlling 
them, but I am not those things which I center 
in them and control in space surrounding 

"I am the center of My universe of Me. 
Everywhere I am is the center of all things, 
«.vAj; — • — " 

"f am the center of My universe of Me. 
Everywhere / am is the center of all things, 
and I am everywhere. " 

— From The Dfvine Iliad 

Chapter IX 


Electricity is the servant of Mind. It does all of the 
work of creating this light-wave universe in unfotding- 
refolding sequences which Mind desires. The universal 
Mind has two desires — the desire for creative expres- 
sion through the action of concentrative thinking and 
the desire for rest from action through decentrative 

One desire is for separation from Oneness into unbal- 
anced multiplicity and the other is for voidance of multi- 
Tiie' desire for rest from action through decentrative 

One desire is for separation from Oneness into unbal- 
anced multiplicity and the other is for voidance of multi- 
plicity into balanced Oneness. One desire is for action 
and the other for rest. 

These two desires of Mind constitute the give for 
regiving principle by means of which all things in 
Nature grow or unfold by appearing from the void of 
rest in the kingdom of heaven from which all creating 
things appear, disappear and reappear in sequential 

The electric expression of the two desires is reflected 
in the pulse beat of the universe. One pulsation com- 
presses, the other expands. The compressive pulsation 
gives form to idea by seeking rest at wave amplitudes 


through centripetal action. The destructive pulsation 
voids form to seek rest at wave axes through centrifugal 

These two opposite desires are characteristic of all 
effects of motion. AH animal, vegetable and mineral life 
seeks action and rest alternately. 

All effects of motion manifest that principle. A ball 
thrown in the air seeks rest from its action and returns 
from its unbalanced condition to seek rest through reac- 

After a day of work man rests from action so that he 
may repeat his day of action. 

Because of these two opposite desires of universal 
Mind-thioking, all creating things appear on earths from 
the void of their heaven, disappear from their earths into 
ihay'fep^atTiisclaVoYactioii.^ ^ 

Because of these two opposite desires of universal 
Mind-thinking, all creating things appear on earths from 
the void of their heaven, disappear from their earths into 
their void in the heavens and reappear from that void to 
repeat their desires. 

This explains the mystery of "matter appearing from 
space to be alternately swallowed by space. " 

"Again I say, I am the Soul of My universe 
of creating things. 

"Mthin My Being is desire for manifesting 
My Being. Desire in Me is Soul in Me. 

"That which is Soul in Me desireth to mani- 
fest in form through Light. Light extendeth 
from Soul in Me and retumeth to Soul in Me, 
the extension and returning being two seeming 
lights of Me. 

jrvm ooui at me ana reiurnetn to ^oul m Me, 
the extension and returning being two seeming 
lights of Me. 

"Again I say, I am the seed of My unfold- 
ing-refolding universe. Within My Light all 
formless seed of planned idea are enfolded in 
My Being at rest in Me. 

"Again I say, all things extendeth from Me 
and returneth to Me. From Me all things are 
born from seed of thought in Me, and born 
again, with each pulsation of My thinking. 

"There is naught but birth in My imagining. 
There is no death in Me, for endings and 
beginnings are one in Me. Naught but life rea- 
cheth out from Me, and naught but life meets 
returning life for rebirth in Me. 

"Wherefore 1 say. Ye must be born again 
arui again unto that infinity of mirrored reach- 
ings which is My imagining. Thus is My One 
Idea continued endlessly in imaged forms of 
My thinking. Thus is My One Idea reborn as 
many ones in the multiplying mirrors of My 
higb'y/fiiOVnt'mftffCugldmg. tnus IS My une 
Idea continued endlessly in imaged forms of 
My thinking. Thus is My One Idea reborn as 
many ones in the multiplying mirrors of My 
Light, forever without end. 

"Again I say, the mirrored multiples of My 
thought images are but reflections of My imag- 
inings. They are not Me. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 

Chapter X 


The two opposite electric expressions of desire of 
Mind unfold all idea of Mind from its pattern in the seed 
into imaged forms to simulate the idea of Mind and 
refold it back into its recorded pattern in the seed, for 
again unfolding. 

Each one unbalances the other in order that each may 
seek balance in the other to disappear and reappear as 
the other. 
Positive electricity is the father-light, which gravitates 
Each one unbalances the other in order that each may 
seek balance in the other to disappear and reappear as 
the other. 

Positive electricity is the father-light, which gravitates 
toward a point of rest which centers all creating things. 

Negative electricity is the mother-light which radiates 
toward planes of the One Ught at rest which bound all 
wave fields of motion. 

Positive electricity winds the light of motion into 
dense solids around points of still magnetic Light. It 
compresses motion into incandescent spheres surround- 
ed by the vacuity of negative electricity. 

Negative electricity unwinds the light of motion from 
dense solidity to tenuous vacuity by expanding it into 
cubic wave fields of space. 
Positive electricity pulls inward spirally from within 


against the opposing resistance of negative electricity 
which thrusts outward spirally from within.^ 

This two-way radial universe of seeming motion is the 
product of these two opposed electric conditioners of 
matter which pas.s through each other in opposite direc- 
tions. Each interchanges with the other in sequential 
pulsations as they pass through each other from points 
of gravity to wave field boundaries and back again in 
endless cycles. Each becomes the other at halfway rest 
points of their cycles. 

Large scale examples of this process can be seen in 
any of the spiral nebulae, notably Nebula 74 Piscium. 
Two fiery spiral arms of radiating mother-light reach out 
from the equator of its central sun to bom its countless 
other suns and earths by unfolding them from its center- 
any ot the spiral nebulae, notaBly Nebula"" ?3 Piscmm^ 
Two fiery spiral arms of radiating mother-light reach out 
from the equator of its central sun to born its countless 
other suns and earths by unfolding them from its center- 
ing seed, (Figs. 35 and 37, pg. 242) 

Two black arms of gravitating father-light pull spirally 
inward from the heavens toward the poles of the center- 
ing giant sun to generate the sun in incandescent one- 
ness of all form.' The father-light of gravity refolds all 
unfolding forms from Creation's seed in formless light 
of suns and gives them growing bodies. 

Gravitation is the male principle of Creation. Gravity 
refolds toward the seed. 

Radiation is the female principle of Creation. Radia- 
tion unfolds from the seed. 

The generating light of gravitation and the degenera- 


tive light of radiation are projected through each other 
from rest to rest in pulsing sequences to manifest idea 
by horning father-mother forms of idea through their 
voiding interchange. This principle of rhythmic bal- 
anced interchange between father-mother lights of grav- 
itation and radiation is fundamental in all creating 

It is the principle of two-way equal giving which man- 
ifests the quality of Love in the Light of the One. 

"Translate thou the Light of My thinking 
into man's words for his guidance. 

"I am Balance. In Me all My imaginings 
are balanced in their seeming unbalance. 

"I add; but that which I add to one pulsa- 
tion of My thinking t subtract from the other 

"1 divide; but that which I divide I multiply. 

"I divide; but that which I divide I multiply. 

"My pairs ofopposites are equal; but again 
I say that they are opposites, and opposites 
oppose in my universe of Me. 

"Opposites void opposites, while likes retain 
their friendly orbits side by side. All the suns 
of heaven give light of each to each, while the 
dark voids the light and the light, likewise, the 

"My two lights move in opposed ways to 
avoid the other 's path, but find these paths to 
be lanes leading into and out of vortices cen- 
tered by but one rest pole where the two poles 
are naught, having never even met as two. 

"Pairs of opposiies are drawn into each 
other's vortices where they void each other, 
passionately. Each is then naught, a zero simu- 
lating that Zero of their Source from which 
they sprang — but they are also seed for anoth- 
er seeming two which emerge from the One- 
^'i&Rfa&my'^CUt'fCtS man naugni, a zero simu- 
lating that Zero of their Source from which 
they sprang—but they are also seed for anoth- 
er seeming two which emerge from the One- 
ness of (heir Source, " 

— From The Djvine Illad 

Chapter XI 


One of the great illusions of the senses is that matter 
attracts and repels matter. It is also believed that oppo- 
sitely charged electrical particles attract each other and 
like charges repel. 

There is much evidence of the senses to justify such a 
conclusion, but it is of the same illusive nature as the 
evidence which deceives the senses that railroad tracks 
seem to meet upon the horizon. 

There is much evidence of the senses to justify such a 
conclusion, but it is of the same illusive nature as the 
evidence which deceives the senses that railroad tracks 
seem to meet upon the horizon. 

We see the tides rise toward the moon on one side of 
the earth and away from it on the other. We conclude 
that the moon attracts the earth and thus pulls the ocean 
toward it, but that does not account for the fact that the 
tides also rise on the opposite side of the earth away 
from the moon. What is actually happening is that all 
conditioned matter is constantly seeking to balance its 
condition with alt other matter 

The moon and the earth center their own respective 
wave fields surrounded by space. All wave fields are 
bound by planes of zero curvature, and a zero pressure 
condition, which insulate each field in the universe from 


every other field. The very shapes of wave fields of 
earth and moon are forever changing to adjust their bal- 
ance as the moon revolves around the earth. As a result, 
the mutual equators of both fields must lengthen, disc- 
like, on a plane which intersects the center of gravity of 
each body. Naturally the tides rise toward, and away, 
from the moon. If the earth were all liquid instead of 
solid, it, likewise, would lengthen appreciably at its 
equators, disc-like, and flatten at its poles to meet the 
interchange of balance between the fields of the moon 
and sun, as Jupiter and the outer planets are so notice- 
ably doing. It would also throw off rings as Saturn and 
all the stars of heaven are doing, and for the same rea- 


'■a- '« nuuiu ai50'ifar6W ujj. lui^ itA isaium ana 
all the stars of heaven are doing, and for the same rea- 


We see the positive pole of a compass needle pointing 
toward the negative pole of a magnet and the negative 
pole of the magnet pointing toward the positive pole. 
This evidence is one of the bases of our conclusion. 
That is what our eyes see. What actually is happening is 
that they are voiding each other's unbalanced condition 
to seek balance through each other. 

Opposite poles get as far away from each other as they 
can, until their opposition is voided by balance in their 
fulcrum and they cease to be. 


When the positive pole of a magnet is brought into 
contact with the negative pole of another magnet, that 
effect which we think of as attraction is one of voidance. 
It is a cessation of opposition or power to manifest any- 
thing. Polarity utterly ceases at that point and each 
opposite extends to each opposite end, each getting 
away from the other and through the other, spirally, as 
far as it can. 

If opposite poles attracted each other, they would be 
together in the middle of a magnet instead of at its ends. 


Matter neither attracts nor repels other matter. Unbal- 
anced conditions in matter seek balanced ones. All mat- 
ter is motion constantly seeking rest. 

Matter neither attracts nor repels other matter. Unbal- 
anced conditions in matter seek balanced ones. All mat- 
ter is motion constantly seeking rest. 

This it can find only by balancing its condition with 
matter similarly conditioned by voiding the tensions of 
its sexed condition. That alone is the cause of motion 
and the reason for its continuance or discontinuance. 


This is a universe of ONE THING. All matter which 
is electrically separated from that oneness seeks it. This 
is a fundamental principle and underlying desire of alt 
Creation. It is as true of humans and their emotions as it 
is of matter. 


We again repeat that electricity is a division of the 
One Light into two extensions of that Light projected 
through each other, each becoming the other alternately. 
The One Light is a pressureless and sexless condition. 
The two lights which are extended from the one are 
opposed pressures and opposed sexed conditions. 

Thus there are but two conditions of matter — either 
expanding from stillness or contracting toward stillness. 
Each condition arises from the other. The instant it 
becomes its own opposite it gets as far away from that 
opposite as is necessary to find balance in a like condi- 
tion. It seeks its like condition to find rest in a balanced 
condition and not because the matter of it is attracted by 
the matter it seeks, A log floating down stream is seek- 
ing a balanced condition and is not being attracted by 

the dam or by g„the.rJox^, ,^^, „. „ u^Kiiiccu 

condition and not because the matter of it is attracted by 
the matter it seeks. A log floating down stream is seek- 
ing a balanced condition and is not being attracted by 
the dam or by other logs. 

These opposites represent the compression-extension 
father-mother principle which integrates light into solids 
and disintegrates it into vapors and gases. 


To say that these opposites attract each other is equiv- 
alent to saying that north attracts south, that inward 
attracts outward, that wetness attracts dryness, or that 
darkness attracts incandescence. 

Water, for example, is a compressed condition. 


When water vaporizes it expands into its own opposite 
condition. It then seeks rest in clouds of like condition. 
When it thus finds rest in a balanced condition, its 
motion ceases and its opposition also ceases. 


Another effect of motion which has misled the senses 
into believing that opposites attract is that hot air is said 
to rise toward cold and cold air to descend toward heat. 
That is not what is happening, for like seeks like. Cool- 
ing air is expanding and rising coward cold, and heating 
air is contracting and falling toward heat. 

Negative oxygen bubbles gather at the positive pole of 
a charging electric battery and positive hydrogen bub- 
Ug'aTf^s'nsihg lowdfd cold^ and'heatiiig 
air is contracting and falling toward heat 

Negative oxygen bubbles gather at the positive pole of 
a charging electric battery and positive hydrogen bub- 
bles gadier at the negative pole. What is actually hap- 
pening is that the positive pole is taking the positive 
condition out of the water, leaving the negative oxygen 
as residue. The negative pole is, likewise, taking the 
negative condition out of the water, leaving the positive 
hydrogen as residue. Again like seeks like. 

The outstanding demonstration of the principle of like 
conditions seeking like is in the elements of matter. If 
opposites attracted opposites according to present con- 
cepts, it would be impossible to gather together one 
ounce of the same elements. All elements seek their 
kind. In any chemical decomposition of compounded 


mixtures, each element seeks and finds similarly condi- 
tioned elements. 

Nature's gyroscopic principle does this automatically. 
Every element has its own gyroscopic relation to the 
axis and amplitude of its wave. Each seeks that relation 
of pressure and moves until it finds itself in the orbit of 
its own gyroscopic plane of pressure. 

"Behold in Me the Light of all knowing. In 
Light is all Idea of knowing. 

"In divided Light of Me the thinking of My 
knowing is recorded in moving imaged forms 
of My imagining which reflect each divided 
one into its opposed one to manifest My know- 
ing. Each mirrors light of each to the other one 
to manifest My knowing through their mirror- 

"Know thou that moving things move not. 
Their moving is but seeming. 

"Know thou also that moving things alone 

v/^nvp mnvino thinot: nn/i jt-n/iw) tht>m nrti fnr 

"Know thou that moving things move not. 
Their moving is but seeming. 

"Know thou also that moving things alone 
sense moving things and know them not, for 
moving things have naught in them but their 
seeming moving. 

"Moving light of My thinking's mirrorings 
is My universe of image building in lights of 
My imaginings. These have no Being, for they 
are not Me. I alone have Being. " 

— Prom The Divine Iliad 

Chapter Xn 

Light cannot be seen; it can only be known. Light is 
still. The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness. That 
which the eyes "feel" and believe to be Light is but 
wave motion simulating the idea of Light. Like all 
things else in this electric wave universe the idea of 
Light cannot be produced. Electric waves simulate idea 
only. They do not become idea. 

When man sees the light of the sun he believes that he 
is actually seeing light when the nerves of his eyes are 
Light cannot be produced. Electric waves simulate idea 
only. They do not become idea. 

When man sees the light of the sun he believes that he 
is actually seeing light when the nerves of his eyes are 
but "feeling" the intense, rapid, shortwave vibrations of 
the kind of wave motion which he senses as incandes- 
cence. The intensely vibrant electric current mirrored 
into the senses of the eyes fairly bums them. They can- 
not stand that high rate of vibration. The eyes would be 
destroyed by such a vibration, but light would not be the 
cause of that destruction. Fast motion, simulating light, 
would be the cause. It would be like sending a high volt- 
age electric current over a wire so fine that the current 
would burn it out. 

Man likewise cannot see darkness. The nerves of his 
eves which sense motion slow down to a rate of vibra- 


tion which he can no longer "feel." 

Man is so accustomed to the idea that he actually sees 
light in various intensities illuminating various sub- 
stances to greater or lesser degree that it is difficult for 
him to realize that his own senses are but acting as mir- 
rors to reflect various intensities of wave motion. But 
that is all that is happening. 

Every electrically conditioned thing in Nature reflects 
the vibrations of every other thing, to fulfill its desire to 
synchronize its vibrations with every other thing. All 
matter is the motion of light. All motion is expressed Ln 
waves. All light waves are mirrors which reflect each 
other's condition unto the farthermost star. 

This is an electrically conditioned wave universe. All 
wave conditions are forever seeking oneness. For this 
waves. All light waves are mirrors which reflect each 
other's condition unto the farthermost star. 

This is an electrically conditioned wave universe. All 
wave conditions are forever seeking oneness. For this 
reason all sensation responds to all other sensation. 


Much controversy has arisen as to whether light is 
corpuscular, as Newton claimed it to be, or a wave. 
There is much evidence in favor of both theories. It is 
both. Light is expressed by motion. All motion is wave 
motion. All waves are expressed by fields of equal and 
opposite pressures of two-way motion. The entire vol- 
ume within wave fields is filled with the two opposite 
expressions of motion — the positive expression which 


compresses light into solids, and the negative expression 
which expands it into space surrounding solids. 

All space within wave fields is curved. Curvature ends 
at planes of zero curvature which boujid all wave fields. 
These boundary planes of omnipresent magnetic Light 
act as mirrors to reflect all curvature into all other wave 
fields in the universe, and as fulcrums from which 
motion in one wave field is universally repeated. 


Together these constitute what we call matter and 
space. It has been difficult to conceive light as being 
purely corpuscular, for light is presumed to fill all space. 
Space is not empty. It k full of wave motion. Corpuscles 
"^ m^etfiertiiS^ 'ifdfi^ityre wRar' we"cair maTrerarid 
space. It has been difficult to conceive light as being 
purely corpuscular, for light is presumed to fill all space. 
Space is not empty. It is full of wave motion. Corpuscles 
of matter are one half of wave cycles of light. Space is 
the other half. 

There need be no mystery as to whether light is cor- 
puscular or wave, for waves of motion which simulate 
the light and darkness of space are all there is. 

The light and motion of solid matter, and of gaseous 
matter of space, differs only in volume and condition. 
Water of earth is compressed into small volume while 
water of the heavens is expanded thousands of time in 
volume. Each condition is the opposite half of the cycle 
of water. 

Water vapor is water turned inside-out. It again 


becomes water by turning outside-in. Expansion- 
contraction sequences result from this process. 


Water of the heavens still is water, and it still is light 
waves. No change whatsoever has taken place between 
the waters of earth and those of the heavens except a 
change of its condition from positive to negative pre- 
ponderance. This change is due solely to a change of its 
direction in respect to its center of gravity. 

All dense cold matter, such as iron, stone, wood, and 
all growing or decaying things, are light. We do not 
think of them as light but all are waves of motion, and 
all waves of motion are light. 

Xirdeose'cold matter, such as iron, stone, wood, and 
all growing or decaying things, are light. We do not 
think of them as light but all are waves of motion, and 
all waves of motion are light. 

Light is all there is in the spiritual universe of know- 
ing, and simulation of that Light in opposite extensions 
is all there is in the electric wave universe of sensing. 
The simulation of Light in matter is not Light. There is 
no Light in matter. 

Perhaps the confusion which attends this idea would 
be lessened if we classify everything concerning the 
spiritual universe, such as life, intelligence, truth, power, 
knowledge and balance as being the ONE LIGHT of 
KNOWING, and everything concerning matter and 
motion as being the TWO SIMULATED LIGHTS of 




Thinking expresses knowing in matter but matter does 
not think, nor does it know. 

Thinking also expresses life, truth, idea, power and 
balance by recording the ideas of those qualities in the 
two lights of matter in motion, but matter does not live, 
nor is it truth, balance or idea, even though it simulates 
those spiritual qualities. 

Man's confusion concerning this differentiation lies in 
his long assumption of the reality of matter. His assump- 
tion that his body is his Self, that his knowledge is in his 
brain, and that he lives and dies because his body inte- 
grates and disintegrates, has been so fundamental a part 
of his thinking that it is difficult for him to reverse his 
thinking to the fact that matter is but motion and has no 
reality beyond simulating reality. 

grifes yflf3*dl^lgfate*^,'l'as"b'"eersb" {uiidameiifaj'a'part 
of his thinking that it is difficult for him to reverse his 
thinking to the fact that matter is but motion and has no 
reality beyond simulating reality. 

The light which we think we see is but motion. We do 
not see light. We feel the wave vibrations set up by the 
motion which simulates light, but the motion of electric 
waves which simulate light is not that which it simu- 


T^T' There is much confusion concerning the many kinds 

of particles of matter such as electrons, protons, pho- 
tons, neutrons and others. These many particles are sup- 
posedly different because of the belief that some are 

negatively charged, some are positively charged and 
some are so equally charged that one supposedly neu- 
tralizes the other. 

There is no such condition in nature as negative 
charge, nor are there negatively charged particles. 
Charge and discharge are opposite conditions, as filling 
and emptying, or compressing and expanding are oppo- 
site conditions. 

Compressing bodies are charging into higher potential 
conditions. Conversely, expanding bodies are discharg- 
ing into lower potential conditions. To describe an elec- 
tron as a negatively charged body is equivalent to saying 
that it is an expanding-contracting body. 

Contracting and expanding bodies move in opposite 
directions. Contracting bodies move radially inward 
tfon"as a-negairvely"cJiSr^eert)oai'l^^(^VSigBf(a ga^Jifii'g 
that it is an expanding-contracting body- 
Contracting and expanding bodies move in opposite 
directions. Contracting bodies move radially inward 
toward mass centers, and expanding bodies move radial- 
ly outward toward space which surrounds masses. In 
this two-way universe, light which is inwardly directed 
toward gravity charges mass and discharges space. 
WTien directed toward space it charges space and dis- 
charges mass. All direction of force in Nature is spiral. 

The charging condition is positive. It multiplies speed 
of motion into density of substance. The principle of 
multiplication of motion because of decrease of volume 
is the cause of the acceleration of gravity. The discharg- 
ing condition is negative. It divides speed of motion into 
tenuity of substance. The principle of the division of 





motion because of expansion of volume, is the cause of 
the deceleration of radiation. 

One can better comprehend this principle by knowing 
that what we call substance is purely motion. Motion 
simulates substance by its variation of pressures, its 
speed and its gyroscopic relation to its wave axis. 

Particles are variously conditioned as to pressure but 
there are no different kinds of particles. All are light 
waves wound up into particles which are doubly 
charged. Their position at any one point in their wave 
causes them to have the electric condition appropriate 
for that point. 

Light particles are forever moving in their octave 
waves. All are either heading toward their cathode or 
their anode, which means toward vacuity or gravity. 

Light particles are forever moving in their octave 
waves. All are either heading toward their cathode or 
their anode, which means toward vacuity or gravity. 
They are all moving either inward or outward, spirally. 


All light particles are either expressing the mother-light 
principle or the father-light principle. For example, if a 
particle is on the amplitude of the wave, it would be a true 
sphere, and as a true sphere it would be neither piositive 
nor negative. It might then appropriately be called a neu- 
tron. A particle which is spirally heading mward toward 
the apex of a vortex in the process of becoming a sphere 
might appropriately be called a proton, because of its 

expressing the father-light principle. 

Again, if it is moving spirally outward, it could appro- 
priately be called an electron because it would then be 
discharging in excess of its charge or expanding in 
excess of its contraction. 

Light rays, for example, leaving the sun, are discharg- 
ing the sun. They are also discharging themselves 
because they are expanding into greater volume. They 
are also lowering their own potential by multiplying 
their volume. They reverse their polarity when radially 
converging upon the earth. They are then charging the 
earth and themselves by contractmg into smaller volume 
and are sunultaneously multiplying their own potential 
by thus contracting. 

earm ana mems^ives eyiCdfiitaenngllftO smaiier vommc 
and are simultaneously multiplying their own potential 
by thus contracting. 


In an electric current there is a constant interchange 
between anode and cathode or positive and negative 
poles. A light particle expands as it leaves the anode in 
an outward radial direction and contracts as it radially 
approaches the anode.^ This light particle has been the 
same light particle at all times in all parts of its journey. 
Its variation of charge and discharge, its direction of 
motion and the condition of wave pressure in which it 
finds itself at any time are the sole reasons for its chang- 
ing from one condition to another. The light particles are 


all the same light particles, all being different only in 
pressure condition. 

This is also true of the elements of matter. Whether 
they be iron, carbon, silicon, bismuth or radium, all are 
composed of the same kind of light particles. 

They all seem to have different qualities and attribut- 
es, but those qualities and attributes are likewise given 
to them purely by the positions they occupy in their 


A particle of light which belongs to an atomic system 
of sodium has in it all of the entire range of the ele- 
ments, besides all of every other creatmg thing in the 
universe. It acts to rarrv nnt th** niimnBf>f^iin»c<> ^f i»,<. 

A particle of light which belongs to an atomic system 
of sodium has in it all of the entire range of the ele- 
ments, besides all of every other creating thing in the 
universe. It acts to carry out the purposefubess of the 
idea of sodium simply because it is in the pressure con- 
dition of sodium, and is a part of the unfolding pattern 
of the seed of inert gas of the octave from which it has 

If that same particle unfolded from the seed of the 
oak, it would be part of the wood fiber of its trunk, or 
leaf, or of the chlorophyll which colored its leaves, but it 
would be the same kind of particle while fulfilling the 
purpose of cellulose as while fulfilling the purpose of 
All matter in this universe is hot differently condi- 


tioned motion simulating light, and all differences in 
condition are pressure differences. 


The speed with which light presumably travels is 
186,400 miles per second. The distance between stars is 
so great that the speed of light is computed as light 
years, for the distance computed by lesser units of time 
would yield figures so great that they would be mean- 

Light only seems to travel. It is but one more of the 
countless illusions caused by wave motion. Waves of the 
ocean seem to traverse the ocean but they only appear to 
do so, for waves are pistons in the universal engines, 

countless illusions caused by wave motion. Waves of the 
ocean seem to traverse the ocean but they only appear to 
do so, for waves are pistons in the universal engines, 
and pistons operate up and down. Wave pistons of light, 
or of the ocean, operate radially and spirally inward and 
outward, toward and away from gravity. 

Waves of light do not travel. They reproduce each 
other from wave field to wave field of space. The planes 
of zero curvature which bound all wave fields act as 
minors to reflect light from one field into another. This 
sets up an appearance of light as travelling, which is 
pure illusion. 

The sunlight we feel upon our bodies is not actual 
light &om the sun. What actually is happening is that the 
sun is reproducing its own condition on the earth by 



extending the reproductions out through cold space into 
ever enlarging wave fields until those reproductions 
begin to converge again toward our center of gravity 
into ever smaller wave fields. The heat we feel and the 
light we see are dependent entirely upon the ability of 
the wave fields to reproduce the tight and heat, and that 
ability is conditioned upon the amount of moisture in 
the atmosphere. 

If there were no moisture in the atmosphere, our bod- 
ies would carbonize from the heat thus reproduced. One 
cannot consistently think of that heat as direct rays of 
the sun, for that same sunlight was intensely cold dur- 
ing its reproduced journey through the immensely 
expanded wave fields of space between the sun and 

The light and heat which appear to come frornjhe^igr 
ing its reproduced journey through the immensely 
expanded wave fields of space between the sun and 

The light and heat which appear to come from the star 
or sun have never left the star or sun. 

That which man sees as light and feels as heat are the 
reproduced counterparts of the light and heat which are 
its cause. 

The rate of vibration in a wave field depends upon its 
volume. Vibration in a wave field means the pulse of 
interchange between its compressed core and the space 
surrounding that core. A slow vibration in a large wave 
field would cool one's body, or even freeze it, while fast 
pulsing interchange in extremely small wave fields 
could bum one's body. 

A lens which multiplies light and heat toward a focal 
point which sets paper on fire merely compresses larger 
wave fields into smaller ones. The rate of vibration 
increases for the same reason that the planets nearest the 
sun move much faster in their small orbits than those 
which are far away from the sun. Kepler's law covering 
the speeds of planets will apply to rates of vibration in 
wave fields as appropriately as with the movements in 
the solar system. 






"The imaged universe of My dual thinking 
is a two-way interchanging between unbal- 
anced lever ends of light which extend from 
Me, their fulcrum of power in Rest, and return 
to Me. 

"Behold in Me the fulcrum of My changing 
universe which manifests change, though I 
change not, nor move. 

"For I am Rest. In Me alone is Balance. 
"He who wnul/f B«W n™ii-~ - — ' '— - ■• 
"For I am Rest. In Me alone Ls Balance. 

"He who would find power must know that 
he extends from Me, that I am he. 

"He who would find rest must return to Me, 
be Me, be fulcrum ofhL^ own power. " 

—From The Divine Iuad 

Chapter XIU 

All energy is expressed in wave cycles. 

A cycle is a two-way electric journey from a corapres- 
sion point of rest where gravity ceases and radiation 
begins, to an expansion point of rest at wave field 
boundaries where radiation ceases and gravity begins. It 
is the universal heartbeat of this pulsing universe of 

two-way motion. 

The life-death cycle of man is one wave in an electnc 
current. Growth and decay, or the incoming-outgoing 
is the universal heartbeat of this pulsing universe of 

two-way motion. 

The life-death cycle of man is one wave in an electric 
current. Growth and decay, or the incoming-outgoing 
breath, are two halves of cycles. 

Matter is expressed in two-way cycles because mat- 
ter is but a record of God's knowing, expressed by the 
two opposed desires of His two-way self-voiding 

thinking. . 

All Nature is an expression of the two desires of the 
Creator, the desire for separation from the oneness of 
rest in Him into a multiplicity of imaged forms of His 
imagining, and for a voidance of that multiplicity by a 
return to rest in His oneness. 

A cvcle is like winding and unwinding a clock spnng 
except that matter is wound up into visible spheres and 






unwound into invisible cubes. The unwinding of a clock 
spring is a reverse process from that of its winding. 
Nature is continuous. It never reverses, like the piston in 
an engine, or two children on a seesaw. 

Nature turns its waves inside-out and outside-in in a 
continuous spiral flow of direction. Solid matter gradu- 
ally interchanges with space in its breathing cycles until 
gravitation has attained its maximum. Radiation then 
exceeds the power of gravitation and matter begins to 
expand instead of to contract. 

Radiation is light outwardly bouud from the seed. 
Gravitation is light inwardly bound toward the seed. 
Outwardly bound light manifests the unfolding of 
patterned light from the seed. It is the mother of Cre- 
ation. Inwardly bound light manifests the refolding of 
patterned light into its seed. It_is.the_fat^r,^ftf i^K.- 
Outwardly bound light manifests the unfolding of 
patterned light from the seed. It is the mother of Cre- 
ation. Inwardly bound light manifests the refolding of 
patterned light into its seed. It is the father of Cre- 

The mother of Creation gives patterned bodies to idea 
by unfolding idea unto the heavens. That is the first half 
of every cycle. The father refolds all unfolding idea 
back toward its seed, otherwise the unfolding form 
could not become visible as matter. That is the second 
half of every cycle. All growing things manifest this 
unfolding and refolding process in every pulsation of 
interchange between the father-mother lights of Cre- 

The outward-inward breath of all things is the con- 

stant interchanging cyclic process by means of which 
one opposite gradually becomes the other until each 
becomes the other in totality by completing the inter- 

Each outward-inward breath is a cycle. Each half- 
cycle is cancelled by its other half until both are can- 
celled. Neither then manifests. Both disappear into their 
equilibrium to reappear as the other. 

Life and death gradually interchange to cancel each 
other for the purpose of repeating the cycle of life and 


Death is bom in the same cradle with life, but life is 
strong while death is weak. From the very first breath of 
the newborn babe, death voids life by each outward 
breath and life voids death by each inward breath. At 

"Uesta' i^iJ^hi'-ffi btK"S3fflc!:'^^h■^ffe'VJuift^Mr ent^ik^*^ 

strong while death is weak. From the very first breath of 
the newborn babe, death voids life by each outward 
breath and life voids death by each inward breath. At 
maturity, death has become balanced with life and death 
then becomes stronger until both disappear to reappear 
with life as the stronger and death the weaker opposite. 


It is said that the universe is expandUig to a heat death, 
that all heat is gradually going out of the universe, leav- 
ing it utterly cold and empty. 

It is believed that radiation is a "downhill flow of 
energy" which is not compensated for by an equal 
"uphill flow," Radiation is known as radiant energy. 



Radiation is but the outbreathing of this universal 
body which breathes in its entirety exactly as man and 
all things else in Nature breathe. Radiation is the unfold- 
ing mother-light. 

The inbreathing of Nature is gravitation. Gravitation is 
the father-light which refolds that which unfolds. 

For every drop of water that "radiant energy" dis- 
charges from the earth, "gravitation energy" charges it 
with falling waters. One of these opposites is the down- 
hill flow of expressed energy and the other is its equal 
uphill flow. 

Every creating thing in this universe has a father 
and a mother, not only animal and vegetable life but 
every corpuscle of matter in the universe. Likewise 
every creating thing is both father and mother. The 
mother borns the father and the f_a_Uierl>,oin5.Ah6 
and a mother, not only animal and vegetable life but 
every corpuscle of matter in the universe. Likewise 
every creating thing is both father and mother. The 
mother borns the father and the father borns the 
mother. The proton borns the electron and the elec- 
tron the proton. Each was the other and each sequen- 
tially becomes the other through the pulsing breath of 
wave interchange, 


One of the illusions which deceived man into believ- 
ing that God's universal body was dying was the discov- 
ery that all nebulae are rushing away from each other 
with incredible velocities. This fact would lead to the 

utter dissolution of the universe in time. The so-called 
"red shift" in the spectrum proved this to be fact. 

The fact is true. They do rush away from each other, 
but the conclusion drawn from that observed fact is not 
justified by the processes of natural law. The reason for 
the universal expansion which is now taking place is 
that the universe as a whole breathes inward and out- 
ward just as all things in nature do. 

Large-scale breathing cycles of the whole universal 
body consume untold aeons for the completion of one 
cycle while man consumes but a few seconds to com- 
plete his cycle. Man of aeons to come will witness the 
effect of nebulae rushing toward each other at the same 
speeds for the same number of aeons. 

In all Nature there is no effect of motion which is not 
^i^ftTTfl^ iytife? imtr&tliaffe"foBftife*"W(fl-WiiMeggnft^ 
effect of nebulae rushing toward each other at the same 
speeds for the same number of aeons. 

In all Nature there is no effect of motion which is not 
balanced by an opposite effect. The universe is sexed 
throughout. One sex cannot exist without the other. 
"Radiant energy" is impossible without generative ener- 
gy to bom it. 

The desire of the Creator for separateness must be bal- 
anced with His desire for oneness. The expansion stroke 
of the universal piston must have a balancing compres- 
sion stroke in order that the universal body may mani- 
fest the life of its Creator. 

The whole universe slowly expands toward the death 
half of its breathing cycle, and then contracts toward the 
life half of it. 

• I 



Every separate mass in the universe is in its own part 
of its cycle, either inbreathing toward the high point of 
its maturity or outbreathing toward its resurrection. Each 
one, whether generating or degenerating, is being gener- 
ated into extended life by the inbreathing of the whole, 
of which each is an indissoluble part. 


"In My imaged universe all things are two, 
centered by Me, for all things extend from the 
dual, two-way moving pendulum of My think- 
ing, and My thinking is two. I, the One Light, 
center the two lights which register My think- 
ing, but I am not those two lights, nor am I My 

"Behold in Me the Trinity, the One extended 
unto the two, the One Creator centering the 
extended two. 

"lic-tltfiu 'ut jHc it tt: I'lttuiy, trie KJfU: ti*Je«jieM 

unto the two, the One Creator centering the 
extended two. 

"In My imaged universe all effect is also 
two: all thermal measures and the weights of 
things; the two of matter, and of time, and 
direction; the two of color, and of the ele- 
ments; the two of the wave of My thinking, and 
its expressions. The very One Light of Me is 
extended in the two lights of My imagining. 

"Naught is there in all My universe which 
is not part and counterpart pairs of things, 
equal and opposite counterpart pairs of creat- 
ing and repeating things, each seeking to 
unbalance each, and each forever seeking bal- 
ance in each. 

"For behold, I am Light, but the universe of 
My imagining is dual light; light divided and 
multiplied by common root directly and 
inversely applied to all things which forever 
move two ways between the two extended 
lights of theij centering One Jo. exPLCSS M,u 
multiplied by common root directly and 
inversely applied to all things which forever 
move two ways between the two extended 
lights of their centering One to express My 
knowing by My thinking, " 

— From The Divine Iuad 

Chapter XIV 

Weight is a measure of unbalance. It indicates the 
intensity of desire of any mass which is out of balance 
to find balance. 

Every mass in the universe has its proper potential 
position. Every mass will find that position if not pre- 
vented from doing so by the bindings of other masses. 

Weight should be measured dually as temperature is. 
It should have an above and a below zero to measure the 
intensity of desire in masses to rise from the earth as 
vented from doing so by the bindings of other masses. 

Weight should be measured dually as temperature is. 
It should have an above and a below zero to measure the 
intensity of desire in masses to rise from the earth as 
well as to fall toward it. 


All matter is a record of its potential at the place of its 
birth in its wave. Masses of matter, like buoys floating 
in the ocean to mark courses for ships, are floating in 
space to register the electric potential of the position of 

their birth. 

Whenever matter is in the place of its birth, it belongs 
there. It is, therefore, in balance. It floats in its balanced 
field. In that position it is weightless in respect to any- 


thing else in the universe. Whenever it is taken from its 
field center, or becomes an eccentric part of another 
field, it is out of balance with the two forces acting upon 
it. It then has weight, and the measure of that weight is 
the measure of its unbalance with its out-of-place envi- 

Weight of matter and measure of electric potential are 
one and the same thing. 


A body which floats has no measurable weight It is in 
balance with its environment. Likewise, a dead battery 
has no measurable electric potential. TTie ammeter nee- 
dle points to zero. Its two unbalanced conditions of 
charge and discharge have becgrrsgjfflirf^£| b^f^f.H ft^fe^rn 
balance with its environment. Likewise, a dead battery 
has no measm-able electric potential. The ammeter nee- 
die points to zero. Its two unbalanced conditions of 
charge and discharge have become voided by each other 

The measure called "weight" and the measure called 
'electnc potential" are the expression of force which the 
two electric opposites of charge and discharge exert 
against each other at any point in the universe. 

The potential of all orbits of matter in space in which 
matter floats is equal to the potential of the mass which 
floats in it. 

The plane of our earth's equatorial region coincides 
with an equipotential plane of pressure which is equally 
balanced in respect to that part of the earth which floats 
above that plane, and (hat part which floats below it In 


this plane the earth has no weight whatsoever in respect 
to anything in the entire universe, for it is in a balanced 
position in respect to the entire universe and keeps mov- 
ing into a new position only because of the movement of 

all other masses in the universe. 


The earth could have weight only if removed to other 
pressures farther extended from the plane of the lens- 
like wheel of which our sun is the hub. If it could be 
pushed toward the sun by some giant hand, it would 
seek balance in its ovra orbit when released, exacfly as a 
man would rise when plunged beneath his own balance 
level in water. Every freely moving mass in the universe 
floats in its own equally divided wave field exactly as a 
gggE Sst^t^e fflltS'own oroH wnen reiea^cu, cxaciiy as a 
man would rise when plunged beneath his own balance 
level in water. Every freely moving mass in the universe 
floats in its own equally divided wave field exactly as a 
man floats in water. 

The moon is not falling upon the earth, as generally 
supposed, for it is in balance with its environment and 
cannot fall. Its contracted mass is equal to the expanded 
mass it displaces in its wave field. 

For the same reason a cloud floats in the sky. If one 
could put scales under it, one would find it had no 
weight unless lifted above or thrust below its equipoten- 
tial level. If it condensed into heavier vapor, it would 
fall to seek a new static equator where it would again 
float. If it condensed to rain, it would fall into the sea to 
find balance in a like condition. 



V 1 1 

Weight is not a fixed property of matter. It is as vari- 
able as matter is variable. 

A man weighs less as he climbs a mountain, weighs 
more as he descends into a mine, and weighs nothing 
when he floats in water. 

Unless, and until, matter is extended from a plane of 
equal pressure, there can be no weight, nor can there be 
electric potential. 


The equilibrium of sea level is a good example. U that 
static equator has no dynamic wave extensions, there 
can be no electric pressures exerted to express in weight, 
nor could there be weight of waves when waves are not 
extended from it. Wave.s_abpye.g^^6\^iiia'.ft^.r.'^''iVi^i 
static equator has no dynamic wave extensions, there 
can be no electric pressures exerted to express in weight, 
nor could there be weight of waves when waves are not 
extended from it. Waves above sea level have a positive 
weight when they fall toward gravity. Waves below sea 
level have negative weight when they rise toward space 
to find balance at sea level. 

Weight is, therefore, but a dimension of unbalance. 
Unbalance alone can be weighed, for there can be no 
weight to balance. 

Weight is the sum of the differences between the two 
pressures which act upon every mass. 

Weight is the measure of the differences in electric 
potential between any mass and the volume it occupies. 

Weight is the measure of unbalance between any mass 
and its displaced environment. 

Weight is the measure of the force which a body exerts 
in seeking its true potential. 

Weight is the sum of the difference between the inward 
pull of gravitation and the outward thrust of radiation.' 

Weight is the measure of intensity of the desire within 
all matter to express motion or seek rest from motion. 

un muuer lu t^ptt^^ ifMtu'* "' ^'''"' '"'7'^"' "*-"""• 


The following definitions of weight are in keeping 
with Natural Law. 

"For again I say, each of the two lights 
which giveth form to My knowing, through My 
thinking, giveth its all to the other one to 
become the other one, sequentially. 

"Light giveth to darkness to again become 
light, as life giveth to death to again become 
life. Likewise darkness of heaven giveth dark- 
ness unto suns to again become dark, as suns 
giveth light unto heavens to again become 

giveth light unto heavens to again become 

"Thuswise all things of earth giveth unto 
heavens to again become earth-things by the 
giving of heavens. Thus do all My creating 
things simulate the oneness of My knowing by 
interchanging their all for Oneness in Me. 
That interchanging records My knowing in 
pulsations of My thinking but My thinking is 
not Me. My knowing is alone Me. " 

— From The DmNE Iliad 

Chapter XV 


One of the greatest mysteries of science is the source 
of the sun's renewing energy. 

At the present rate of solar radiation, the sun should 
have burned out long ago. 

What keeps its fires burning? What is it that generates 
heat in the sun to keep it from cooling? 

One theory is that its contraction generates it, for con- 
traction supposedly heats. 

But that is not the answer, for contraction does not 
heat in the sun to keep it from cooling? 

One theory is that its contraction generates it, for con- 
traction supposedly heats. 

But that is not the answer, for contraction does not 
heat nor generate. Contraction is possible only as a 
result of generation, not as its cause. 

Generation must precede contraction. It does not fol- 
low it. 

Heat follows as a result of contraction. Heat radiates. 
Radiation is the opposite of generation, and opposites 
act in opposite ways. 

Radiation expands and the resultant expansion cools; 
while generation contracts and the resultant contraction 

Here again is the father-mother principle manifesting 
its law of equal, opposite and sequential interchange. 




The cold of expanded space generates the sun's heat 
by compressing large volume into smaller volume. 

The high pressure of incandescence is bom from the 
low pressure of vacuous blackness, in accordance with 
the law of rhythmic balanced interchange between all 
pairs of father-mother opposites. 


The temperature cycle resulting from balai5ced inter- 
change between the cold of space and the heat of suns is 
as follows: cold generates; generation contracts; con- 
traction heats; heat radiates; radiation expands, and 
expansion cools, 

Thus our hot sun is being generated from cold space 
via its poles and is radiated back again into space via its 
traction heats; heat radiates; radiation expands, and 
expansion cools. 

TTius our hot sun is being generated from cold space 
via its poles and is radiated back again into space via its 
equator in accord with the father-mother reciprocative 
process of inside-out outside-in turning, and will contin- 
ue to generate increasing heat in the sun until it becomes 
a true sphere. This spherical perfection has not yet been 
attained, for the sun has not yet reached the amplitude of 
its wave where all forming matter becomes true spheres. 


same condition as a man who has just passed his maturi- 
ty high point when death and life interchange their pre- 

From that point on, cold space will bore a black hole 
through the sun from pole to pole and it will expand into 
a giant ring centered by a smaller sun recondensed from 
the remnant of its expanding self. Many such ring nebu- 
lae are visible in the heavens, notably in the Lyra Ring 
Nebula (M. 57). (Hg- 6 1 pg. 252). 


Excellent examples of the degeneration of a sun into 
a ring or rings by the inside-out turning process of 
negative electricity are The Owl Nebula, (M. 97) in 

llrsaf Mainri*: anri the r»..«iK R«11 M«K..I^ ;., 1/..I 

Excellent examples of the degeneration of a sun into 
a ring or rings by the inside-out turning process of 
negative electricity are The Owl Nebula, (M. 97) in 
Ursae Majoris and the Dumb Bell Nebula in Vulpecu- 
lae. (Fig- 62 pg. 252). 

One can likewise witness this inside-out turning 
process in his kitchen range. Jets of burning gas are seen 
as a blue and green flame around black holes which cen- 
ter each jet. These gases are negatively preponderant, 
which means that they are thrusting out from their cen- 
ter in excess of pulling inward from it.^ 


When the amplitude position is attained, its radiation 
will then begin to exceed its generation. It will be in the 



"He who seeketh life without the Light will 
find death; but he who seeketh the Light will 
find eternal life even when he walketh toward 

"He who hioweth not the Light shall die to 
find it, but he who knoweth the Light shall 
never die. 

"In man's inhaling there is life, and death 
trails his exhaling, yet must man breathe out to 
live again and deeply in that he may die. 

"Know thou then that I alone live. I do not 
die, but out of Me cometh both seeming life 
trails his exhaling, yet must man breathe out to 
live again and deeply in that he may die. 

"Know thou then that I alone live. I do not 
die, but out of Me cometh both seeming life 
and death. 

"Life is but the inward flow of My thinking 's 
divided pulsing, and death is its outward flow. 

"Know also that the divisions of My think- 
ing are but equal halves of One; for I again 
say that I am One; and that all things which 
come from Me are One, divided to appear as 

"All things come and go from My divided 

"All coming things are living things, and 
those which go are dead. 

"Know thou that all creating things are res- 
urrected from the dead, and dead things live 
again through My divided thinking. 

"Again I say that all things are bound as 
One through Light. 

"I am forever creating My living body and 
destroying it in seeming death that it may live 
in Me to die and live again. 

"The end of life in death is life's new begin- 
nins. Both life and.deatkgrfi.ptKJjK^e^.^j ^..^ 
destroying it in seeming death that it may live 
in Me to die and live again. 

"The end of life in death is life's new begin- 
ning. Both life and death are one in Me. 

"All things are forever living and forever 
dying; and while they live they die; and also 
while they are in death they live. 

"Such is My decree, My universal law, from 
which there is no escape for man, or star, or 
grain of sand; for all things flow from Me that 
they may appear to man, and return to Me, 
that they may disappear from his senses in the 
cycle of My thinking. 

"1 am the repetitive God, All things which 

flow to Me and from Me flow again both ways 
through Me forever in a cycle which ends not, 
nor has begun. 

"From My right hand life flows one way 
and returneth to Me full spent as death, while 
full death floweth the other way and returneth 
to Me renewed as life. Around My cycle both 
life and death wend their opposed ways, each 
seeking each until the twain meet balanced at 
maturity, where each gives half to each. But 
when they pass that halfway point on their sep- 
arate ways to Me, each then gives thought to 
each, and then both know, as they return to 
Me, that each are both, and both are One in 
when they pass that halfway point on their sep- 
arate ways to Me, each then gives thought to 
each, and then both know, as they return to 
Me, that each are both, and both are One in 

"Death is the seed of life. 

"Death rebounds from death as life. 

"From death life springeth from the soil; 
and from life death floweth even as the per- 
fume leaves the rose. 

"Death giveth of itself to life that life may 
live; and likewise life giveth to death that 
death may die. 

"Life is regenerating death, and death is 
life degenerating. 

"Light leaves thy sun as death and comes to 
thee as life; and when thy death leaves thee it 
likewise becomes new life to whom or in what 
its impact quickens with thy death. 

"Two ways there are of breath, the inward- 
charging breath of life and the outward-dis- 
charging breath of death. All opposed pairs of 
My divided thinking pass in opposite ways 
along these two paths in their traversing of My 

"All things which I have divided into pairs 
of opposites have wJt^}4 
along these two paths in their traversing of My 

"All things which I have divided into pairs 
of opposites have within them both life and 
death; but one of these is greater than the 
other until they meet as equals halfway round 
My life-death cycle. When once they meet, and 
pass, they then exchange these qualities, the 
greater growing lesser and the lesser growing 

"Even though life is full when life is born, 
death emanates from life itself as death, and 
takes the opposite path toward death. 


"Likewise, does life emanate from death to 
weaken ii when death is strong, until life con- 
quereih death to make death live as life. 

"Verily I say, life cannot live without dying 
as it lives. Nor can death conquer life and 
gather aught to it but death, 

"Life is My multiplying breath of compres- 
sive action; and death is My dividing, opposed 
breath which expands as life 's reaction. 

"Hear thou Me when / again say that life 
and death are opposites which pass each other 
on My cycle going opposite ways. Life 
attracteth life to life by its compression and 
death repeleth both death and life by its expan- 
and death are opposites which pass each other 
on My cycle going opposite ways. Life 
attracteth life to life by its compression and 
death repeleth both death and life by its expan- 

"I am the interchanging point of life and 
death. I balance life with death; and never in 
their changing can either death or life outbal- 
ance death or life. 

"Write thou that death and life are one, as 
the swinging pendulum is one, e'en though ii 
oscillates two ways in its incessant swinging. 

"He who travels East in My curved uni- 
verse arrives at West as surely as he who trav- 
els West. 

"Likewise life traileth the eastern road to 
arrive at death, while death taketh the western 
road where life awaiteth to quicken death as 

"So also does death traileth the road of life 
to interchange with life, while life likewise 
traileth the road of death to find itself through 

"Hear thou Me say there is no death in all 
My imagined universe. In it is naught but Life, 
for.tmu^hLbuLLi^ <mdJ.ou^jf.UnMej otvii^jt 

"Hear thou Me say there is no death in all 
My imagined universe. In it is naught but Life, 
for naught but Life and Love is in Me and My 

"Naught is there in My thinking which is 
not My knowing; and naught but Life and Love 
are in My thinking. 

"Take thou man 's death away from him in 
this new day of man. Give him eternal Life in 
Me by knowing Me in him. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 


Chapter XVI 

For centuries man has been searching for the life prin- 
ciple in genns of matter. He might as well cast his nets 
into the sea to search for oxygen. 

There is no life in matter, nor is there death, for matter 
is but motion. Motion begins and ends, to begin again, 
but life is immortal. It has no beginiiing. It has no end- 
ing. It cannot die. 

Man has long believed his body to be his Self, the Per- 
son, the Being. Man 's body is but motion. It can have no 
But lifeTs immortal. It has no beginning. It has no end- 
ing. It cannot die. 

Man has long believed his body to be his Self, the Per- 
son, the Being. Man 's body is but motion. It can have no 
Being. God dwells in man. The Person, the Being in 
man, is inunoital. Life in him is God in him. The body 
of man manifests God in him by manifesting life in tife- 
death-resurrection sequences, as all creating-decreating- 
recreating things in Nature likewise do. 

The body of man must be forever reborn unto the 
endless end to manifest God in him. There is naught 
but birth in this cyclic, pulsing universe. There is no 

The idea of man is a part of the One Whole Idea of 
Creation. All Creation is but an expression of that One 
Idea, part by part, each being a part of the Whole. God 

gives an eternal repetition of bodies to all parts of His 
Idea to manifest that idea in wave cycles of the divided 
light of His thinking. One half of each cycle unfolds the 
idea into the form of that idea and gives it action for 
producing that form. The other half of the cycle refolds 
the idea to give it rest in the Light of its Source for the 
purpose of repeating the manifestation in a repetition of 
that body. 

A return to rest in the Light is not death; it is a return 
to Life for the purpose of rebirth to again manifest Life 
in a renewed body. 

We do not say that man is dead when he rests in sleep 
to partially renew his body. We know that he will awak- 
en with new parts of his body to replace those which 
have served their purpose and disappeared. 

WfetRjTisr 'SayMt hi^"i&"Qem w6eff trte^ 'iir^te~ep 

to partially renew his body. We know that he will awak- 
en with new parts of his body to replace those which 
have served their purpose and disappeared. 

When man's whole body wears out and needs replace- 
ment, he likewise rests in a longer sleep. Man's body is 
but patterned waves of light in motion. Waves disappear 
into the ocean's calm but they reappear. 

The ocean is a part of the idea of Creation. Waves 
express the idea of the power of the ocean but the power 
and the idea are in the calm of the ocean whether 
expressed by waves or not. 

The turbulence of the ocean springs from its calm just 
as the movement of the lever springs from its still ful- 
crum. All motion is a two-way extension of stillness. 

We do not think that the ocean is dead while it is at 



rest in its calm, for we know that it will again manifest 
its power by waves of motion when desire is strong 
enough in it for manifesting it by motion. 

Waves of light which give transient form to a man's 
body are but his body. They are not the man, nor the 
man-idea. The body of the man is an extension of other 
waves of father-mother light in the sun, and the idea of 
man exists in the still Light which centei^ the sun. 

Man can never die for he is omnipresent Light and he 
exists everywhere. Likewise man's body cannot die for 
man's body manifests immortal man, and immortal man 
always has a body in which to manifest. 

This body which extends from the earth disappears 
into the heavens and the earth, but that which disappears 
to sensed man of earth has not ceased to be, for its pat- 
tera_has„bgej]„r^X^r^.e(lM/fiPettlmJt «f'" ^^ =""" »'■" 

This body which extends from the earth disappears 
into the heavens and the earth, but that which disappears 
to sensed man of earth has not ceased to be, for its pat- 
tern has been recorded for repetition. It still IS and will 

The senses of man are not attuned to the rest of the 
cycle of man's bodily journey from disappearance to 
reappearance but man's knowing reaches out over the 
entire cycle and man can know eternal repetitiveness of 
his body when he knows God in him. 

When water disappears beyond the senses as water 
vapor and gases, we know they will reappear as water 
when they have completed their cyclic journey. As man 
knows the Light in him he will as surely know that he 
will return for aeons to complete the purpose of mani- 


festing his Creator as one part of the Whole Idea. That 
purpose cannot be completed in one life cycle, nor in ten 
times ten million life cycles. Man has but begun to 
express the man-idea on this planet. He still has a long 
way to go, and the body he needs in which to manifest 
will return to him as surely as the light of day reappears 
from the darkness of night into which it has disappeared, 


The unanswered mystery of "where do we go when 
we die" needs a comprehensive answer. Abstractions 
and theories are not satisfying. Nature's processes are 
simple and are all alike. What happens to one thing 
which disappears happens to all things. There are no 
WftI\^""i^t?a/J''S CDMjffi?:f?^iKr<^'^nswer. /vosiraciions 
and theories are not satisfying. Nature's processes are 
simple and are all alike. What happens to one thing 
which disappears happens to all things. There are no 
exceptions to this process of Nature. 

All things in this solar system come from the sun and 
return to it. 

The "life germ" for which man is seeking is in the 
sun. The idea of man is in the sun; likewise all idea of 
all things is in the sun awaiting birth into form. The 
pulsing light of polarity boms all idea into its form when 
conditions are favorable for each idea to be mothered by 
an extension of the sun. 

Everything in Nature is a moving extension from a still 
point of the One Light. The center of the sun in our solar 
system is the point of still Light from which everything 


in the entire solar system radiates spirally, and toward 
which it gravitates spirally for its resurrection into 
another cycle. 

The sun is the seed of this solar system from which all 
manifestations of idea in this entire system extend, and 
to which they return. 

Motion is for the sole purpose of manifesting idea. All 
idea springs from a state of rest in its seed. As it unfolds 
from its seed, it refolds into it. It therefore follows that 
motion is a seeming two-way extension-retraction from 
and to a point and has no existence save to senses which 
sense but the extension, and not the voiding simultane- 
ous retraction. 

All the suns of all the heavens are centered by the still 
points of omnipresent Light from which all idea extends 
ous retraction. 

All the suns of all the heavens are centered by the still 
points of omnipresent Light from which all idea extends 
and returns. Suns are seeds of idea. From those seeds all 
form emerges. To those seeds all form returns. 

The earth has been extended from the sun for that very 
purpose. Organic life is part of God's One Whole Idea. 
Organic life cannot be expressed in form in the sun 
although the idea of it is there. Everything which 
appears on earth as form of idea is in the sun as concept 
of that idea in the seed. The seed is the father-light 
which extends its idea of man and other creating things 
out into far space where its children, the planets, have 
sufficiently cooled to manifest the man-idea in organic 


Suns are crucibles which born their children, the 
earths, and set them out to cool in order that God's idea 
which is in the formless suns, can manifest form in the 
sun's extensions. 


The Creator scatters His seeds of light throughout all 
space to father and mother all boming imaged forms of 
His imagining. 

In the still center of suns is all idea for boming into 
the images of God's imagining, but in the oneness of the 
light of suns they are without form and void. All seeds 
are without form and void even (hough the pattern of all 
idea is in thero. 

The oneness of incandescent suns must be divided and 
fiTg^ar 6t'iites'"rfffy 'ai^^Qibrf"f6rife"aLnd vol6.*'?Orseeds 
are without form and void even though the pattern of all 
idea is in them. 

The oneness of incandescent suns must be divided and 
extended to cooling earths before the ideas of the miner- 
al, vegetable and animal kingdoms can sequentially 
unfold to prepare the way for man's unfolding from his 
seed in the sun. 

All expression of idea of earth is likewise in the sun 
and must be extended to earth for manifestation. Moun- 
tains and oceans are in the sun but also, all things else, 
the crying sound of a newborn babe, the roar of an 
avalanche or the street noises of a city. All of these are 
light, and such expressions of the Light are possible 
only through division and extension of the One Light 
into the two which manifest the One. 


Millions of years ago this planet became sufficiently 
far from the sun for the water idea to be expressed as 
pairs of opposites and organic life appeared upon the 
earth in lowly forms. These forms gradually complexed 
until the man-idea began to be expressed, not by a germ, 
but by the polarization of light itself, as manifested in 
the interchanging heartbeat of the father-mother light of 
the universe. 

The idea of ail things is onmipresent in the One still 
Light. The expression of all idea is extended to the two 
lights of white suns and black space surrounding suns 
which manifest the Creator's two desires. 

Desire for expression is manifested by the electric 
action-reaction sequences of interchange between the 
two opposing white and black lights of suns and space. 
It Js.thisj*nteKl]aO?§.^hjPb ntXl^USfJLlh" «+'■" '='"*'^ "^ 

Desire for expression is manifested by the electric 
action-reaction sequences of interchange between the 
two opposing white and black lights of suns and space. 
It is this interchange which polarizes the still seed of 
idea into unfolding form of that idea. 

To polarize means to divide stillness into opposing 
pulsing extensions. It is like extending a lever from a 
fixed fulcrum and setting it in motion to express the idea 
which is in the still ftilcrum. 

In this manner the womb of mother earth becomes 
impregnated with the seed of the man-idea extended 
from the sun, and the first cell of man unfolds from 
mother earth into the heavens toward the refolding light 
of the father. 

This first pulsation of the mother-light which is bom- 


ing God's idea into patterned form is the black light neg- 
ative half of its pulsation cycle. The unfolding mother- 
light which reaches out into the heavens is the black 
light of expansion. Black light is the negative pattern of 
the positive idea of light as expressed by incandescence. 
In other words, black light is expanded, or unfolded, 
white light. Conversely, white incandescent light is con- 
tracted, or refolded black light. 

This is Nature's method of giving formed bodies to 
formless idea. The positive father-light refolds the 
unfolding negative mother- Ught in cyclic wave pulsa- 
tions which man calls "growth," but growth is but a 
moving picture of sequential patterns of unfolding idea 
projected upon the imagined three-dimensional screen 
of time and space. 

L.J^'V&it^lf Q!ri?*C&lt^'"'^iMifif "Mft^-greU/ttfTs-DuTa 
moving picture of sequential patterns of unfolding idea 
projected upon the imagined three-dimensional screen 
of time and space. 

This is the Creator's method of electrically recording 
His One Whole Idea in many electrically sensed multi- 
patterned body forms of matter. 


To understand the meaning of life and death, we must 
know more of Nature's processes, especially those con- 
cerning our body, and the spirit within which motivates 
the body and forever records our constantly changing 
individuality. We must know the basis of our individual- 
ity and the reason for its constant changing. In order to 
understand "what happens after death," we must become 


more hilly aware of Nature's processes which give us 
bodies and take them away to regive new bodies to ful- 
fill Nature's law of repetition. 

Man's electrically sensed body is not the immortal 
man which his body manifests. His body is not the indi- 
vidual to which he attributes his life and Being. His 
body is composed of a few chemical elements borrowed 
from earth and sun to fashion into an instrument for his 

When his body disappears, the individual which 
inhabited that body is not dead. Every body emerges 
from a formless state into a formed one in repeated 
cycles of appearance, disappearance and reappearance. 

All creating things are formless as idea at tbeir 
Source. They then unfold into formed idea through 

cycles of appearance, disappearance and reappearance. 

All creating things are formless as idea at their 
Source. They then unfold into formed idea through 
desire to unfold. This process of emergence from a 
formless state and a return to that state has been going 
on within man's body since its beginning. 

All bodies of all creating things are forever turning 
inside-out and outside-in during their entire cycles. Dur- 
ing a small part of the cycle, bodies are within the range 
of human sensing, but during the greater part of the 
cycle they are beyond that range. At no time during the 
entire cycle are creating things without bodies, or pat- 
terned records of bodies, from which new bodies will 
again spring true to their patterned records. 

Each inbreathing-outbreathing cycle is unfolding the 


form of a new body from an abeady existent patterned 
record. The constant refolding process which man calls 
death is recorded as it refolds for repetition in his next 
life cycle. 

Nature records every action and desire of the body, 
likewise every conscious desire and thought of the soul 
in those cosmic elements which are called "the inert 
gases" — helium, neon, krypton, argon and others. These 
cosmic elements, which will not unite with the physical 
elements, are the basis of God's recording system by 
means of which every thought and action of every creat- 
ing thing is stored in them as seed-extensions from sun 
and earth centers for repetition until their purposes are 

Everything in Nature is purposeful and nothing in 

K^irfi.ffe''fi'kiJlt5"irrtMi//'<fi"&yfi=trA"telfi.iu«s uum sun 

and earth centers for repetition until their purposes are 

Everything in Nature is purposeful and nothing in 
Nature fulfills its purpose in one life cycle. 

Nature multiplies the time dimensions of her light 
waves so that patterned records of forms which have 
expanded beyond man's range of sensing can come 
within that range, then divides those time dimensions 
until they again disappear into the other half of their 
cycle beyond man's range of sensing. 


Man's greatest difficulty in comprehending "what 
happens after he disappears in death" is due to lack of 


comprehension of his immortality which never disap- 
pears. His visible body would be useless if it were not 
centered by his invisible, immortal Self, Soul, or Person- 
Man is aware of himself as an individual, but his con- 
cept of what constitutes his individuality is vague. His 
individuality is what he unknowingly interprets his 
immortal Self to be. His Self, or Soul, never changes, 
never appears or disappears, but his individuality con- 
stantly changes to forever fit the changing concept of 
what he interprets his immortal Self to be. As every man 
gradually comes to know the Light of his Self in him, 
his individuality changes by the constant uplift toward 
that increasing awareness of his centering omniscience. 
As greater awareness of the Light of the Universal 
Self comes to man, he gradually loses his individuality 

and besc>nigs.iPpi;e„tfe4U Jos^'jni^ LSsiUiytipc. .^p K?Jf aid 

that increasing awareness of his centering onmiscience. 

As greater awareness of the Light of the Universal 
Self comes to man, he gradually loses his individuality 
and becomes more that Universal Self. When mankind 
has become fully aware of God in him, the play of man 
on this planet is finished, his purpose fulfdled, and the 
individual man ceases to be. 

Man loses his expression of life in matter- 
eternal life in the Light. 


to find 

"Know thou that divided lights which 
record My knowing are lights of suns, and 
darkness born of suns. All imaged forms of My 
all-knowing are born from dark to light, and 
mirrored back to dark for endless borning into 

"Within still centers of My suns is My all- 
knowing. The still Light of My knowing lights 
of My thinking interchange to manifest My 
knowing in moving forms of My imagining. 

knowing, ifie still Light of My knowing lights 
of My thinking interchange to manifest My 
knowing in moving forms of My imagining. 

"Wherefore I scatter seed of My all-know- 
ing throughout My Kingdom as light of many 
sans, and children of those many suns, to 
father-mother My all-knowing in moving forms 
of My imagining. ■,, 

"And behold! each sun of My divided think- 
ing fathers a whole universe of My imagining, 
giving tight to its unfolding dark, to forever 
quicken dark by light. 

"In this wise all quickened fdea of Me with- 
in heavens of earths and suns unfolds from 
dark wombs of earths to tight of suns, to refold 
within tombs and wombs of earths for reborn- 
ing unto heavens of earths and suns. 

"In this wise is My desire to give fulfilled by 
equal taking of My giving for multiplied reviv- 

"See thou that man well knoweth that I, the 
Father-Mother of My universe, center all his 

' ii 

I ' 

"See thou that man well knoweth that I, the 
Father-Mother of My universe, center all his 
givings and his regivings and measure them 
with watchful eyes to balance them in Me. 

"Say thou to him that his moving is My 
moving, for without Me he can in no wise 
move, e'en to manifest Me in his moving. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 



I r 

■, 1 I' 




The Mystery of 





1 1 f ll n t Ji • 




Gravitation and Radiatiga 


77ie Universe of Being 

"In My universe there is but one form from 
which all forms appear. That one form is the 
pulsing cube-sphere, nvo halves of the heart- 
beat of My dual thinking. 

"All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are 
two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which 
generates, and one for the outbreathing, radi- 
ating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by 
the outward breath to black rest in cold space, 

generates, and one for the outbreathing, radi- 
ating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by 
the outward breath to black rest in cold space, 
and the sphere is the cube compressed to the 
incandescence of white-hot suns by the inward 

"All spheres emerge from the pulsing, 
breathing cubes of space and return to them to 
findfulcrums of rest for re-emergence. 

"Behold, I center one form where it seeks 
rest in Me from the action of My thinking, and 
J envelop that form with its other half where it 
may again find rest in Me as another fulcrum 
for expression of My thinking. 

"These two sexed halves extend from Me 
and return to Me, but they are not Me, nor are 
they two halves of one, for they never can be 
two halves of one. They are always two, and 
never one. Nor can they unite, nor meet, for 
their ways are opposed ways which never 
meyi^o nat^es OJ otie, for tney never can be 
two halves of one. They are always two, and 
never one. Nor can they unite, nor meet, for 
their ways are opposed ways which never 
meet, for each one voideth each in their seem- 
ing meeting. 

"Behold, I am within all things, centering 
them; and I am without all things, controlling 
them. But I am not those things which I center 
and control. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 

"See thou that man knows that each divided 
light of his conditioning, which extends from 
Me to him, is balanced always, for I am Bal- 
ance. And that is Truth and the Law, for I am 
Truth and the Law. 

"Say thou to him: each thing is everything 
and each is everywhere. 

"For I say that all things are the same 
thing, for all things are universal Each thing 
reaches through every other thing to the far- 

"For I say that all things are the same 
thing, for all things are universal. Each thing 
reaches through every other thing to the far- 
thermost star. For this purpose have I set My 
mirrors and My lenses of dual light to attain 
an infinity in My imaged universe in which no 
measure is. 

"And I also say that man 's infinity ends in 
eyes of man where it began. All things in My 
mirrored universe end where they began. Eter- 
nity thus ends in NOW, and Now in Eternity. 

"See thou that man well knows the illusions 
which deceive his sense seeing. Point out to 
him My mirrors and my lenses which curve My 
universe of seeming into imaged spheres of My 
thinking as seed for multiplying One into many 

"Say thou to him: all things occupy the 
same space, and each thing occupies all space. 
All things extend from all things and are exten- 
sions of all things. Likewise I say: all things 
center all things and are involved in all things. 
same space, and each thing occupies all space. 
All things extend from all things and are exten- 
sions of all things. Likewise I say: all things 
center all things and are involved in all things. 

"Say thou these things in words of man 's 
knowing. And say thou that I, the Light, center 
him and all things else, for I am everywhere. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 

"Again 1 say that all things extend to all 
things, from all things, and through all things. 
For, to thee I again say, all things are Light, 
and Light separates not; nor has it bounds; 
nor is it here and not there. 

"Man may weave the pattern of his Self in 
Light of Me, and of his image in divided lights 
of Me, e'en as the sun sets up its bow of many 
hues from divided tight of Me, but man cannot 
be apart from Me, as the spectrum cannot be 
apart from Light of Me. 

*i'\* lyKjf'v 

hues from divided light of Me, but man cannot 
be apart from Me, as the spectrum cannot be 
apart from Light of Me. 

"And as the rainbow is a light within the 
light, inseparable, so is Man's Self within Me, 
inseparable; and so is his image My image. 

"Verily I say, every wave encompasseth 
every other wave unto the One; and the many 
are within the One, e'en down to the least of 
waves of Me. 

"And I say further that every thing is 
repeated within every other thing, unto the 

"And furthermore I say, that every element 
which man ihinketh of as of itself alone is 
within every other element, e'en to the atom's 
veriest unit. 

"When man queries thee in this wise: 
'Sayest thou that in this iron there is gold and 
all things else?' thou may'st answer: 'Within 

"When man queries thee in this wise: 
'Sayest thou that in this iron there is gold and 
all things else?' thou may'st answer: 'Within 
the sphere, and encompassing it, is the cube, 
and every other form that is; and within the 
ctdye, and encompassing it, is the sphere, and 
every other form that is. ' " 

— From The DrviNE Iliad 




II , 

Fig. 1 
Symbol of love extended 
from resl to oiolioo 

God is Light. God is Love. 

God's creating universe is founded on Love. It 
is creating with Light. 

The principle of love is desire to give. God 
gives love by extending His Light. God's love is 
a mirror of Light which reflects His giving of 
love by the regiving of love. 

The law of love is rhythmic balanced inter- 
change between all givings and regivings. 
a mirror of Light which reflects His giving of 
love by the regiving of love. 

The law of love is rhythmic balanced inter- 
change between all givings and regivings. 

The symbol of love is the wave of dual light 
which gives and regives equally and rhythmical- 
ly. This is a dual electric wave universe of inter- 
changing light, (Fig. 1) 

God's Love is everywhere; His Light is every- 
where. There is naught but good in God's omni- 
scient universe. Evil is a product of man's think- 

God extends His love, His power and His 
knowing, radially, from zero points of 
omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the 
measure of His desire to give form to His imag- 


inings. The intensity of desire extended from 
centering points of rest to extended points of 
rest determines the dimension of desire. (Fig. 2) 



The entire mechanical principal of Nature, 
by means of which its light illusions of motion ^'s- 2 

Symbol of power extended 

are produced, is the consequent effect of such from rest 10 res 1 
radial extensions. Because of it, the seeming 
multiplication and division of the universal 
equilibrium into the opposed electrical pres- 
sures of gravitation and radiation, which form 
the foundation of this universe of change, are 
made possible. (Fig. 3) 


sures of gravitation and radiation, which form 
the foundation of this universe of change, are 
made possible. (Fig. 3) 

God's imaginings extend from rest to rest in 
His three-dimensional radial universe of length, 
breadth and thickness— to become the stage of 
space for His imagined radial univeree of mat- 
ter, time, change and motion. (Fig. 4) 

Points of rest, further extended to other points 
of rest, form three reflecting planes of still mag- 
netic Light which are at right angles to each 
other. (Fig. 4) From the center of these three 
mirror planes of zero curvature, God's givings 
are radially projected to six opposed mirror 
planes for reprojection as regivings, to unfold 

Fig. 3 
Tbe radial uoiverse 




Fig. A 

God's projection mirrors 

qf tctioa 



Fig. -'! 
MirfOr planes of reaclion 

■ .• ,' '• \[ V •. 


1 ■ V 

Fig. 6 
The explosive aclion 


Fig. 7 
SimulCfioeoua reactions 

and refold the forms of God's imaginings in the 
curved electric universe of His desiring. (Fig. 5) 


The desire of God to give of His love is mani- 
fested m projected action as an outward explo- 
sion from a centering point of rest acting as a 
fulcrum. The desire to regjve is simultaneously 
"radarred" back from every point of its progress 
to refold the unfolding action. All action in 
Nature is forever disappearing into a mirror of 
its own image of equal potential. (Figs. 5 and 6) 

Every projected action in Nature which is 

Nature is forever disappearing into a mirror of 
its own image of equal potential. (Figs. 5 and 6) 

Every projected action in Nature which is 
simultaneously "radarred" back as a reprojected 
reaction is sequentially repeated as a similar 
echo from its wave field boundary planes of 
zero curvature, (Fig. 7) 

All actions in Nature are outward explo- 
sions — slow actions of growing things, or fast 
actions of released dynamite or atom bomb. 
Conversely, all reactions are inward explosions. 
Actions unfold formlessness into form. Reac- 
tions refold form into formlessness. Actions are 
the basis of radiation. Reactions are the basis of 
gravitation. (pig. 8) 


Every action anywhere is repeated every 
where throughout the universe. As a conse- 
quence, harmonic centers of the same measure 
of desire extend their actions outward from their 
centers toward other harmonic centers. Harmon- 
ic explosions of equal measure thus fill all space 
in God's omnipresent universe. (Fig. 9) 

Outward explosions which meet each other 
cannot be spheres, for all space must be filled. 
Tennis balls crushed together become cubes by 
gradually flattening where they meet at six 
points on curved surfaces. Likewise, outer 
explosions flatten into the six planes of cubes. 

(Fig. 10) 

Outward-inward explosions are resisted at 

explosions flatten into the six planes of cubes. 

(Fig. 10) 

Outward-inward explosions are resisted at 
their maximum in the direction of the six points 
where spheres meet. They are consequently 
deflected to the eight points of least resistance 
which become diagonals of cubes instead of 
radii of spheres. (Fig. 1 1) 

Eight directions of two-way expressed force 
are thus generated which become the basis of 
the octave wave. (Fig, 12) 

Outward-inward explosions projected through 
each other develop two opposed pressures. The 
outward direction divides its potential by 
expanding it radially. The inward direction mul- 

Fig. 8 
Sequential reaction 


Pig. 9 
All action is omnipresent 

Fig. 10 
Repeated explosions meet 



il ' 

Fig. II 
Rcpi^iited explosions com- 

tiplies it by compressing it radially. Thus, the 
two opposite plus and minus equilibrium condi- 
tions are produced which motivate this electric 
universe of two-way motion, give to it its heart- 
beat and produce all effects of illusion caused 
by the interchange of the two conditions of mat- 


Fig. 12 

The cighr two-way dircc- 



Fig. 12 

The eight two-way direc 

cions of force 

Fig. 13 
The cube 

Pairs of interchanging opposed conditions are 
born from each other and become each other as 
a consequence of that interchange, as all oppo- 
sites in Nature are likewise bom. The cube and 
the sphere are the two opposites of form from 

a consequence of that interchange, as all oppo- 
sites in Nature are likewise bom. The cube and 
the sphere are the two opposites of form from 
which all forms of all thin^ are bom. They are 
the only forms ever created, being father-mother 
of all forms. (Figs. 13,14) 

The sphere and the cube both manifest the 
cosmic principle of balance. Their position in 
light waves is in the one balanced position in 
y^ the wave where compression and expansion 
have ceased to oppose each other, which is at 
wave amplitude (known as trough or crest). Car- 
bon and sodium chloride are good examples of 
true cube crystallization. Likewise their atomic units are 
true spheres. Sodium-iodide or sodium-bromide do not 

crystallize in tme cube because of their unbal- 
anced positions near, but not upon, the plane of 
wave amplitude. 

The cube and sphere are one, being two oppo- 
site phases of the same thing. The cube is the 
sphere extended to black coldness while the 
sphere is the cube contracted to white incandes- 
cence. Every true sphere in every light wave is 
an incandescent sun, regardless of its dimen- 
sion. Prolating spheres, such as our sun, are 
becoming incandescent inward toward their centers, 
while oblating spheres, such as our planets, are becom- 
ing cold inward toward their centers. 

The cube is bom from the sphere to fulfill the desire 
of the Creator to produce form by projecting light from 
wfifle olflaling' spheres^ such as' oiii planets) are becom- 
ing cold inward toward their centers. 

The cube is bom from the sphere to fulfill the desire 
of the Creator to produce form by projecting tight from 
incandescence toward the cold dark of the heavens. 
Conversely, the sphere is bom from the cube to fulfill 
the other desire for oneness by reprojecting cold dark 
from the heavens to light in the seed. 

The creation of all forms of matter is an eternal inter* 
change between the father-light of incandescent spheres 
and the mother-light of cold cubes. All forms are bom in 
the direction of the coldness of space and are voided io 
the direction of incandescence. 

Every creating body is set out into space from its cru- 
cible in the sun to cool into the form appropriate to its 
extension from the sun. That is one ha!f of the cyclic 

Fig. 14 
The Sphere 



Fig. 15 

All crystals are cube 



journey of every body from the sun and back to 
it. The other half of the cycle is the return to the 
sun to void the body of its form for the purpose 
of acquiring a new body. Every cycle of motion 
is a journey from heat to cold and back again. 

All bodies are formed by freezing and voided 
by melting. The freezing and melting points of 
all bodies are dependent upon their respective 
densities and electric conditioning. 

The sphere is the clay of earths, the light of 
suns and the formlessness of seed. It is the 
womb from which the clay of earth extends into 
the cube-bound heavens to expand into form, 
and it is the tomb within which all form is void- 
ed for regiving to the heavens as a new form. ' 

wihib'tJ'olTi'Wnien'^fi&'Cfky "of iikfth fexfarasTSito 

the cube-bound heavens to expand into form, 
and it is the tomb within which all form is void- 
ed for regiving to the heavens as a new form, ■ 

Every form in Nature is either becoming a 
cube or a sphere, or is a section of either one. 
Complex bodies are multiples of spheres of 
matter surrounded by multiples of cubes of 
space in multiples of wave fields. All crystal 
shapes are sections of cubes. Their shapes are 
determined by their positions in their wave 
field. (Fig. 15) 

The cubes of space are wave fields which 
bound all interchanging motion between the two 
conditions within it. Motion cannot pass 
through these planes but can be reflected sytn- 


metrically back or extended symmetrically toward the 
center of the adjoining wave field. 

Within each cube field is the curved universe of two- 
way light illusion; and beyond, to the farthest reaches of 
space, is a repetition of illusion from wave field to wave 
field at the rate of 186,400 miles per second. That is the 
speed m which every action-reaction anywhere repeats 
itself everywhere. This illusion of motion gives rise to 
the belief that light "travels." 

Wave field boundary planes of zero curvature insulate 
all effects of motion, which take place within it, from 
every other wave field. Centering the wave field is the 
incandescent sphere which mates it. The potential of the 
entire field is divided equally between its centering 
sphere of multiplied matter and the surrounding space of 
^VSi^^fR^f'Wave iieia. L-entenng tne wave rieia is tne 
incandescent sphere which mates it. The potential of the 
entire field is divided equally between its centering 
sphere of multiplied matter and the surroundmg space of 
divided matter. 

Each mate of each wave field in the universe is bal- 
anced with its opposite mate, even to the weight of one 
electron. The reason why the centering sphere is of high 
potential and its surrounding space is of low potential is 
due to a difference of volume. The centering sphere may 
be a few thousand miles in diameter and its surrounding 
space many millions of miles in diameter; yet they are 
equal, potential for potential, but unequal volume for 

Neither of these mates could sustain its separateness 
of condition unless it constantly interchanged to give all 



of itself to the other alternately in repetitive cycles. 
Spheres must give to cubes of space by breathing out to 
discharge themselves and charge space. Space must then 
regive to spheres by breathing out from itself to dis- 
charge itself and recharge spheres. 

Each short cycle of interchange is accumulated into a 
longer life-death cycle in which solids entirely disappear 
into space and space interchanges its potential to 
become solids. This principle constitutes the forever 
inside-out outside-Ln turnings of Nature by means of 
which all forms sequentially appear, disappear and reap- 

The inbreathing of spheres generates iow potential 
into high. The generative process of Nature is gravita- 
tion. The outbreathing of spheres radiates high potential 

"^Ki:! 1^ d /^^«^ a, v^ 4- 1 ' 

nr> j^t ^T*i*iiir»ii 

The inbreathing of spheres generates !ow potential 
into high. The generative process of Nature is gravita- 
tion. The outbreathing of spheres radiates high potential 
into low. The degenerative process of Nature is radia- 

Multiplication and division of expressed energy into 
the high and low potential of gravitation and radiation is 
made possible by the plan of Nature which causes all 
actions of Nature to extend radially fi-om omnipresent 
points of magnetic Light. 

Gravitation pulls spirally inward from within to wind 
light waves into solids to center space.^ Radiation thrusts 
spirally outward to unwind dense solids into space to 
surround solids. Each is an equal reaction of the other. 
Each becomes the other sequentially. 


Gravitation is the positive electric principle which 
exerts its pressures centripetally toward the maximum 
incandescent points of compression in every wave field. 
It is the father principle of Nature, the integrating princi- 
ple of "uphill flow of energy" which forever balances its 
"downhiU flow." 

Fig. 16 
Tbe Mystery of Otavilation and Radistton^ 

Radiation is the negative electric principle which 
exerts its pressures centrifugally toward its wave field 
boundary planes of magnetic Light. It is the mother 



principle of Nature, the disintegrating principle of 
"downhill flow of energy" which forever balances its 
"uphiJ] flow." 

The Creator extends power of motion to but one half 
of a cycle for each of the two opposite manifestations of 
His desire. Gravity gives a material form to bodies to 
manifest the idea of bodies. Radioactivity gives spiritual 
formlessness to the heavens for regiving to earths as 
formed bodies. 

Gravity begins its half cycle as the inward explosive 
reaction of an outward explosive action, thus fulfilling 
the law that all opposite expressions are bom from each 
other and interchange to become the other. It ends its 
half cycle at a point of rest at the still point of magnetic 
light which centers every material body whether of 


other and interchange to become the other. It ends its 
half cycle at a point of rest at the still point of magnetic 
light which centers every material body whether of 
microcosmic or macrocosmic dimension. Gravity then 
ceases when its motion ceases. 

There is no "center of gravity" in Nature. The center- 
ing Light of every mass is still magnetic Light. Likewise 
the still axis of every vortex is still magnetic Light. 

Radiativity then begins its half cycle from that point 
of rest and ends it on wave field boundary planes of 
magnetic Light where gravity began. Radiativity then 
ceases when its motion ceases. 

Both gravity and radiativity borrow their power to 
find balance in rest at their journey's end from the points 
of rest of their beginnings. They each repay their sepa- 


rate borrowings to the other at every point of their 
respective journeys. Each thus perpetually voids itself 
by giving to the other. At each journey's end, each oppo- 
site cancels itself out by giving its all to the other. It is 
then reborn as the other. Everywhere in Nature each 
action is its own reaction. 

"Death gives to life that life may live; and life gives to 
death that death may die. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 

Every action in Nature demonstrates this principle. A 
ball thrown in the air must start from a point of rest, 
motivated by energy borrowed from the "center of grav- 
ity" of this earth which is its fulcnim. The point of rest 

ball thrown in the air must start from a point of rest, 
motivated by energy borrowed from the "center of grav- 
ity" of this earth which is its fulcrum. The point of rest 
in the thrower's hand is an extension of the earth's still 

As the ball ascends, it decelerates as it pays its bor- 
rowed energy to space, thus charging space with the 
borrowings of earth and equally discharging earth. 
When the borrowing is fully paid the ball comes to rest. 
From that point it must again borrow the energy from 
space which it borrowed from earth to pay for its return 
to earth. Upon its accelerative journey to earth it passes 
each point at the same speed it registered on the upward 
half cycle, thus discharging space and equally charging 
earth to balance all borrowings and payings. 



i' [ 

Fig. 17 

X plus zero equals zbto 

minus X 

All actions in Nature are extension-retractions from 
zero to zero, and back again to zero. All are balanced 
simultaneously and sequentially. This is a zero universe 
of plus and minus zero which never exceeds the zero of 
the One Light from which it seemingly sprang as multi- 


This zero universe of equilibrium demands two 
opposed conditions in order to simulate that which our 
senses interpret for motion and change. These two need- 
ed conditions are plus and minus equilibrium; positive 
and negative electricity. (Fig. 17) 

Plus zero means a credit of pressure borrowed from 

th?.jiQiKt5^UcmUib.uHin. lQ.^QKinr|5?^w\luoj^ 

ed conditions are plus and minus equilibrium; positive 
and negative electricity. (Fig. 17) 

Plus zero means a credit of pressure borrowed from 
the universal equilibrium to compress a large volume 
into 3 small volume. Minus zero means an equal expan- 
sion to balance the borrowed compression. 

A thousand dollars borrowed from a bank is a 
plus condition of credit which is balanced by an 
equal debit of one thousand dollars. The central 
zero represents the bank. The extended zeros 
represent credit and debit. Both are equal but 
opposite. A credit of one thousand dollars 
equals zero. When the credit is paid in part or in 
full the debit is proportionately voided simulta- 
neously with the credit. 

Th^e two opposite conditions of credit and debit cor- 
respond with the two opposite conditions of compres- 
sion and expansion in Nature upon which motion is 
dependent. When an equilibrium pressure is divided into 
opposite conditions from the zero from which both are 
extended, motion between the two becomes imperative. 
They must interchange with each other to void their 
unbalanced conditions. This is the principle of the elec- 
tric current. 

Fig. 18 represents a room of equal pressure. 
Two tants in it are connected with a tube and 
petcock. By pumping all the air out of one tank 
into the other, the two plus-minus conditions 
have been established which make motion 
imperative. Nature always borns each opposite 

into the other, the two plus-minus conditions 
have been established which make motion 
imperative. Nature always boms each opposite 
from the other in this manner. 

By opening the petcock an outward explosion 
will take place in the plus tank. An inward 
explosion of equal potential will take place in 
the evacuated tank. The plus tank will discharge 
part of its compressed condition to charge the 
minus one. The electric battery is the same in 
principle. (Fig. 19) 

In Nature the discharged radiation which 
explodes outward from the sun simultaneously 
explodes inward as gravitation. 



Fig- 18 
Basis of Motion 

Fig. 18 
Basis of MotiOD 


- o + 


Fig. 19 
Equal opposite poteniiats 


Matter and space constitute the two conditions nec- 
essary for interchange of motion diagrammed in Figs. 
18 and 19 with one distinguishing difference. That 
difference is that the two conditions represented by 
the tanks of the compressed aad expanded air and the 
two cells of the electric battery are equal in voiume, 
while bodies of matter and their surrounding space 
are unequal in volume. 

The expanded condition of space is millions of times 
greater in volume than the compressed condition of its 
centering body. 

This explains the seeming mystery of gravitation and 
radiation which causes solid objects to fall toward the 

earth and gases to rise ioward_sp_ace._ _^ 

centering body. 

This explains the seeming mystery of gravitation and 
radiation which causes solid objects to fall toward the 
earth and gases to rise toward space. 

In the electric battery the interchange between the 
two pressure conditions can void both in an explosive 
flash by a short circuit if the wire connecting both cells 
is heavy enough. If a small wire connects both cells the 
interchange takes time to complete the voidance. Each 
condition gives to the other in installments, for the 
wire iS not big enough to void both conditions instant- 
ly. The consequent giving and regiving by the two 
opposite pressures constitute the oscillations of the 
electric current. Electric interchange by installments is 
measured and recorded by waves, and the time element 


of those recordings of interchange are wave frequen- 
cies. They constitute the pulse beat of the electric cur- 
rent. When an electric wire pulses with wave frequen- 
cies of an electric current we say that it is a live wire. 
When it stops pulsing because the current is discon- 
nected we say that the wire is dead, for it no longer 

All Nature pulses in measured frequencies with the 
heartbeat of the universal electric current, as evidenced 
by universal breathing inward toward bodies and out- 
ward toward space. When breathing is switched off in 
man's body by the cessation of interchange between the 
two opposite pressure conditions of matter, we say that 
the man is dead. By solving the mystery of "instalknent 
interchange" between bodies and space one can more 

two opposite pressure conditions of matter, we say that 
the man is dead. By solving the mystery of "installment 
interchange" between bodies and space one can more 
fully comprehend the fact that neither pulse beat, breath- 
ings nor wave frequencies of interchange have any rela- 
tion whatsoever to life, for they relate only to the princi- 
ple by means of which life or energy is manifested by 

The first step in solving this mystery lies in 
the principle by means of which matter and 
space become unequal in volume. 

Fig. 20 represents the electric battery with the 
line AB dividing the two pressure conditions as 
the equilibrium of both. This line represents a 
static equator — a plane of rest from which both 

Fig. 20 

Balaflceii JDlcichange 

between equal conditions 

Fig. 21 
Symmetry of ihc cube 
AB Sialic equator CD 
Dynamic equator 

Pig. 22 
Ititeicbaoge between un- 
equal Dppasites 


Fig. 23 
Curvature increases 


opposite conditions are extended at right angles 
as a dynamic equator — line CD. 

Fig. 21 represents static and dynamic equa- 
tors (or magnetic and electric) at ninety degrees 
from each other. As the two opposed condi- 
tions which extend from these planes of rest 
are equal, the lines of force which connect both 
are as symmetrical to both diameters as though 
reflected by mirrors placed at right angles to 
each other. Such symmetry belongs to the cube 
and sphere alone. 

Fig, 22 represents the electric battery with 
the negative cell much larger than the positive 
cell. The static and dynamic equators will still 
be at right angles to each other but the static 

''"p^iv'iriUv'ieiKM^ 'n,i''eiecidi'^Jtciy *i^ hfl 

the negative cell much larger than the positive 
cell. The static and dynamic equators will still 
be at right angles to each other but the static 
equator will not be in the middle. It will be 
much nearer the positive pole and will be 
curved because lines of force which record the 
measure of interchange between the two oppo- 
site pressures can be symmetrical to the 
dynamic equator only, and not to the static 

Such symmetry belongs to the radial universe 
of cone sections. All dynamic equators are 
radial, and all lines of force of conic symmetry 
are forever changing lo record the forever 
changing potential of dynaniic equators. 


Fig. 23 illustrates this principle which forms 
spheres and creates the illusion which makes 
heavy objects seem to be attracted radially 
toward the earth and tenuous matter thrust radi- 
ally away from it. Line AB shows the curvature 
of the static equator which causes the dynamic 
equator to expand at its negative end and con- 
tract at its positive end into the radii of a cone. 
The outward thrust of radiative pressures 
would curve the base of the cone thus produced 
to correspond with the curvature of its static 
equator, AB. 

Fig. 24 represents a bar magnet which has 
been divided into the two opposite pressure 
conditions of this electric universe by coiling a 
CliaEffSf^ KiU? '•round the bar of steel, thus form- 
Fig. 24 represents a bar magnet which has 
been divided into the two opposite pressure 
conditions of this electric universe by coiling a 
charged wire around the bar of steel, thus form- 
ing two opposed plus and minus electrical vor- 
tices with intensities measured at poles. 

Two nails of equal weight are suspended to 
these poles. It is not magnetism, however, 
which picks up these nails. It is the electric 
vortices which pick them up, for the vortices 
are still effective upon that steel bar even 
though the electrically charged wire has been 

It is the whirlpool motion of the electric vor- 
tex which performs the work of lifting those 





Fig. 24 
Equal intercbange 

Fig. 25 A & B 
tntetdlange bciween un- 
equal volumes 




Fig. 26 

Fig, 27 
Matter is formei) between 
opposite poles in waves 

nails and not the stillness of the poles of mag- 
netic Light. 

If the bar magnet is enlarged at one end it 
becomes a cone. The division into the two 
opposed conditions will still be equal, as in Fig. 
25, but the volume will be so large in one as 
compared with the other that the nail which the 
positive end will still pick up cannot be lifted by 
the negative end unless the nail is ground to a 
fine powder. The negative end will then lift the 
same weight in total but only by dividing the 
nail over the whole volume. 

Before this principle is applied to matter and 
space, it is necessary to correct the general 
impression that the earth is a magnet. By refer- 

Before this principle is applied to matter and 
space, it is necessary to correct the general 
impression that the earth is a magnet. By refer- 
ring to the bar magnet pictured in Fig. 24 it can 
be seen that its poles alone express gravity. The 
earth, on the contrary, expresses gravity at its 
center. (Fig. 26) 

The earth is formed between magnetic gaps of 
its wave as all bodies are formed (Fig. 27). If 
two bar magnets are placed so that negative and 
positive ends are near each other, that still point 
which we call the center of gravity will evi- 
dence itself between the two ends. If iron filings 
are placed in this gap, conditions of gravity sim- 
ilar to those of the earth will be found there. 


Gravity will end and radiation will begin at that center. 
Nails will fall toward it from any direction, as heavy 
objects do on earth, and compass needles will follow the 
vortical directions of lines of force which extend toward 
its poles. 

The analogy between the unequal battery 
cells and bar magnets is now sufficiently com- 
plete to compare them with matter and space. 
In Fig. 28 two bar magnets have been fanned 
out into cones. The weight which the positive 
end will pick up as a solid has to be finely 
divided in order for the expanded volume of 
the negative end to pick it up. 

The essential difference between the two 
opposed pressure conditions of the electric 


the negative end to pick it up. 

The essential difference between the two 
opposed pressure conditions of the electric 
battery and the two of matter and space is that 
in the battery the opposed potentials are equal 
because the volumes are equal. 

In the universal battery of matter and space the two 
opposed conditions are conspicuously unequal. The 
resultant high and low potential contrast each other so 
violently that solid matter "falling" toward the high 
potential of the compressed condition must be divided 
into vapors and gases before the same substance will 
"fall" toward the low potential of the expanded condi- 
tion. A solid bar of iron will fall radially toward the 
earth because both are high potential compressed 


Fig. 28 

Curvature increases as 

potentials divide and 


Curvature increases as 

poleatials divide and 



solids. If divided sufficiently by vaporizing it, that 
same bar of iron will fall radially toward the heav- 

Gravity and radiativity are opposite pressure condi- 
tions of the same thing. Both of those pressure condi- 
tions are in every creating thing. Every creating thing 
can expand to lower its potential, or can contract to 
raise it. Like conditions seek like conditions to find 
balance. Creating things changing their compressed 
conditions to expanded conditions must move to find 
balance in like conditions. That is the sole cause of 
two-way motion. 

Every potential has a balancing potential position 
somewhere in the universe. Desire to find that position 
is in every creating thing and any restraint exerted to 
fwo-waV hifefiSifi. """ '" *'"'' '"" ^''''-'-■"" «"t»«*i5.l 

Every potential has a balancing potential position 
somewhere in the universe. Desire to find that position 
is in every creating thing and any restraint exerted to 
prevent it from moving to find its balancing potential 
can be measured as weight. 

The cause of the radial universe which constitutes 
matter and space lies in the inequality of its two oppo- 
site pressure conditions both as to volume and poten- 

The cause of the universal pulse beat and the breath- 
ing which motivates the manifestation of life in every 
creating thing lies also in this inequality. All creating 
things pulse and breathe just as organic "life" pulses and 
breathes, but that is not life; it is but motion. 


The universe is dual — the still magnetic universe of 
reality and the dynamic electric, radial two-way universe 
of illusion which extends from the static universe at an 
angle of ninety degrees. 

In the dynamic electric universe there are 
two directions — inward and outward radially 
from a still point of magnetic Light to still 
planes of magnetic Light. All motion within 
magnetic wave fields is controlled by the Cre- 
ator. (Figs. 29, 30) 

"For behold, I am within all things, center- 
ing them, and I am without all things, control- 
Uns them. " — From The Divine Iuad 

"For behold, I am within all things, center- 
ing them, and I am without all things, control- 
ling them. " — From The Divine Iliad 

The inward radial direction is North — the 
compressive direction of gravity which multi* 
plies potential by compressing light waves 
radially into smaller volumes of greater fre- 
quencies. The outward radial direction is 
South — the expansive direction of radiation 
which divides potential by expanding light 
waves into larger volumes of lesser frequen- 
cies. (Fig. 31) 

The two directions of the static universe are 

Fig. 29 

Fig. 29 

Fig. 30 


Fig. 31 

The division and mulii- 

plicaUon principle 

Fig. 32 

East and West. They are static because they are 
spherical. They follow curved planes of 
unchanging equipotential pressures, such as the 
contour of the earth or sun or of the orbits of 
planets or floating clouds. East and West do not 
oppose each other. Each arrives at its own start- 
ing point without change of potential. (Fig. 32) 
North and South, on the contrary, diametrical- 
ly oppose each other. They are constantly 
changing. They seek opposite directions, each 
passing through the other in opposite spiral 
lanes; each interchanging with the other as it 
passes; each voiding the other through that 
interchange, and each becoming the other 
because of it. (Fig. 33) 

passes; each voiding the other through that 
interchange, and each becoming the other 
because of it. (Fig. 33) 

East-West spherical planes form the axes of 
light waves from which the dynamic universe 
extends its gyroscopic wave, radially, at ampli- 
tudes of ninety degrees and also its other gyro- 
scopic octave tones at the varying degrees of pres- 
sures where the elements of matter are formed. 

East-West spherical planes are also the ful- 
crums of wave levers which curve gravity as 
they pump high potential into low to expand 
solids into the gases of space, and low potential 
into high to compress light waves into the solids 
of earths. (Fig. 34) 


Incandescent suns of white hot light are bom 
£rom cold black darkness and cold dark space is 
born from white hot suns. 


Fig, 35 
Ugbt comes From darkness and darkness from lighl 

All suns are generated into incandescence by 
two black rivers of evacuated light which flow 
centripetally inward toward their still centers by 
the way of their poles. Conversely, darkness of 
space is radiated from two incandescent rivers 
of white light which flow centrifugally from 
suns' equators. {Fig. 35) 

Fig. 33 

Fig 34 


Thus are the four arms of all spiral nebulae 
formed as two pairs of opposites interchanging 
with each other to become the other two; the 
two black arms belong to gravity and the two 
white ones to vacuity. (figs- 36, 37, 38) 

This electric universe is curved — motion is 
spiral. Where motion ceases, curvature ceases. 
Cleavages between wave field boundary planes 
of crystals separate them into their individual 
crystal forms. Motion cannot pass through 
those planes, for there is naught but stillness 
there. Motion is repeated in all wave fields by 
reflected extension from wave field boundary 

Curvature is imperative under such conditions 
fiw:,Gr'WlSSlln''e5'1iDi^ae5is.LeaGh pthej and_each 
reflected extension from wave field boundary 

Curvature is imperative under such conditions 
for opposed pressures resist each other and each 
must bend to the other to find passage for its 
own expression of force. Motion and curvature 
simultaneously begin and end when opposition 
begins and ends. (Zero in Fig. 39) 

Each wave field is like a separate projection 
machine in which its own curved motion picture 
universe is dually projected upon its self-mea- 
sured zero screen of space. (A in Fig. 39). The 
incandescent sphere of light which centers it 
pictures the forms of desire in the measure of 
desire for manifestation. 

Fig. 38 
The four rivers of light 

Fig. 39 

O-Mirior planes o[ still 


A-Scroen of space for 

(See also Fig. 38) projccled lights of motion 

Fig. 36 and 37 




Fig. 40 

The six wave field 

boundarji planes 

Fig. 41 

The universe of pTojected 





Fig. 42 
Liehi rays ars parallel 
when passing through 
planes of zero curvature 

This curved universe consists of lenses and 
mirrors of light which reflect, bend, curve, 
concentrate and decentrate light into its 
countless forms. Any action anywhere is 
repeated everywhere by and through countless 
mirror planes of wave fields and the lenses of 
space. (Figs. 40, 41) 

Concentrated spheres, such as the earth and 
sun, are surrounded by layers of light of equal 
pressures. Clouds float around the earth in 
them. The reason they float in curves parallel to 
the earth is because of these spherical equipo- 
tential planes of pressures which curve as the 
earth curves. 

Curved pressures of light act as lenses to mul- 
tiply and divide _lightx3dia)llY-JjAStlUa.v^^t'^ 
tential planes of pressures which curve as the 
earth curves. 

Curved pressures of light act as lenses to mul- 
tiply and divide light radially. Light rays which 
pass through curved planes concentrate toward a 
point when projected through light lenses of 
space in the convex direction and decentrate 
when they pass through in the concave direc- 
*'""■ (Figs. 42, 43) 

Gravity and radiativity are accounted for by 
this fact. Every object which falls toward the 
earth falls radially toward its center because 
of this fact. No two men who stand upright in 
balance with gravity stand parallel to each 
other. Lines drawn through the feet and head 


of any two men standing in either hemisphere 
would form a cone with its base in the heav- 
ens and its apex at earth's center. Rain falling 
vertically from a cloud falls conically. The 
area of the base of the cone in the cloud is 
greater than its conical measurement on the 
earth (Figs. 44, 45). The electric potential of 
rain increases as it falls because of the multi- 
plication of pressures by the lenses of light 
which surround the earth. For the same reason 
a man weighs less as he ascends a mountain 
and regains it when descending. Light lenses 
subtract from his potential by multiplying its 
volume while he ascends and multiplies it 
while he descends by subtracting from its vol- 

subtract from his potential by multiplying its 
volume while he ascends and multiplies it 
while he descends by subtracting from its vol- 

Curvature of light wave axes, by contrac- 
tion or expansion between planes of zero cur- 
vature is the cause of all pressures; all pat- 
tern; all of the attributes of matter, such as 
density, tenuity, melting point, brittleness, 
conductivity and countless other effects 
which are voided when curvature ceases in 
planes of rest in wave field boundaries, or in 
points of rest around which motion rotates 

Fig. 43 

Light rays are radial 

when projected through 

spherical planes 

-i— ^ 



Fig. 44 
No iwo veriical lines ate 

t'^ ^^ ^ 

Fig- 44 

No two vertical lines are 

parallel in this radial 


Kh static equator 


Fig. 45 

Rain falling vertically 

forms cones 


Fig. 50 

AA Birth of electronic 



Fig. 3U 

AA Birth of electronic 


Fig. 51 

Spiral Mates. Units of 

electric current 

are bom where centripetal and centrifugal spi- 
rals meet. Matter registers the potential of the 
position of its birth. For that reason it floats in 
eqnipotential orbits appropriate to its position 
in its wave field, together with all units of its 
system. In the electric current, electronic sys- 
tems are bom where the familiar loops of force 
occLr around a charged wire (Fig. 50). Figs. 51, 
52, and 53 diagram electric systems forming at 

The spiral is an incompleted sphere just as 
crystal forms are incompleted cubes. Spirals 
and crystals have individuality which they lose 
by voidance in the oneness of spheres and 


and crystals have individuality which they lose 
by voidance in the oneness of spheres and 

Individuality is given bodies for the purpose 
of manifesting separateness and multiplicity. 
Individuality, separateness and multiplicity are 
then voided in oneness. 

Individuality in every creating thing is a 
moment to moment record of its unfoldment 
and refoldment. It is the fruit of cosmic desire 
for creative expression. It begins when the 
cycle begins, ends with its ending, and repeats 
itself in each cycle until the entire cycle of 
any expressed idea is voided in its comple- 


TwO'Way sex-conditioned spirals are the con- 
summate individuals of all Creation. They con- 
dition all bodies with the condition of their bod- 
ies. They unfold all idea from stillness of Mind- 
knowing into moving form of Mind-imagining 
and refold it into the stillness of Mind-knowing. 
They are the electric workers which fulfill 
desire of Mind by interweaving threads of light 
into patterned forms and recording those pat- 
terned forms in the still Light which centers 
every spiral pair, as the axis of a cone centers 
the cone. , 

The one centering axis of both spirals is the 
shaft upon which the dynamic universe rotates. 

All motion rotates and revolves upon still cen- 

the cone. ^ 

The one centering axis of both spirals is the 
shaft upon which the dynamic universe rotates. 

AH motion rotates and revolves upon still cen- 
tering shafts, and all shafts are two-way exten- 
sions of points which lead to and through cen- 
ters of spheres. 

The familiar wave line which records all 
effects of motion controls those effects. One can 
record that wave line but is not aware of the fact 
that it is the power extended by the Creator in 
the measure of desire for power. 

The wave line is a record of the amount of 
energy borrowed from its static equator to 
express any mechanical process, such as the ^ 
vibration of a harp string, the pulsations of an 

Fig. 52 
Atomic systems forming 

Fig. 53 

AA Atomic systems 


BB Wave shaft 


Fig. 54 


Fig, 55 

AB — Tbe shaft of eailh 

and moon 

AB— The shaft of earth 
and moon 


Fig. 57 
A^The measure of en- 
ergy barrowed. B^[ls 

Fig. 58 

A — is i credit. B — is an 

equal debit 

engine, the cardiogram of one's heartbeat, or the 
pattern of an earthquake, as recorded by a seis- 
mograph. (Figs. 54, 55, 56, 57, 58) 

The shaft of a wave is a line drawn through 
every point upon the surface of a wave-dis- 
turbed ocean in a vertical section, where water 
and sky meet. Around the still shaft of the wave 
all motion of the wave spirals to interweave the 
patterns and forms of desire. 

All spiral forms must have intense individual- 
ity in order to express such amazing varieties of 
form and pattern. (Fig. 59) 

The inside-out outside-in turnings of all creat- 
ing forms is due to the gradual unfolding-refold- 
ing principle of Nature. This process is con- 

Viftilrdifo-ijan^ftl.""' — '■'"'" ^{tiglSy) 

The inside-out outside-in turnings of all creat- 
ing forms is due to the gradual unfolding-refold- 
ing principle of Nature. This process is con- 
trolled by spiral pairs which are motivated by 
still centering shafts of magnetic Light. 
Opposed pairs of spirals gradually expand cen- 
trifiigally to planes meeting at static equators to 
complete the unfolding half of a cycle. They 
then contract as the opposite of what they were 
to complete the other half. During the entire 
journey they continue without reversal of direc- 

A clockwise spiral is always a clockwise 
spiral during its entire centripetal journey to 
its apex and its centrifugal journey to its base. 


The opposed pair which rotate upon the same 
shaft are anticlockwise, for both are projected 
through each other. (Fig. 60) 

The characteristic unfolding-refolding, 
inside-out outside-in principle of Nature causes 
the integration of matter at poles and disinte- 
gration at equators. Matter integrates by the 
contraction of one pair of spirals around the 
shafts which wind it into spheres by the way of 
their poles, and disintegrates it by the expan- 
sion of the other pair which unwind it by way 
of equators. 

The pair of spirals which wind light waves 
into spheres continue that winding until holes 
are bored through spheres and rings are formed, 

of equators. 

The pair of spirals which wind light waves 
into spheres continue that winding until holes 
are bored through spheres and rings are formed, 
aided by the centrifugal force exerted by the 
expansion of the opposing spirals. 

Rings are the "death" half of the cycles of 
spheres. Rings recondense around points in 
space and rewind as spheres. The majestic ring 
nebula in Lyra (Fig. 61) is an outstanding exam- 
ple of the disintegration process of Nature. The 
ring exemplifies the "death" half of the cycle 
and the newly formed sun at its center the "life" 
half. A new body has been born out of the old 
one as it expanded into the heavens, 

The heavens abound with new bodies appear- 

Fig. 59 
Various patterns of wave 
shafts recording bor- 
rowed energy 



Fig. 60 

Directions of spiral 

raolion never reverses 

Fig. SI 
Ljra ring nebula 

Fig. 61 
Lyra ring nehula 

Fig. 62 
Owl nebula 


ing fi-om old ones which have disappeared into another 
forai. The Owl Nebula demonstrates this principle by 
two rings and two stars reborn from them. (Fig. 62) 
The rings of Saturn will become moons, just as its 
other rings have become its several other moons. Our 
own moon was born from a ring from earth as it 
expands its bulk by absorbing its oceans, and accelerates 
its rotation as all of the outer planets have done. 

(Fig. 63) 

Fig. 63 

Jupiter is even now developing belts which will be 
thrown off as rings, to become moons. These moons wiU 
become comets and eventually plunge into the sun as all 
things in this solar system likewise do. 

Fig. 64 illustrates the unwinding process by means of 
which moons free themselves from the bindings of their 
mother shaft to again seek revolution around the shaft of 
their beginning in the sun. 

owourt EHREcneH 

AH liMlftlOM or 



lb ThciM rmnMfv Mjun 



r auT M neujtTiHiv 

AH liLu&ioH or 
nitiTWH or unumi 



Fig. 64 


Disintegration of suns and planets by radiation is 
accompanied by flattening at their poles. Spheres come 
into being by prolating and go out by oblating. Ever 
increasing speed of rotation around shafts is the cause of 
this phenomenon. Inner planets rotate very slowly upon 
their own shafts because they are so close to their moth- 
er shaft in the sun, but they revolve very swiftly in their 
orbits around the sun. (Fig. 65) 

Mercury, our own moon, and Phobos, the inner moon 
of Mars, are so close to their mother shaft that they are 
obliged to revolve swiftly, with the same face always 
toward thek primary. The outer planets have so far bro- 
ken away from the influence of their mother shaft in the 
sun that their years have materially lengthened, their 
days conspicuously shortened, and their faces are con- 
?6'Wll'(ilheirprOTiaryr'l*fl?"o\ftdl''pfSireis nave so rar oro- 
ken away from the influence of their mother shaft in the 
sun that their years have materially lengthened, their 
days conspicuously shortened, and their faces are con- 
stantly changing in relation to the sun. 

Cyclones, waterspouts and tornadoes develop on our 
earth when spirals tighten around their shafts, for the 




-.-- s 

' ''*»»SSSnO**\ 

Fig. 38 
As poles flatten equators lenglbco 



DPI*05ED ciecrnic forces far extendld 






"hi wi:jvcrc~i(i<rtf (HI *i ft* A^ p^ri 

e*T^ l|gtn«rJ.UiAca^l.};r-n^{nit|. 


^tHfl:^ rTrnLfjCt^t^vi »rP^ A:^ ^Q^-ei 

t*rgy it^wri.cJiAc^i^t.i.r-n^cafill. 

''*^l^/J?^5f'^H?. ^* 5PEED MULTIPLIES 


more they thus contract, the greater their speed. When 
spirals are so wide at their bases that their angles to the 
earth's surface are negligible, there is calmness and 
peace; but when they contract to thin pencils which 
furiously speed around centering shafts of magnetic 


Fig. 66 

Tig. 67 


Stillness at ninety degrees to the earth's surface, they 
then do inestimable damage. (Fig. 66) 


The heartbeat of the universe, starting from zero of 
rest, spirals from its minimum to its maximum and back 
again to zero, in four pairs of opposite actions and reac- 
tions. These four pans of opposite electric interweavers 
constitute the universal spiral octave wave by means of 
which the dynamic universe of effect rises from the stat- 
ic universe of cause. (Fig. 67) 

The octave wave formula which governs all motion, 
and its birth position in the universal wave, is as follows 
in Fig. 68: 

xx^ uui^v^ii3\y uj. t"UUOt:.* 

t,rig. o/j 

The octave wave formula which governs all motion, 
and its birth position in the universal wave, is as follows 
in Fig. 68: 






Fig. 68 
Two-way journey from zero— througi zero— to zero 

Zero to four means the centripetal direction toward the 
apex of the spiral, which leads to higher potential, densi- 
ty, gravity and the white heat of incandescence. Four to 
zero means the centrifugal direction toward the base of 


the spiral which leads to lower pressure, lower potential, 
vacuity, radiativity and the black cold of space. Each of 
these is half of a cycle. 

The reason an octave cannot be counted from one to 
eight, instead of from one to four, is because each of the 
pressures — which bear the relations of one to four posi- 
tive in the octave — is a credit pressure, which has its 
equal opposite debit pressure in one to four negative. 

The elements of matter, born on the spiral pairs of 
opposites as tones, have the same relation as tones of 
music have to the octave wave. 

All wave motion is expressed in eight tones — four 
pairs of opposites. The middle pair is seemingly one. 
The octave is usually expressed as seven for this reason. 
An octave is a series of orderly harmonic tones. Tones 
arejnultiplied^amt divided .pressures , of .1 i.ghtj„SDaced 
pairs of opposites. The middle pair is seemingly one. 
The octave is usually expressed as seven for this reason. 
An octave is a series of orderly harmonic tones. Tones 
are multiplied and divided pressures of light, spaced 
rhythmically with mathematical precision upon each 
octave wave of motion. The law which applies to one 
effect of motion applies to all, whether sound wave, 
electric current, color spectrum or octaves of elements 
of matter. 

No state of motion has permanence or even duration. 
Everything is forever in a state of transition, changing 
its position in its wave by either multiplying or dividing 
its vibration frequencies to change its conditioning. 

The basis of all octaves is the keynote of rest from 
which the octave springs to express the idea which lies 




within the magnetic stillness of that keynote. The ful- 
crum of the wave of musical octaves is its keynote from 
which all tonal changes in the octave are mathematically 
calculated in wave frequencies and volume. That 
keynote is always in one's consciousness whether the 
note is being sounded or not. It is the balance of its 
octave. All tones are out of balance with it at ail times 
and forever desire balance. No state of motion can evade 
the keynote of rest from which it sprang, nor can it be 
separated from it electrically in matter — or consciously 
in Mind. 

No matter what instrument produces octave tones, its 
frequencies and other dimensions must be in the orderli- 
ness demanded by the opening and closing spiral pairs 
which control those tones by conditioning them. Like- 
wise, np_ matter. wl}aLIlieJn§liJi^JgOL.»'bgth?t toj>^ ftf 
frequencies and other dimensions must be in ttie orderli- 
ness demanded by the opening and closing spiral pairs 
which control those tones by conditioning them. Like- 
wise, no matter what the instrument, whether larynx of 
man, string of violin, carbon wave field or color spec- 
trum, its sole motivating power for producing change of 
dimension for the purpose of producing change of tone 
is electric pressure directed by desire and borrowed 
from the keynote of the octave's stillness. Furthermore, 
all power thus borrowed for one expression in any 
octave tone must be in balance with the opposite of that 
tone within which those borrowings have been debited. 

This outstanding fact of natural law must be borne in 
mind in considering those principles as applied to the 
mechanics of the universal wave which produces the 

PerioJicity is a characteristic of all phenomena of nafaire 


■ ■aft 

The nine ocuvei of Ike elemMls or msller minifest the polirizilion piincipU for producing 

- ' -^^ - - -vQuators arise by 

stages to diSftppCci 111 .i.tii luiri. ^«ir..a "^t ■^^•"^ .-»p^--, ." --- 

niiy. Thus do all bodies ippeir and disippesi— to again reappear — forever. 

Fig. 69 
One !>f Ihe two (.-onipleted M«miclecE tablj^ of ihc elements whicli Wiilter RusseU gave to tlw wOtU of science 
in l%6. 

The Russell Periodic Table of the Elements 



tim Am m Kti ntM 

octave wave tones of the elements of matter with such 
precision that any effect produced by any of them in 
combination, or separately, wIU produce that same effect 


An invariable characteristic of Nature is to express 
life-death cycles of any idea. In nine lesser interweaving 
cycles enfolded in the one. When we think of man as an 



. , X MOCTAVE V^^ 

Fig. 70 

The atber of ihe Iwo charts given [O (he world liy Walter Russell in 1936. 

Fig. 71 
Tlte universal nine octave cycle 


idea, we think of him as grown up to ftillness of middle 
age. Until then, we think of generating man as infant, 
child and youth. Following his generating cycles come 
the degenerative ones in which he gradually repays all 
of his borrowings from his zero of rest and returns to 
that zero to again borrow power to re-express the idea of 
man. (Fig. 71) 

This process of Nature, which expresses its cycles of 
idea in nine lesser cycles, is conspicuously present in the 
life-death cycles of the elements of matter. Carbon alone 
expresses the idea of matter. All the nine octaves of the 
elements are stages of unfoldment and refoldmenl of 
carbon. The first four and a half octaves lead to the 
maturity of carbon by the generative contraction of 
gravity. It is the hardest of all of the other stages of its 
elements are stages of' unfoldment and retoldnieni ol 
carbon. The first four and a half octaves lead to the 
maturity of carbon by the generative contraction of 
gravity. It is the hardest of all of the other stages of its 
transition, having the highest melting point. The last 
fom- and a half octaves lead from maturity through old 
age to disappearance at the end of the nine octave cycle 
by the radiative expansion of vacuity. (Fig. 70) 

Genero-activity begins at the birth of carbon in the 
first octave with genero-active, inner explosive speed of 
light which is 186,400 miles per second. It ends with an 
equal radioactive, outer explosive speed. This speed is 
the limit at which motion can reproduce itself in curved 
wave fields before reaching zero where motion and cur- 
vature cease. 

Carbon fulfills the plan of the Creator in His desire to 



Fig. 72 
Octave pressure relations 

,A...V..4.. l^..^ ^_^ JTn.... 


._l y^__i_. 

Fig. 72 
OciBve pressure relalians 

create but one form: the cube-sphere. Carbon alone 
crystallizes in true 6ube, with all of the qualities of the 
true cube and sphere fully exemplified. All other ele- 
ments which crystallize as cubes are octave extensions 
of carbon. AH such extensions occupy the four- zero-four 
position of wave amplitude, 

In carbon are all of the elements of its previous 
stages, just as in man are all of the actions and reactions 
of his previous stages. Hydrogen is a one octave 
younger prototype of carbon. It forms on the wave 
amplitude at four-zero-four just as carbon forms at 
four-zero-four one octave ahead. In hydrogen is a 


whole octave of elemental tones. Several of these have 
been recently discovered and wrongly named isotopes. 
Isotopes are split tones such as those which a violinist 
could produce between full tones. 

An amazing thing happens at this point in the unfold- 
ing of carbon's life record. Hydrogen's melting point is 
259 degrees below zero centigrade and in one octave 
the winding up process of nature acts like a whiplash at 
its halfway position where genero-activity and radioac- 
tivity meet as equals. This effect tightens the winding 
of carbon into such a dense substance that the melting 
point jumps to 3600 degrees above zero in that one 

Nature immediately counterbalances this accelerative 
action by dropping nitrogen, the next element beyond 


Nature immediately counterbalances this accelerative 
action by dropping nitrogen, the next element beyond 
carbon, into a gas which melts at 210 degrees below 
zero centigrade. It does not recover from the gaseous 
condition during the rest of its octave. 

The cosmic seed of the carbon octave is helium. 

Silicon is one octave older than carbon. The melting 
point of silicon drops to less than one half of its younger 
stage: 1420 degrees. 

TTie cosmic seed of the silicon octave is neon. 

When carbon becomes still another octave older at the 
four-zero-four position of cobalt in the sixth octave, it 
divides its full tone into ten split isotope tones; five on 
either side. (Fig. 70) 


Carbon at this stage has lost much of its vitality and 
changes its character by thus dividing it into cobalt iso- 
topes. Its melting point has dropped to 1480 degrees, 
which is slightly higher than the silicon stage of carbon. 
Because of sharing that position with ten others it has 
lost much of its true cube-sphere quality of balance 
which the four-zero-four position manifests. 

The evidence of that is the metallic quality of cobalt 
which would be impossible in the true cube-sphere posi- 
tion of four-zero-four in the octave wave. 

The four-zero-four position is one of balance between 
the pairs of metallic opposites such as iron and nickel, 
manganese and copper, chromium and zinc or sodium 
and chlorine. When any of these pairs lose their metallic 
quality, such as iron and oxygen in iron rust, or sodium 
the' paira of metallic opposites such as iron and nickel, 
manganese and copper, chromium and zinc or sodium 
and chlorine. When any of these pairs lose their metallic 
quality, such as iron and oxygen in iron rust, or sodium 
and chlorine in sodium-chloride, they find both rest and 
balance in the stony quality of the salts; they crystallize 
in the cubic system if they are equal or near equal oppo- 
site pairs. Sodium-chloride is a good example. One can 
see its approximately true cubes in sodium-chloride 
(ordinary table salt) or in the distorted cube crystals of 

The four-zero-four position in the octaves of the ele- 
ments is the position of rest where any action must end 
its half cycle and begin its odier half. It comes to a point 
of rest before returning to a point of rest, as all actions 
and reactions in nature do. 


At one octave of still further aging, carbon becomes 
rhodium and again climbs to its amplitude position at 
four-zero-four by five efforts and descends by five 
more. Rhodium is more vital than cobalt, for its melting 
point is 1950 degrees. (Fig. 70) 

The cosmic seed of the rhodium octave is krypton. 

Great vitality is often evidenced in Nature's creations 

(^@o®© gj 

Fig. 73 
Cycle of Ibe elements troin resi lo resi 

after they have fully matured. The radioactive death 
principle is as vital in disintegrating the body as the gen- 
ero-active principle is in integrating it. That vitality is 
enhanced by the opposition of the genero-active resis- 
tance set up against it. Such strong, vital metals as sil- 
ver, nickel, copper, tantalum, tungsten, osmium, plat- 
inum and gold belong to the aging half cycles of carbon. 
Tantalum is a radioactive metal which becomes so 
dense because of opposition between the two electric 


conditioners that its melting point reaches 3400 degrees 
centigrade, or within two hundred degrees of carbon. 
Osmium follows with a melting point of 2700 degrees 
and platinum at 1755 degrees. In this octave, the violent 
drop from carbon's melting point to nitrogen's melting 
point at minus 210 is balanced by this corresponding 
genero-active reaction. 

In the next octave of carbon's aging, the radioactive 
death principle becomes more evident in lutecium. After 
reaching its three position in the positive half of its 
octave, it arrives at its balance position of four-zero-four 
only after making thirteen efforts, as evidenced by thir- 
teen isotopes including unknowns.^ These are balanced 
by thirteen in the negative half cycle. Among these thir- 
teen is the vital tungsten, a negative metal of great com- 
oiily" after making tliirte'en efforts, as evidenced by tliir- 
teen isotopes including unknowns.' These are balanced 
by thirteen in the negative half cycle. Among these thir- 
teen is the vital tungsten, a negative metal of great com- 
mercial value. By bombarding this metal with a suffi- 
ciently high current to cause it to disintegrate, it will dis- 
charge its seed of inert cosmic gases just as an oak tree 
wiU discharge its cosmic seed in acorns. 

The cosmic seed of the lutecium octave is xenon. 

The cosmic seed of carbon's last octave of disappear- 
ance arises from the inert gas niton.'' Octaves unfold 
from their past recorded seed and they must have a seed 
into which their present record can refold. That principle 
is absolute in Nature. 

Radium and actinium evidence the going-to-seed 
process of all completed cycles of growing things in a 


Strong measure. One can see this process taking place in 
radium without resorting to the electrocution process 
referred to as applied to tungsten. 

A small telescopic instrument, the spinthariscope, 
contains a needle upon which a microscopic portion of 
radium has been placed in front of a fluorescent 
screen. By looking through its lenses in the dark, one 
can see the shedding of the cosmic seed of the slowly 
dying carbon in its radium stage as the rays of those 
cosmic seeds bombard the screen. The effect is beauti- 
ful, like looking into the heavens on a starry night 
with all of its stars twinkling into appearance and dis- 
appearance as fireflies twinkle in the meadow on a 
dark night. 

Carbon never comes within perception at tomium, but 
wi thrall of its stars twinkling into' appearance ariddis- 
appearance as fireflies twinkle in the meadow on a 
dark night. 

Carbon never comes within perception at tomium, but 
its efforts to reach tomium are evidenced in the uranium 
group of isotopes, of which there are fifteen before 
tomium is reached. Out of this group several have been 
found and made use of, especially those from which the 
atom bomb has been produced. (Fig. 70) 

Radioactivity has so nearly reached its maximum at 
this point thai the speed of the cosmic seed shed by 
these isotopes has been measured at 180,000 trules per 
second, which is approximately the speed of light near- 
ing its ending point at tomion where the octave again 
begins at alphanon. 



The octaves of the elements of matter "grow" from 
seed, just as all things grow from seed. From the 
moment the elements unfold from their seed, they are in 
a constant state of transition, from the beginning of their 
cycle to the end. Elements are not fixed created things. 
They are pressure conditions of light waves. Those con- 
ditions of light pressures are constantly changing from 
infancy to old age in the elements of matter just as they 
are in the animal kingdom. TTie inert gases are cosmic 
elements which will not combine with any other ele- 
ments. They constitute the recording system of this cre- 
ating universe. They surround the zero from which 
motion springs and to which it returns. They represent 

mmmuis «'ffl?cfl"viTi/hfur'efjrni)i\T£ -veirrsf/^'dtfi^f Pig- 
ments. They constitute the recording system of this cre- 
ating universe. They surround the zero from which 
motion springs and to which it returns. They represent 
minimum motion in the wave, just as amplitudes repre- 
sent maximum motion. They are the seeds of the octaves 
of matter, and each octave has a different seed just as 
different trees have different seeds. 

Elements are waves, and waves disappear and reap- 
pear. God's recording system does not allow any creat- 
ing thing to disappear without recordmg the actions and 
reactions of its stages of appearance. All states of 
motion are recorded in the inert gases. In the inert gases 
are the souls of their bodily manifestations in the uni- 
verse of motion. In them is desire for expression and the 
patterned form of thai desire. 



The cosmic inert gases fill all space between the stars 
of heaven. They insulate states of motion from each 
other by their balancing zero. They bring all motion into 
being through the will of the Creator, true to the pattern 
of desire. They are the source of balancing cosmic rays 
which interchange between zero and matter. They vital- 
ize matter with the omnipotence of creative desire which 
lies within the zero of these cosmic rays. 

There are nine cosmic gases; the first and the last 
being one. AJphanon begins the cycle and ends it. There 
is no beginning and no ending. 

The list of cosmic gases follows: alphanon, betanon, 
gammanon, *helium, *neon, *argon, *kTypton, *zenon, 
and * niton. ■ 

gammanon, * helium, *neon, *argon, * krypton, *zenon, 
and *niton.* 


The known octaves which lie within the range of per- 
ception are five and one half. These begin with the third, 
or hydrogen octave, and end with the uranium group 
which are isotopes of actinium and tomium in the last 

Indicates those known. 


The invisible octaves of finely divided matter of space 
are three and one half in number. These octaves are 
beyond our range of perception, but they are not beyond 
our knowing.' 

Light is the universal language. Through spectrum 
analysis of light waves man has been able to analyze 
and recognize each element when in its incandescent 

By means of the spectroscope, he has been enabled to 
divide light rays (hrough its prisms into the component 
parts which make up the life history of each stage of its 
two-way cycle. 

Each element tells the story of its entire previous 
"incarnations" in other octaves, since its beginning. Any 
line in one octave is repeated in the next, but shifted in 

TOyJway'^fyci^i!" '^*' '^^ "*—"' * — -u — - 

Each element tells the story of its entire previous 
"incarnations" in other octaves, since its beginning. Any 
line in one (x;tave is repeated in the next, but shifted in 
position because of the changing pressiu'es of each suc- 
ceeding octave. 

The spectrum of hydrogen is preponderantly red. A 
bright red line indicates its present octave. Other red 
lines teU its past history in lower octaves. 

The simple history of hydrogen, as compared to the 
complex spectrum of iron, is like the history of an 
obscure youth as compared to that of Napoleon. 

In the spectrum analysis of iron, the lines which belong 
to iron and those which tell its recent and remote history 
can be seen at a glance. These lines also indicate the rela- 
tive ability of the iron atom to chaise or discharge. 


Wave leagth 7181.8 is immediately recognizable as 
belonging to iron in its present octave; 6916,8 is recent 
history and 6944.8 is extremely remote history. Herein 
follows a partial list of lines v/hose wave lengths belong 
to iron or to its immediate mid-tone associates, and also 
other lists indicating its recent and its more remote his- 

















































The visible and invisible spectrum is divided into sev- 
eral thousand lines. Each line is different in its shade of 
color and in its plane. Each line proves that this universe 
of varying motion is a universe of varying pressures. 


Fig. 74 
ReUtton of toaes of the elements to tones of the spectrum 


The elements of matter are not different substances or 
different things. They are different pressure conditions 
of light waves. The light units of the elements are all 
alike but are riifferenflv cnnHifinneH hv the. p.leftnr nrps- 

The elements of matter are not different substances or 
different things. They are different pressure conditions 
of light waves. The light units of the elements are all 
alike but are differently conditioned by the electric pres- 
sures exerted upon them during the inward or outward 
spiral journey from zero to zero. 

The unanswered mystery of how the elements become 
mathematically precise octave tones, just as musical 
tones or color tones of the spectrum are mathematically 
precise in vibration orderliness, lies in the wave field 
gyroscopic principle. 

Together the eight elements of an octave form two 
halves of one whole cycle of tones which ascend from 
zero to the four-zero-four position of amplitude and then 
descend again to zero to begin anew. 


This spiral journey contracts into greater pressures as 
it approaches wave field amplitude positions at spiral 
apices, and expands into lower ones on the return jour- 
ney to spiral bases. 

That two-way spiral journey of each half cycle 
extends between six mirrors of still Light which com- 
pose the wave field, and winds around a still shaft which 



Fig. 75 

Locations of elements on wave fields ate deterinioed by 

wave-field mirrors 


centers the spiral. Three of these mirrors are the mirrors 
of action and three are the minors of reaction. (Fig. 75) 
The three of action are the inner intersection planes of 
the cube and the three of reaction are the outer boundary 
planes of the wave field. 

All of these planes of the wave field are of zero curva- 
ture, but the spiral universe which is forming within 
those planes is curved. Curved planes of light act as 
two-way lenses which bend light to focal points and 
extend it from those focal points radially. 

As the two-way spirals of forming matter extend from 
the wave field center in opposite directions toward wave 
field intersections, the six mirror planes of still light 
focus three points of still light upon the still shaft of 
each half cycle. Centers are formed at these focal points 
JKl)ictlhP«, twp.ihree.ppsitive and negative 
field intersections, the six mirror planes of still light 
focus three points of still light upon the still shaft of 
each half cycle. Centers are formed at these focal points 
which become the one, two, three positive and negative 
elements of matter by rotating gyroscopically upon the 
wheels of light which act as equators for those homing 


Multiplying and dividing pressures determine the den- 
sity and volume of each succeeding element. The color 
spectrum records these pressures as the complete history 
of every element from octave to octave of the whole 
nine octave cycle of the elements. 

Multiplying pressures of the spiral also affect the cur- 
vature of its light lenses to such an extent that the focus- 
ing positions change their mathematical ratios m confer- 


mity with the acceleration of gravity and the decelera- 
tion of radiation. 

The positions of focal centers of gyroscopic wheels 
upon the wave shaft are thus affected as diagrammed 
in Fig. 76 and Fig. 72. Each element is the square of 













E^f ^ 



' ^ '*'''"* J ^4^£3p 













Fig. 76 
The oclave gyroscopic principle 

the distance to and from its succeeding one, in accor- 
dance with its direction. The direction of gravity is the 
inverse square, and the opposite direction is the direct 

The volume of each succeeding element is likewise 
affected directly and inversely as the cube. 


Six of the eight gyroscopic wheels of the whole octave 
are thus accounted for by geometric projection of two- 
way opposed lights through each other, from two sets of 
three mirror boundary fields. The fourth double tone is 
formed at the rest point where eight cube wave fields 
meet. This is the point of rest which is known as the 
center of gravity in earths or suns — where motion and 
curvature cease. 

The completed sphere thus becomes a section of eight 
adjoining wave fields and revolves around that point of 
rest upon the wave shaft where the two half cycles of 
the wave meet. 

For this reason the four-zero-four position is one of 
balance in which the yellow of orange is the dominating 
color of one of its two gyroscopic wheels and the yellow 

For this reason the four-zero-four position is one of 
balance in which the yellow of orange is the dominating 
color of one of its two gyroscopic wheels and the yellow 
of green is the other, centered by white. 

At the two points upon the still shaft of the turning 
sphere where the shaft penetrates its surface are the 
magnetic poles of still Light which control the balance 
of each sphere's turning. One of these is the north mag- 
netic pole which controls the winding of the sphere into 
density by centripetal electric force, and the other is the 
south magnetic pole which controls its unwinding cen- 
trifugally into space.'" 

In a sphere such as our nearly mature sun, these 
magnetic poles are practically upon the sun's pole of 
rotation, but upon oblating planets, such as oui earth. 





the magnetic poles are removed from that pole of rota- 
tion in accordance with the measure of the earth's 

The elements of matter are miniature stellar systems. 
Every principle and law which applies to one applies to 
the other. This solar system is a gyroscopic wheel in the 
position which iron occupies in the elemental series. 
When it spirals a little further it will correspond to a car- 
bon atom." The sun will then be a tme sphere and its 
new planets will also be true spheres. 

The gyroscopic principle accounts for that law of 
Nature which causes like elements to seek each other. 
All decomposing compounds are sorted out, element by 
element, gyroscopically. 

The efforts of man to transmute one element into 

All decomposing compounds are sorted out, element by 
element, gyroscopically. 

The efforts of man to transmute one element into 
another must be governed by this principle, and not 
upon the theory that another substance will be obtained 
by "knocking out one electron." It makes no difference 
how many planets there are in a solar or atomic system 
in so far as its "substance" as an element is concerned. 
One or more added or subtracted would not change the 
element into another substance any more than one or 
more children would affect the nationality of their par- 

Transmutation will become simplified by observing 
that the plane of gyration, in relation to amplitude, and 
the speed of revolution of the gyroscopic wheel upon its 

still shaft, will alone change volume by either multiply- 
ing or dividing density. 

Great possibilities in new metals lie in the proper 
application of this principle. 


This ageless universe has no shape. It has a seeming 
infinite extension, but that extension is a reflected one. 
This electric universe of two-way extended light is but a 
series of mirrors which reflect into each other through 
curved lenses. Its seeming extension might be likened to 
a light within a mirror-bound room. 

One light within such a mirrored enclosure would 
seemingly extend infinitely, but the light thus mirrored 

a light within a mirror-bound room. 

One light within such a mirrored enclosure would 
seemingly extend infinitely, but the light thus mirrored 
would be the same light. The reflected extension would 
have no reality. 

The idea of continuity or discontinuity is based upon 
mirrored effect of an initial Cause. Continuity infers 
time. Time is but one of the effects which constitutes 
this universe. Time flows two ways, but the senses 
detect only the forward flow. They cannot detect the 
backward flow which cancels out the forward flow. 
Time is as unreal as the wave universe is unreal. 

What is true in principle of one wave is true of all 
waves. Each wave is a two-way reflected extension of an 
equilibrium zero which we call a vibration. Vibrations 


appear, disappear and reappear from their source of rest 
to manifest idea which is existent alone in rest. Just as 
the vibration of one wave disappears into its zero of uni- 
versal stillness, so do all vibrations disappear into the 
universal zero of stillness. This zero universe of vibrat- 
ing waves can have no shape other than a seeming one. 


This is a zero universe of seeming mechanical motion 
of force exerted in a seeming three-dimensional uni- 

Every action of any nature begins with zero, counts up 
to nine, to end and begin again at zero. Beyond nine it 
cannot go, but up to nine it must go. Nine is universal- 
Nine is universal because it is the wave field num- 

^'-Ev^yififffM ifi 'JMy-Kfiitiftf Bfegffit '»ifit^63ft)',"catifir§'tii5 

to nine, to end and begin again at zero. Beyond nine it 
cannot go, but up to nine it must go. Nine is universal. 

Nine is universal because it is the wave field num- 
ber — the eight of the cube centered by the zero of gravi- 
ty in the sphere. 

Our decimal system is based upon the wave field of 
the cube sphere. It is as follows: 

equals 10-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9- 10 

The musical scale and the spectrum of Nature 
correspond to the wave field tones. They are as 


musical 0-1-2-3--4- 0-4-3-2-1-0 
tones do - re - mi - fa - sol - rest - so) - fa - mi - re - do 
(Keynote) (Overtone) (Keynote) 

spectrum bl^k red ted orange yellow while yellow gicen blue blue black 




Fig. 75 demonstrates this fact. The three centering 
planes are centered by zero. All intersections of these 
planes add up to eight. Eight, centered by their zero 
source, equals nine. Likewise the cube itself adds up to 
eight by counting the intersections of its six faces. Also 
there are eight directions of action and eight of reaction; 
each eight being four pairs, which are nine by adding 
the centering zero. 

Nine is the three times three of length, breadth and 
height extended from zero. The length, breadth and 
height of any expression is two extended zeros centered 
by zero. (Fig. 2, p. 219) 

Length and breadth are static, for they are both on 
equipotential levels. Height is dynamic, for it is radial. 

The universal nine of matter and space is three mirrors 
by zero. (Fig. 2, p. 219) 

Length and breadth are static, for they are both on 
equipotential levels. Height is dynamic, for it is radial. 

The universal nine of matter and space is three mirrors 
of rest, centered by rest, from which all three extend at 
right angles to each other, each mirroring itself into the 
other. (Fig. 75) 

The universal nine of the octave is four pairs of 
opposite pressures extending diagonally from zero 
which centers the cube to eight zeros which corner the 
cube. (Fig. 75) 

The measure of extension from zero to zero is 
desire for extension. Desire for extension from zero 
to zero is energy in zero. Energy extended from zero 
to zero is manifested by pressures of desire equally 
multiplied and divided — equally added and subtracted 


— equally credited and debited — -and equally and 
oppositely conditioned. The sum of all these balanced 
effects is zero. (Fig. 75) 

Zero pressures equally multiplied and divided are 
manifested by the action and reaction of motion. 
Motion is a projection of the opposed energy pressures 
of desire from within a centering zero to the extended 
mirrors of rest, which measure desire and mirror it 
back to rest in the centering zero as expressed desire. 
The sum of dually reflected motion thus expressed is 

Zero thus extended by action to fulfill desire for 
expression, and simultaneously mirrored back to mani- 
fest the fulfillment of expressed desire, is all there is to 
this universe of rest. Zero multiplied or divided — added 

expression, and simultaneously mirrored back to mani- 
fest the fulfillment of expressed desire, is all there is to 
this universe of rest. Z^ero multiplied or divided^ — added 
or subtracted- — extended or retracted — results in zero. 
This is a zero universe in all effects of motion — a seem- 
ing universe in time and sequence — -and a mirage uni- 
verse of imagined form. 

It is a universe of two negations which simultaneously 
cancel each other and sequentially repeat the cancelling 
of their negations to create the illusion that zero can be 
multiplied — or divided — or added to — or subtracted 
from — to create a reality which never is nor can 
become. (Fig. 75) 

That is what Creation is. It is the imagining of knowing. 
Knowing is Light. Light is still. Imagining is thinking. 


Thinking is the imagined action and reaction of motion 
mirrored from zero of rest to zero of rest. 
This is a still universe of the Light of knowing. In it is 

no activity. 




Fig, 77 
Opposite ictioiis simtillaneousty void each other 

But what about our senses? Our senses tell us other- 
wise. Our senses are inadequate. They deceive us might- 
ily. And that is good, else the play of Creation could not 
be played. The senses record but little of the whole. If 


the senses could but see the whole there would be no 
play. The senses record motion alone for the senses 
themselves are but motion. Motion is an illusion which 
only seems. It has no being. 

The senses do not know, but man believes that his 
senses do know — and in that belief lies man's confu- 

The senses, being but motion, sense moving things 
and moving light mirrored as moving things. They sense 
the forward movement of an airplane piling up compres- 
sion ahead of it — but they do not record the mirrored 
invisible counterpart of that plane — equal to it in poten- 
tial and speed — moving backward into a vacuum behind 
the plane which simultaneously voids the compression 
ahead of it. 

invisible" cotihteipart'^df that plane — equal to it' in poten- 
tial and speed — moving backward into a vacuum behind 
the plane which simultaneously voids the compression 
ahead of it. 

This inadequacy of the senses to record the backward 
flow of forward moving things — causes the illusions of 
sequence and of time. 

In Fig. 77 this principle, diagrammed by arrows 
extending two ways from every element in the whole 
known series, indicates that integration is simultaneous- 
ly balanced by disintegration. No time interval elapses 
between the debiting of any credit extended to opposites 
in Nature. 

Fig. 78 diagrams all matter as pairs of opposite condi- 
tions. Each line is connected with its opposite mate. 
Each of the pair is a negation of the other one. Each pair 


Fig. 78 

This universe of mailer is composed of pairs of negalions 

which never exceed zero 

is conditioned as the two tanks of air in Fig. 18 and the 
storage battery in Fig. 19, on page 231, are conditioned. 
Each one of these elemental pairs is an equal and oppo- 
site mirrored extension from a centering zero fulcrum. 

The fulcrum of all effect is the One Light of 



"Every action is voided as it occurs, is repeated as it 
is voided, and recorded as it is repeated. " 

— From The Divine Iliad 



Waller Russell shows here that sensed observation can resull in incom- 
plete vision and incomplete scientific laws. He points out that Newton 
based his law of gravitation on his observation of what gravity did to an 
apple, while admitting he did not know what gravity was. Newion did 
not sense the whole cycle of the apple in lime "falling" up to the heav- 
ens as it disintegrates and reverses potcnlial. 

Walter Russell states that Newton's mathematical formulae, written to 
prove that the moon would fall into the earth if its motion were stopped, 
applies to "every satellite, planet and star in the heavens, as welt as to 
every electron in every atom, none of which are falling into their pri- 
maries." Walter Russell implies thai Newton's laws of gravitation were 
incomplete, ll is obvious from the Russell cosmogony that the moon can 
never stop its motion, nor can any of the other bodiM that move around 
their primaries stop moving. They do not fall because they are always 
seeking arsd finding, losing and refinding their potential positions in 
their movements. If they were to stop their motion, they and all the UjjI- 
verse would disappear. If they were to stop their orbiul motion and 
move inward or outward, to or from their primary, there would be a 
counterbalancing movement from their primary to balance this change 
of pattern unto Ihe furthermost reaches of the Universe. 

Inyl New Concept of the Universe (pp. 50-52), Walter Russefl takes up 
this subject again. He says that Newton concluded the moon has wei^t 
in relation lo the eanh similar lo how a cannon ball has weight to the 
earth. This assumes that the moon had to have an "initial impulse" to 
keep it rotating around the earth to keep it from falling into it. Russell 
concluded that Newton's belief that weight is a fixed oropenv of matter 
w jjaitcrii uuto me lunnerrausi reacnes oTtne uwverse. *^ " "' "—'^ei 

\nA New Concept of the Universe (pp. 50-52), Walter Russell takes up 
this subject again. He says that Newion concluded the moon has weight 
in relation to the earth similar to how a cannon ball has weight to the 
earth. This assumes that the moon had to have an "initial impulse" to 
keep it rotating around the earth to keep it from falling into if. RusseU 
concluded that Newton's belief that weight is a fixed property of matter 
instead of an ever changing property of ever changing polarity was the 
result of sensed observation. See reference to this note on page 46 in 
Ihii third edition of The Secret of Light. 

Walter Russell in all of his later writings spoke of gravity as being a 
thrusting inward from without. For example, in Atomic Suicide? this 
concept is expressed in various ways, as on page 134: "Bear in mind the 
fact that you are compressing from the outside inward," and on page 
135, "There is no force of any nature which holds tl together by an 
inward pull. Nature does not attract nor does it repel, ii compresses 
within a vacuum." He also expresses Ibis idea on pages 89, 104-105, 
138-139, and 145. In the Hotne Study Course this idea is expressed on 
page 719: "The word 'magnetism' is also unjustifiable. The word 
GRAVITY should be used instead, for gravity both multiplies and 
divides by thrusting inward from without to compress and outward from 
within lo expand." This viewpoint is explored in considerable detail on 
pages 719, 724-727, and 733-735 of the Home Study Course. 

On page 10 oiA New Concept Of The Universe RusseU says. "One of 
these two electric conditions thrusB inward toward a center to create a 



centripetal vortice to simulate gravity. On the other side of the dividing 
equator, the other condition thrusts outward from a center to create a 
centrifugal vortice to simulate vacuity." On page 40 the idea is 
expressed as, "An outward explosion compresses in advance of the 
direction of the action and simultaneously evacuates in the opposite 
direction. The following half of the cycle is in reverse. The evacuated 
condition becomes a compressed one, and the compressed condition 
becomes an evacuated one." This idea is expressed directly and implied 
in many other pages throughout A New Concept Of The Umverse. See 
references to this note on pages 149, 185, 189. 226, and 227 in this edi- 
tion of The Secret of Light. 

All motion— whether electric, light wave, or any kind of motion — 
always occurs between a cathode and an anode. Movement front cath- 
ode to anode occurs In an inward bound, centripe tally directed maimer 
towards more density and greater mass at the anode. All motion in this 
direction is compressive and contracting. Movement from anode to cath- 
ode occurs in an outward boimd, centrifugally directed manner towards 
greater tenuity at the cathode. All motion from anode to cathode Is 
extensive and expanding. Reference to this note appears on page 167. 

Editors' note regarding the nine octave periodic chart (as of 1994,) 
There were elements predicted by Waiter Russell as unknowns in his 
1926 charts (hat were discovered prior to this date that he was unaware 
of. These elements, their discovery dates and octave positions are: 
Hafnium (1923) in Ihe eighth octave at Ihe third locking point, thir- 
teenth isotopic position on the bine spectral side: and Rhenium (1925) 

Editors' note regarding the nine octave periodic chart (as of 1994.) 
There were elements predicted by Walter Russell as unknowns in his 
1926 charts that were discovered prior to this date that he was unaware 
of. These elements, their discovery dates and octave positions are: 
Hafnium (1923) in the eighth octave at the third locking point, thir- 
teenth isotopic position on the blue spectral side: and Rhenium (1925) 
in the eighth octave, third locking point, tenth isotopic position on the 
blue spectral side. 

Piotactiniutn was discovered in 1917 and Walter Rttssell named this as 
Uranium Xlt in his 1926 charts. This element occurs in the ninth octave, 
third locking point, second isotopic position on the red spectral side. 

There were elements predicted by Walter Russell in his 1926 charts that 
were subsequently discovered after 1926 and before publication of The 
Secret Of Light in 1947 whose discovery at that time he was still 
unaware of. These elements, their dates of discovery and octave posi- 
lions are: Technetium (1937), seventh octave, third locking point, fourth 
isotopic position on the red spectral side; Francium (1939), ninth 
octave, first locking point, on the red spectral side; and Astatine (1940), 
eighth octave wave, first locking point on the blue spectral side. 

Note that each octave runs from Inert gas keynote lo the next inert gas 
keynote with the amplitude element at the center of each octave. For 
Instance, gammanon is the keynote for the hydrogen octave with hydro- 
gen as the amplitude clement, so the octave runs from gwimaoon 
through carbogen and helionon to helium as the next carbon octaves 




keynoie. The ociaves are designated by the vertical brackets to the sides 
of the element names and the amplitude elements are designated by 
their names and the horizontal lines running through these amplitude 
positions. Reference to this note appears on page 262. 

3. There are thirteen isolopes, if you consider and count the unknown ele- 
ment between neodymium and samarium on the positive or male, fed 
hair of the cycle; and there are thirteen isotopes on the negative or 
female, blue half of the cycle counting the two unknown isotopes 
between lutecium and (antaltun and between tungsten and osmium and 
if you also count two more isotopes that Walter Russell says in a note at 
the right side of these isotopes must exist between lead am) bismuth. 
See reference to this note on page 269. 

6. Niton, discovered in 190S, is now known as radon. See pages 2£9 and 272. 

7. The visible octaves may be considered to be five and one half in num- 
ber if one ignores the three known elements of tbe third octave; and the 
unknown and invisible elements of the last half of the ninth octave. Tbe 
last half of the ninth octave is considered to be part of the first, invisi- 
ble, space octaves. It precedes the first full octave which tKgins with the 
keynote inert gas alphanon. See page 272. 

8. The invisible space octaves beyond our range of present perception may 
be considered three and one half in number if one considers I) the last 
half of the ninth octave to be pan of the first, invisible, space octaves, 
and 2) ail of the third octave elements to be unknown, though only four 
elements are yet undiscovered- Tbe last half of the ninth octave includes 
the elements tomion, alberton, blacton, and boston. The four yet 
keynote inert gas alphanon, bee page III. 

8. The invisible space octaves beyond our range of present perception may 
be considered three and one half in number: if one considers 1) the last 
half of the ninth octave to be part of the first, invisible, space octaves, 
and 2) all of the third octave elements to be unknown, though only four 
elements arc yet undiscovered. The last half of the ninth oaave includes 
the elements tomion, alberton, blacton, and boston. The four yet 
unknown elements of the third octave are cartiogen, luminon, halanon, 
and helionon. The three known elements of this octave are hydrogen, 
ethlogen (deuterium) and bebegen {tritium.) See page 273. 

9. Walter Russell's reference source for the spectral lines for iron came 
from An introduction To The Study Of Spectral Analysis in Ihe Cata- 
logue of Spectra, pages 185-2^6. Authored by W. Marshall Watts D.Sc., 
B.Sc. F.LC, published in 1 904 by Longmans Green and Company, 
London, and printed by William Clowes And Sons, Limited, London. 
Present scientific texts have different standards and different spectral 
readings for iron. See reference lo this note on page 274 of this book. 

10. In all other places in his works, Walter Russell speaks of tbe north and 
south magnetic poles as both being charging poles that wind the sphere 
into density by centripetal force. He also later removed the term mag- 
netism in relation to what we normally call the magnetic field, saying 
thai this too was electric motion. On page 30 of A New Concept of the 
Universe Rus.sel! says, "Radiation is an electric effect. It is not magnet- 
ic." And again on the same page he says, "There are no magnetic lines 

of force in Nature." The term magnetism was reserved tot the "still- 
ness" of the "Zero universe of mind knowing." 

On page 27 of A New Concept of the Universe Russell says, "Tliesc two 
points of stillness where electric motion reverses from one opposite pres- 
sure condition to the other are what science calls magnetic poles. The 
office of magneuc poles is to balance and control all electrically-divided 
motion in the universe. ...All electricaliy-divided matter, ... is controlled 
by a still centering point of magnetic light." In this view all effects that 
science normally calls electric and magnetic he chose to call electric. 

This corresponded to his change in describing gravity. He also named 
electricity and gravity as One. He called gravity both the inward and the 
outward du-ected electric motion, saying il was a thrusting inward from 
without and a thrusting outward from within. See note number one. 

In this way he unifies what is normally called gravity, radiation, elec- 
bicity and magnetism as the same entity or process. In one phase it is 
inward bound, compressing, heating, charging and contracting; in the 
other it is outward bound, extending, cooling, discharging, and expand- 
ing. On page 715 of the Home Study Course , the Russells say, "Cre- 
ation must henceforth be looiced upon as AN OPTICAL UNIVERSE 

On page 31 of A New Concept of the Universz be says, The curvature 
of gravitation is centripetal. It is controlled by the north-south magnetic 
poles." And, on the same page he continues with, ''The system of radial 
curvature is centrifugal. It is controlled by two as-yet-unknown magnet- 
ic poles which will amply be described later as east- west poles." 

Cft-ofiAvrnccxJNTRDtaifeiraGfn".". ."''■■ ""'" '"'"" ' ""- ^"^ 

On page 31 of j4 New Concept of the Universe he says, "The curvature 
of gravitation Ls centripetal. It is controlled by the north -south magnetic 
poles." And, on the same page he continues with, "The system of radial 
curvature is centrifugal. It is controlled by two as-yet-unknown magnet- 
ic poles which will amply be described later as east-west poles." 

Therefore, we could rewrite the sentences this note refers lo on page 279 
of The Secret Of Light as follows: At the two points upon the still shaft 
of the turning sphere where the shaft penetrates its surface are the north- 
south magnetic poles of still Light, which along with the east-west 
equipotential circumferential poles of still magnetic Light, control the 
balance of Ihe sphere's turning. The north-south magnetic poles control 
the winding of the sphere into density by centripetally directed genera- 
tive, electric force of gravity, and the east-west poles control its unwind- 
ing by the centrifugally directed radiative, electric force of graviiy." 

[n this way the statement conforms to his later vision of how he termed 
magnetism, radiation, and generation: Magnetism resides in the stillness 
of the zero point center of the pole-shaft (the still magnetic Li^t of 
Mind); radiation exhibits the outward electric thrust of gravity; and gen- 
eration exhibits the inward electric thrust of gravity. Reference to this 
note appears on page 279. 

1 1 . After ^Mahttg fiirther. utm will caires{xind lo a cobah atam m the csbon ampli- 
tude position. See page Wd. 


KcclcniiDn of gTBvily 16^,278 

action of any nniure begnn wirfi leo 282 

Action, ei£hi dirccijons of 2B3 

acticm, mimm of 2T7 

•ctinn, Dutw^ expFoKivc 228 

ActltitK. voSunUf^ and ijivoUmtxiy 57 

1^ cf the unJverK 46 

i^cuuniv^rw 28 1 

■mpHtudc 129, 144. IJ8. 166. 188,222, 

22 J, 240. 265. 268,271. 275. 276. 

AntpLLtudea Rpntcnl saxctiuun ikhkn] 

37 1 
■node t66, 1«7 

ut MbalanodiftUvm^ 104 

ulofmuuc 40 

HlmCEphcrt 119.120,^70 

■I0in Kk23,4«.6S,76,r68.2l7,n0i 

2ZZ, 270,273. 275, 2»0 
Man bcsnh 220, 270 
tiom, CAfton 280 
itoriK I6H.222.275.^!«> 
uofnicvinKWi? 275 
«loniic &yfiietn 163,280 
mtm ]4, N4, 153. 155, 156, 157, 1H 


TO 155 
MuiKRU ftf ma[Eer 245 
iwarcncss h KNOWING 72 
awreibCK.^ oE Cll^^ervel] effects; El«tnc 

awuiuKss of Ibc Lh^l af che univerak 

Self 90,206 
nvcoeaofftheSpihl 23^89 
inrtraKBS, new 5 

^3 — ■■" "" 


UirirKdetoTmaUef 245 * 

■wfljHitt* a KNOWING 72 
awvEOOKpf ofafie»«feff«tt, Bectric 

jwinenen tif the UgM at ibt uQkyersal 

Self 90. 306 
2w&rcns& of Iha Spirit 23, ^9 
awareneu, new 5 

uJK aj, 108, 129, [5B. )66.22S,249 
viiscifactHMcenlEn tHccoH 249 
utu. roUlicHn upon 85 
uis, wave 12^. 166 

tnckwud flow of rorw«d mflvtn^ Ihlngi 

hklHKC eveiy unbolinced JKtKm 908 
bildJiKC han been siuincd by te«t 120 
hftlsncc in fix imivE«e 107 
tutliincc in voiidA<Ke 131 
B&bintt li the foundafion of che uolvcne 

BALANCE is Ehe princtpk of uniiy IM 
tuUnoe, cubc-sphcrc quility ot 267 
biluicc, ^r-z^rD-Tour ptKitjon is one of 


t06JO7. 109. 150. I83,21B 
biJifii:ed aibit 107 
bilsncinacoinTuctsyL joimof 272 
bftitn; U9J20. 157. 182. 231, 232. 233. 

234, 237, 287 
Beamy 3,30.31,47 
hting in (be lighi 27 
firing. InLjjhiis 98 
Being. Unjvcneof 211 

experience 27 
black hol« 127,199 
fiUck ii«tri ^ tn^ 'Xi\ til 

hoUsiUK Tomxa by ficoiinf ukI voidsl 

bf melfinf 324 
botUo. cotiBCioiuiKKi ui never in 72 
body ccUi «kHK wtl! work fivnl the 

mtirory of purpow given to them (A 
body 'fcU-s ire elecincALly nwa^ of ihdJ- 

mechHTiistic purpa^ea 62 
body ii. noi Self 3[> 
body's It taEicinithip lo Ihe univcnic 7^ 
body, eletirk; fi«[lcneiofihe 73 
body. hkcaJing proccssofthc 6S 
train 3, 4, 5, 23. 34. 42. 45, 56, S7. 58. 

bnin. ebctnc reconfinB mechanism 57 
bfulbes universe V A whole 177 
brea&ini 1 1 , 62. 99. \O0. 109, 120. t27, 

173. 174. 176, 177. 178.204,212. 



aiboR 168, 1 70, m 247, 260. 264. 2AS. 

266, 267, 263, 269. 270, 280 
Ciibon flkiM crvEUf lizet in Iruccvbc 265 
fl^aiii 166,167 
celt 3, 4. 17. 25. 31, 43, 45, 58, 62. 65, 


231, 234, 237, 294 
ccfltej-of^vity 154,*, 

cenuiing. fiilcnim of knowlodgC 38 
ceMirring Self 4. 5, IS 
centering ttfo 283.284.287 
c^tiKn, hiUTocmic 131 

centnfag&t force 25 ( 
ccflcnfueil reaclion 145 

center of gniviry 154. ifi3. 170, 229. 229, 

236. 279 
(xitierin^ fulcrum of knowlcdgf 3S 
centering Self 4, 5, 15 
ceirtcrins ccro 2S3. 2S4. 287 
center^ harmonic 221 
cffllrifugal 1^,145.227,241.246.247, 

ccmrifi^l farce 251 
ctrBrifueal reaction 145 
Ceimifugtl ipinJi 246,247.1*8 
ccmriwl^ 123, F45.227.Z41,24<l247. 

ocmnpetal elecirrc force 279 
ceouipetal spiTali 246. 247, 248 
ccnrri petal s^iuah wind light waves inta 

sptwtia 246 
Chinge. lEIuikm of the teioa dii£ to 

moiMMi 7S 
chKK 73,73, 118, I »9. I a). 133. J 24, 

153. 165. 166, 167.176,182,226, 

23J. 235. 24^ 269.273 
charging (he AVlti 167 
fhrnnistry J6, 136 
children llO; 134. 140, 174, 200. 201. 

207. 2B0 
OjCjCK. cosmic 209 
clockwijce spiral U alwiiys aelodtwise 

ipiral 2,W 
cold 4.'iibc wave^fieldi of Epace 124 
cold dork space 241 
jxild generates 188 
co1dofsp«x 13^.259 
mldhpwrc 170.188.189,212 
cokl tpace friU ben i Hadi hole rhititi^ 

iheiun 189 
Gotii, heal freipn ™ld hy compiHiing 136 
coldness btick 223 
colkgede£r«£ 59 
cotrt- 15,50.51.79. 166,179,259.260. 

274. 275. 277, 379 
color qiectnHn 51,259.26(^277 
Goh^TtoncA 375 

oamprexiiori, compnuint J09, 1 19, 125. 

136. 127. I35.I36,|&,^6S,173, 

1 T7, 1 88, I M, 222. 227. 230, 23 L 

conipn«kw ind npaitska 109, 1 19. 

comprcssjor and expanjiion oinqol unite 

lahKomtoflc t35 
gumpres&kHt i» turn rr«h expsnuon 125 
compcRjuon. nule coodillon is one of 

ODfnpfcK&ivedireciioiiorgnvity 239 
coricave 244 

concenirale. concenlration 49. 68. 69, 244 
conoeniralivc thinking 144 
concept *li.3L3S.39.157.20O,206 
cortcepi tfiasl precede ks ra±oifBiHio(r 31 
condactiviiy 245 
iyXK 234, 235, 236. 237, 245. 249 
cffiifiuion 23.43.71,163,164 
conic ^.ymrntfry 234 
coosciont, msume thai bodietccafe ioIk 

consciDOAncKs 2, 3, 4. 5, 18. 30. 21, 23. 

15, 27, 28, 34, 35, 45. 58, 7 1. 72, 2fiO 
comciouEness is never m bodia 72 
conKioufioeu. mistaking iKtt&iEion miA 

dtiitking For 7 1 
continuity 2,61.83, 106.281 
conEinutE]r of the universe 106 
contracled mass ] 83 
QOnlracting 40WI1A] ]klil]]ia£ 156 

conETKiion isuppos£illy hea[& 187 ' 

conEnciion, Gencrat'ton mwt pncolB 

convei; 244 

cocli. enpamuon 187,188 
c oop e r a tion with God 69 
contrAet^ nnBAs IE3 
conifactin^Klowanl^lillneu 156 

contiaction suppOAjdly heaa 187 
txm&a^ktn, Genention niu*l prccfidA 

convcK 144 

cocpEs, eKpaniion ]fr7. 388 
coopcralkfn wiEh (jod 69 
Coamic CwMciousoesH 27.28 
nam k elements which witE itol dor^JMne 

wJih^ya^hcreMvnis. iKftgues 

art 271 
coSETtoii 27, 33, 34 
Cretlioa 3. 6. 12, 1 3. 16, 19, 23. 30, 3 } . 

37. 51 . 52. 65, 67, 68, 69, 77. 79, ^. 

85.98.99. 106. 108. 1 10. 113. U4v 
118,119, E21. 132, 14^, 15S. 174. 

1%, 1*7, 2fll. 223, 249. 268, 2B4. 


OF 201 
Creaiion, symtvl of B3 
Oxator sii, 10. 12. 19,32,37.45,65.67. 

69, 39. 108, 1 13. : IS, 136. 173. 177, 
1 79. 1 99. 30 1 . 202, 203, 223, 328. 

139, 149. 264, 272 
i;:redi[& And dcbfts halancc eich odwr 128 
crests becfflTM trouglii 108 
CT^-M^I tiz^ijo^. cube 222 
CT^?uh hiive Ln^LVLduality. SpEr^ Afld 

cube 124, 174, 2 12,217,22*. 222, 223. 

224, 215. 226. 234, 246. 247, 248, 
265. 267, 2n, 271. 27*. 2B2, 2S2 
cube and s^ihcrc sie vne 323 
cube boundiry plants 247 
cube cryfiUilliziJiQn 222 
cube u Mn fram tbe sp^urv 223 
cidK sphere 233 
cnbe, Caibofl alone cryrfalliie* in t™ 

cubC' sphere qtuliry or ba^JUKC 267 
ciibo. Ccnirifugal itpirols unwind spheres 

jnlLO 246 
ouho, CTfilsi foniK atxl ihap» 224, 24S 
ci^icf. ekmenUi which cryiullizc 9S ^63 

cubK. ifwther'lt^of cold- 223 
cubs, (Hwne^ o^ spheres and 24$ 
cuncnt. clKiiHc 4,61,72, 160. 167. J73. 

ciffVBluit xLi. 15.^, I6Z 169. 219. 220. 

225. 235. 243, 245, 364, 277. 279 
Curvuiire ends Jt pluies of nrv curvanm 

Cutv^Iur: ur Ihght Nvavc ue& 245 
curvfltute of space xii 
cycle of Ihc elcfncntii 277 
cyclfof tunc* 275 
c^cEe. fundamenlalA of evciy 129 
i:jck. IptnTftthinEHmirbfcaihing 10* 
cycles of appcarajKC, disappn^Bnct and 

mppcarvJCC 204 

cydcj ftfidca in nifc hisei cyctca 264 
cydd, fm(^g-iD-uxdpnKflui«raJI 

cdfltpkKd 269 
cycte*, wave 162. IT3. IW 
Cyck(]io» 235 


daiitess of space h Tsdiiud from iwit 
jncan^'iccnE rivo^ ql white light 241 

diEwrt o^cEI[UcklUB^hcv^ 45 
dflid 120, |?2. 191. 197. 2tM. 233 
Dc^ih u [he wed of life h9^ 
death princtple^ radlaactivc 269,269 
DEATH. THERE JS NO 7, 9, 49. U7, 
190, [95.196.206 


darkness of space w odiatol (hm l^vh 
i^ncaDde&ccnt riven uf while tigfa 24 i 

diiwtiQfcan.^iu(uir»&,a 45 

dewt [2(1. 182, 191. 197, 2W. 233 

Death JA the Hxd or life 192 

detlh [^incipEe, radioactive ItA, 269 

DEATH. THERE IS NO 7.9.49, 1*7, 
190, 195. 196. M6 


dtiCBV 6. 123. 163. 173 

dccckmion 166,276 

(kccntmt 4 [.49. 344 

deccniroiifri lo ihc One Lig^ 35 

dKenlr^inc thinking 144 

dci:JmiL jLy&tcm i^ hufd upoft the wirve 

field of the cube sphere 2$1 
deciiUan^ expencnccs in 66 
dc^gCTierviivc pra:^& of Naluic a 

raJiuinn 226 
dcflisiy 125, 165, 345.^58, 277, 279, 281 
desiruforMsiux 86. tl5, 120, 134, IJ9 
desire Tof division of the Oth into mMny 

JividAJunefi 99 

dcDire fof mi ^m accion thiuugh 

decentnuive dunking 144 
Ocsiie in Mind k c^trHTdtly eipirsecd 

f}eaitt in the Li^ht of Mind 113 
dc&iiE in the ft&S i? wul in the seed '^ 
debtee in unb^LJarccd miutef 120 
pesLrc i-i tiai in the brain 37 
Dai re i* the cduu of all tiHilicHi 57 
D«5nc i* (he rTKriiv4iin£ fofce of ill 

Crtu^dii 65 
de&ireofCod 220 
dexirH, manifesulion of Grid's cwo 

oppojing 106 
die bv t>£ iward 89 


dinvaRion 13, Ift, 44^85. 184,203,205, 

239, 223. 228, 260, 2»2 
dinfilDn tft.67,7a,S5. 119, 135. tM, 

I49,t63j65. 167, 174. 179.23t, 

223, 237. 239, 240, 244. 250, 238. 

277, 27S, 283 
directioned mmion 18 
discharge 7?. 1 18. 123. 124. 165, tb7. 

discharging in cxetu of itfc durgc 167 
discontinuity, ideiof continuity of 28 1 
diiinttgralE* 121, T5^ (64,251 
disintegration, integmlion is 

ilmultatxMtily balanced by 286 

FOR 107 
dividitiE pn^unu. Mutciplying and 277 
divUion 53.85.99. 108. 119. 125, 130. 

[5b, 165, 190,201,219,226.236 
dow^ill Ei&w ofcjwzy 175. 176^ 227, 

dual. univerMi ii 239, 243 
dynamic condilion of toind 135.136 
dyninnii: cqpjamr 234. 235 
dynamic Height tt 2S3 


eajtb's eijiiaifirial re^iorv, ptancfirotar 

eanh't OiMlKKfis 2B0 

eurth, balance of ihe 107 

earth, conical nie»ttremcnt on die 245 

earlh, jrwfln was bom frnm * ntig Trofn 

earth, bud charge! the 124 
cftftk siin i^ reproducing lu own 
_ ["unflLiion on ^ 169 

earth'm cctwiioriil region, plane nfouf 

earth's ob[MnK$i 280 
earth, bsOmwoftbe H?7 
earth, conical measotcincfii on dK 245 
eanti, mocn^i'Bftbon) fmma rin^frnm 

cinh, sun ctiii^a, the 1 24 
earth, sun n rt^prtjdvclng its own 

condition on (he 169 
exnhouakc panemof an 2» 
end 26.60.94,96, 102, 127. 135. 195, 

East and West do noioppoK each other 

em 9 b«twia] 127 
Eaat-WcM spberici! ptines 240 
ccsiwy 25,28.29,30 
ifferf, fulcnwn <if all 287 
effects of mocioci ti. IJJ.43,46. 124, 145. 

225. 249, 28* 
efleciA of (TKHion. wave line which 

r«orTi*il] 249 
clghr ditectiofu of Ktkm 293 
eight ekmentA of kti octave 275 
electric awsicne&s 3. 43, 56, 61, 62 

UNlvEf?SAL 62 

OI*POSrfE 230 . 
electric current 4,61,72, t60, 167.173, 

231, 232, 233. 24B, 259 
electrk current ei impeiuLbte in an 

c(t4iih&riun] cooditknn 61 
electric curreflt, l^atn it 72 
electric currrni, principle of the 231 

OPI>OSrfE 219 
clecuic potential 139. fSI. tS2, 184. IBJ, 

ciectric potoilUli, mcvsuftof 1S2 
electric pittttrtCS 119.136,184.275 
ekctric roftex 235 

:;' '» *K I* 19 *Jt *1 

eltttrica] vortKeK 235 

electrically Rll«d 52 

elcctricidly oiiciEUtiog 4 

electricity ii,, 52,57, 114, 

120. 123.124. 139, I4l. 144, 148. 

149. 156. 189.230 

ELECTRicrrr defined n? 

Electricity lit forever winding Jigbi up into 

hod spheres 124 
Electricity is the molivative force 57 
cJwtricity, Negative 123, 124.148. 149, 

dectriciiy, PoiOtivc 1^124,148 
etegiricEEy, vKtuty of ncfativc - 1*8 
electronegative. Centrifiigal spinb *« 

elcctro-poiiitive. CcntfipeiaV Kpirvls an 

clcctnjciUfon pra«» 270 
deciron 23.46,62, 164. 165. 167, ]76, 

clcctitin. proton bonis ibc 176 
electronic systenu 248 
eletnenl tells the ^ory of its entire 
pieviiOtiA "incunaiioAi" ir\ odw 
octBMa 273 
cl<ctncni, wlunx of exh Atfcccelmi 2?7» 

elemental aiOTiis xi 
elemental pairs 287 
elemcnlaJi vriei 280 
eknxntol toMA. octave of 266 
elcrnetil£ become FruthcrnMKdly precise 
octave tones, myatery of how the 

s of an octave, eight 275 
sofrnatlei 157,168,240,259, 
elements of mutierue minidurv (Eellaf 

^y^iems 2^ 
tltmems of matter, pozitiin; aiKl negative 
elemccirat scncs xihj 
elemental loncts uctave of 266 
elements became modtemMically precise 
octave tofEs, myidery of how the 
elefntDls of an octave, cijht 275 
ileintnta of mitter iHl, 168, 240, 259, 

263. 2M. 271.275. 277, 280 
elcmcciu luf matter are minutiue Neltar 

^yiuems 2S0 
eEemenis of matter, positive ofid negative 

eli^ncDta which cty5tallizc an enbei 265 
aleroems, cycle of dtc 277 
clemcMs^ mneoclavecycleorche 277 
empirical ItncwiHJge 44.45 
energy n. :W.4I. tlJ. 114, 173. 175, 
1 76. 1 77, 1 87. 226. 227. 228, 229. 
Erver^ extended from zemto zero 283 
energy in zen> 2^3 
energy, dixiroeerttltig princLpte of 

downhill now of 228 
energy, dovralull flow of 1^75, 22S 
energy, dcwnhil) fk* of expressed 176 
energy, eBpTcS«or« of - spring from rtSl 

energy, gravitidiDn 176 
enagy. integratiiigpriitcipleorupfatll 

nowuf 227 
energy. RddLAdon ii known aa mllanl 

energy, wunx of the sun's rencw|it| 18? 
engitic; piiiton in wn 174 
equal giving t06. 108, 150 
equal t!;;ip(HL[e 122, [27, 259.267 
equal pressure 184,231,244 
equator 75. 34, 127, 136, 149. IM, »S2, 
183, 184, 18&r 233, 234, 235, 241 ,,277 
edujttor, dynvmir 234,235 
equator, static 136, 1^3. 184.233. 234. 

235, 249, 2S(J 
equaton, di^iiniesralion it 251 

nnp»nrrin fiVWVeT ChunsinE OCMcntlBl Of 


equaiort. suns' 241 

ttfuitibnum 13,61.115,119.132.175. 

184. 219. 222, 230. 231, 133,281 
equipolenlia[ orbits 24A 
aguipotentiat plane of presj^ure I S2 
eterruLl life b. 48, 1! 5, 1 90, I ^5. 206 
elemat, silcncc ts 135 
Eternity 7.98,214 
evil 9.94,218 

Evil 11 a pmduct of man 'j thinking 2\& 
evolution, epoduit advuncemetft in mun'^ 

exhaJitig 190 
cdcpanded Tiufs 183 
expoDding and rising tov^md cold, 

CooEingair Li^ 157 
expfljiding fitim -tiilineitH 156 
expanding univnw 175 
eitpaniuoncsn never compreHk 125 
CJcpHHSHA eoaK 187.188 
chpini^ion inio nathingneKS 24 
eicpaftHion ia bom frnm comprcss/JOD 125 
eiponjiion point of rest 173 
expansion stnike oTthe universal piston 

cxpaniioa. compnessicm and [09, 119, 

tApHAiion, female ij; one of 136 
enpanxi-tin. univenal 177 
expenmcnt and observation 45 
cnplDsion 220.221.231 
cxprei^ion of force 1 82, 243 
upAsAion of power 3^ I [4, 1 16 
lOtpn^vtian of pOWo- in wavej ii not power 

dqHCfwion c^ power is not power 38 
CKpicHion. creative 2,31.50.57,68, 

etpmaion, pouibilhies of 59 
etpcnsiofu of oxrsy firing from ml 

expresfiion offeree 182.243 
cxpfe&sion of power 3S, 1 (4. U6 
>exp|e£$ion of pcnver Ifi wavt!^ i i nut pow^ 

eiiHcsion of power is riot power 38 
enpnitsiDn. cittuive 2, 3 1, 50,37, bS, 

expre»ion. posisihilblies of 59 
expressinu of energy firing from leM 

fiUemEnt aleverfKHnaf^xedfiiknim 

caieAsitHv infinite 281 
exteflsion-retrKtion 1 17. 200. 230 
lial 219 

father boms the mother 17ft 

Father is Light 98 

father principle mullifdia light into 

dsuJty and high potential 1 25 
father principle of Nntuie 227 
father lefokli all unfotding Idea hack 

iQWfljd its s«ed 174 
fiidKrlight 126, 1J«, 149. 166, 167, 176, 

fithcr-Eighiof iticiiiuV:«Ctntsph£ns 223 
fatheelight principk 166, 167 
fkher-tight refolds die vntsat vapor into 

water 126 
fatlKT'Eisht. GrsviLation U the ^ which 

lefoklx that whicH^ unfolds 176 
bther-light, rfut^-lig^ unfolds ^om 

ilE 126 
Estber-light, Piwitive electricity li the 

father-rnpther 96.99, 101. 1 12, 1 15, 1 17, 


I B7, I8S, 19S. 202. 2(J7, 208. 222 
(atbef^ttiodiet principle 125. I. ^6. 187 
fathcf-mothcrrtciprDeiJive process 188 
RardQminatc^ die world 89 
feeling 28,43,44, 160 

fcmide 123,136.149 

female principle of CmtkHt, ftidiafkui i& 

the 149 
flcrw, downhill 175, 176.227,228 
How, uphtlJ 175. 176,227, 22B 
focal polnlK 277 
food isnotnouti!thnient 35 
fOfee 14. 57, «. 1 19. 141. 165, 182, 185, 


furce, centrifugal 251 
fc^e. ccnlript^l electric 279 
forct^ exprcaiwnof 181,243 
form. Action]^ tinfold formJetiuu^ into 

forward mo'cincni 83. 286 
forward mp'Vine ihines. bai:;tcward flow of 

foundailoA liii, t5. 16. 17, 3a 38. 44, 

106, 109.219 
foundation of empirical knowledge 44 
foundation of Icncmlcdgc 15 
foundaiion of the pihyslcul universe- 17 
foursrm^of all spiral nebulae 243 
fOur-zCro-fOuj poKittna is ooe i}f bnliuice 

267. 279 
four^zerD'fOiir position i^f wave irnpltFUde 

fovr-iieFo-row. carbon f«TT)£ at 265 
ffieering, bodien ore formed by 224 
futcnjm 22. 38, 39.49, 55. 99. IIS, 132, 

134. 140, 154. 162. E 72, 197.202, 

212, 213. 220. 229. 240, 260. 287 
futervm of all effect 2S7 
fuJcnijn i^f knowledge 38 
Htlcmtn of power in Re9,| 172 
fulcrum of the wave of musicitl octaves 

fulcrum, centering xcm 287 
fylcnim. fued 22,2fl2 


212, 213, 220. 229. 240, 260. 237 
futcntm of all effect 2&7 
fubcmm of knowledge 3S 
fulcrum of powi^ in Rol 172 
fulcrum r^f the wave of musical octaves 

fulcmm. centering zem 287 
fulcmm. fixed 22.202 

tMs- «i. 125, 126, 156. 162, 168, 189, 198, 

205. 232, 237. 240. 266. 269. 27 U 

gaL inert «i. 168. 205, 269, 27 r, 272 
f^tsa^n; the wlid^ ouiwaidty bound 

Euwud the heavens 126 
^BseSt inert ctnmic 269 
gases. Manef is divided into i«lids and 

gates, viaies of mocion 9av rtoxded ifl the 

inert 271 
gcnmttei., cold 188 
generating Cycles 264 
^enet^iufi conimci^ 187, IBB 
feneration muni precede contraction 1 87 
ICTKratcn 120 
genero- active 264.268.269 
gcnero-acljve principle 268 
OENESrS 98. 102, im 
gijniux 25.27,31.32,47 
geometric projection of two-way opposed 

light* 279 
five u NatujE givc3 I CO 
give for rcglving principle t44 
give, desire to 113.121,208,218 
jSiviflg ai,88, ll>fr. 108, Ua 121, 144, 

150. 186.203,207,208,218,219, 
giving, equal 106. 108. 150 
giving, Man's ptntwrlin in I ID 

God iiUBlii, 1,2,3.5,7, 12. 13. 14, IS. 
16, 17, 18,22.23,24, 
32. 39, 41, 44. 45, SO, 5! , 65, 66. 68. 
69, S2, 8S, 86. 89, 90, 93. 94 98, 99 
100, 101. T02, 103. 106. 108 109 
l[3, lis, 133. 17.3, 176. 191. 196, 

God and man are ONE 14 

God:i:ndmqn. co-CTUtive effotti of t<fl 

Goda^cu-crcamr 32 

God centers and contruli cvexy atom of 
HisCftaticHi 68 

tjod isctmflciousjTCSS 22 

God i» light 11,12,218 

GodiKLnvc 218 

Qodi>Mind 113 

God ih tbe fulcrum of man 1 15 

God utUrii venal Mind 12 


God of Love 23,41 

GodSdiviEionofthcLtght lOB 

God's inugiolrtg 12.24.101,201.219. 

God's imagining never began 24 
iDod's kctowing 13. 14. 17, 25,99. 100. 

Ck>d' I knowing, matter a bti a record of 

God';^ Luve 218 
God'ti Mind h One Idea f f3 
God'^ one law must be obeyed t09 
God's ooe law of diythmic balanced 

interchange lOQ 
Cod's !(till univcrx of knowing 16 
God's •^tllneK^ 115 
God's thinking is eternal 25 
God's utiiver^ law 66 
God's whtf'pcring, monhesdnot 103 
God. L!oo|Kriiiiofi with (fi 
Cod. deirreof 220 
God. Man nay not 6c apvt from 69 
God, iiioveih^ existence of xiib 
God'$ nr>c law of nliythmiE: balancex] 

intefchai>gc 109 
God';^ ^ti]] univeric of knowing 16 
God'i. Millncss tl5 
God's thinking Ik eloijal 25 
God> universal law 66 
God'^ v^i;iiperi:ng. man heard not 109 
God. cooperation with 69 
God, detire of 220 
God. Man may not be apart fhwn tff 
Cod, prove the eiLsiencc of xrii 
God-Mtnd 32.50 
Gad-Mit»l, Electridty IS die servant of 

the SO 
God-quaJity 18 
good 1,,92,94,99, lOU 

102, 103, 109, T24.I39. tW,21«, 

222, 267, 285 
goodcxperience^ 9 
^oud prodnict 39 
goodwill 109 
goodncM 1 
gravitation xi.46,47. 149. 150. t74. 17^ 


Ctavication and ftadiation ai, [50,211. 

graviioEion energy 176 
Cravitsiiim is 1 he faiheT'llghi *hlcb 

refolds that which unfoEds 1 76 
OovitaiJon i% iSc male prindpJe of 

Creation U9 
Gravitation is the poentive ebcinc 

principle 227 
gnviiatiuo, gjenerative pcooen o 

'* ^^* it i7& 

graviimiDn, inbfeadiiniO*H»^***j" 
giavitatinnH lUiKtionaartlllpW**'^ 

sJlf U6.t».l»;'|^'"' 
lis, r*9, 170. 173,1 »*^ ST 
2M, 237, 138. IW. J* »**■"* 
25S. 264, 278, 279. 2B 

gnivity fxvus and iBdiatbn begins 173 
GnvtCy pTcsurrc I OS 
GnvLly feroEJ^ toward Ihe seed I4Q 
gravity, xxtltnljott at I6S. 27i 
gravity, centerof 154, 163, 170. 23R, 

gniH^liy^ comprcHiivcdtreclimi of 239 
growth Mil. 47. 62, 90. 123. ^73,203 
S^ndion, plane of 2St> 
gyrtKcopic iL.lSajM,140,275.I77, 

278, 279, 280 
gynxcc^c odavE tDflcs 240 
gycwcopii: principle x], 158. 275,280 
fyroscofjic wave 2'dO 
jyEoscDfiic whcc], mjIoT syjiiem is a 2S0 


tunnonic 221, 2S9 

h-ajmorvic centers 231 

HHrmOnicexpltniDtuC 22! 

tunnoniclones 259 

hN.\ 36.63.106 

hai 24,51,92, 123. 126, 127, t35. 157. 

170, 171, 175. ]87. Ififi, 224, 258 
h«ki4leal}i 175 
Hut follows 85 ■ TKuU of contracliDU 

heM ^vin cold by cornpr»siri| cold V^ 
HdgbE U d)munic 283 
hol^ uc bored ihrttu^ ;;pherE& 2^1 
hydra£Ui octave 272 
hjrdiDgcn, ipcccrumof 273 

tdea i^ «lemat 16 

iilc* 1!^ QinnipTc^cnT 65 


ktea of product con never become product 

hoiis DC bored ihruu^h ^itvtnst 251 
hydr&|en octave 272 
hydnificn. spectrum of 27]l 

klea bs etenial 16 

idea 1!^ omnipaVtcnt 65 


]dea of prodDct can iKver become product 

ide% McHion is for Ihe Bole pufpo« of 

manbfcxCiniL 200 
iAiA, pat^med 50,53.54 
niiKss t3, (5. 16, 17. ]8,35.3a,3«,5i, 

44, ■^. IM, 85. 98, lOO. 107. Ii3, 1 14, 

tl5, 116^ 137^ 156,160. 397^202. 

218, 236, 243. 249. 258. 260, 232 
ilium inftlion 27,23 
Ulusiun Jii. xH.xiii. 12. 13. 15. ^6, 18. 22. 

35, 4L 46^ 51, 75, 76, 78, 79, 81. SS, 

93. K 133, 141,153,169,176.215, 

219. 222, 225, 235, 239. 247, 2M. 


illunion of change 7& 
illusion of man himself 93 
illkuioo of mrtion 1 3, 22, 83, 235, 247 
LHusJon of FC9I uid trance 75 
illiuiondf sequence 18 
illiuion of Ehe railraad tracks 94 
illinjon, tMvjiion of the whole 'mtn paitt 

causes B5 
Illusion. Motion is an 51.76.286 
JUluEon, re^l: canntK be imtralanced iavc 

by 141 
lllusiofu ciu&ed by wave mmion I6'9 
iUustoiK of motion. lighE 219 
DIuiioiuofsHiuentxandoriline 286 
illiULOiU, in£Eh s 113 



Sma^ninE It. 12, 13.21. 24. 25,44, 4S, 
55.60,64.77,81,92.98.99. 100, 
101, 102. I[5, EIB. 138. 147, 151. 
159, 173. 179, [80, iOl. 207.218. 

immoflii 5,26,31,36,98,1%, I9fl,204. 

immonaliE^ 5,31,98,206 

inbreathing of hratureiflgravitaiion ^6 

inbreathing of spbcm 226 

infarcalhin^-cniEbnalhgng 120,204 

incandescence 51, 156, 160, 183,203, 

inqoTTiing-aulgoiiig breath 173 

iiwJividuality 203, 205, 206, 24K, 250 

indivisible 19 

inertias xi, 168. 205,269,271, 272 

infonnalion is not knowledge 35, 59 

inci^anic 43 

inside-out 127, 162. 174, 188, 189, 204, 

inspiration 8. 25. 27. 29, 3 1 . 3Z 40, 47. 

insn^ttiiy 17. 106 
iiistirwrt 4, 23. 25. 45, 57, 62. ftS. 66. 67. 

6a, &9 
iniegrDiine, pfinciMe of "uphill flow of 

inlcjrBiion ifi itlffluli^neDU&ly hslaiKcd by 

dii^inlegmlion 286 
integration of matter Ert polesi 251 
initirisenre 4, 7. 25. 34, 40. 57. 5B. I [3. 

intense itv^pirtfion 27 
inlcnse menliJ eoiEasv 25 
inienAify une'£con!ic[ous awareneu 28 
intensive ihinkiiig 39 
inlerchnngc between ninofk: And cathode 

intereliange between pain of opposites 

interchtinj^e tiequeniiallybuia^udlv 21 
iineiligcnte 4,7. 25. 34,40.57, 58. 1 13. 

jnicnie in^pirMtqn 27 
inlcnse menbH ccittuy 25 
inlenAify une'fconscwus awareness 23 
intensive ihinking 39 
i nierdiange between jukkIc ^d caihodc 

inlerchangE between pair^ oroppositcs 

iAieechsn^^eqiieniiailybui equally 21 
inteiutunge. lawofequal, tippoeile ami 

scqucniial 137 
interdependent untfon 19 
interprct the itivthni 29 
tnvijiblfi 6, 14, 17. 22, 79, 174. 206, 273. 

invisible cilbet 174 
inviiiiblc octaves 273 
invisible octjvesof finely divided mader 

of iipace 273 
invisible tpcctnim, vi^tbte afid 274 
inward 100, E23. 126. 135. 143. 149. 156. 



226. 228, 23 1 . 233^ 239, 24 1 , 247, 

Inwud explosion 220,221,231 
inward explosion! , reactions sft 220 
Inwardifxplosjve reaction 228 
inwsrdoTdutwjud spiral journey 275 
inwBttl radial dircciiiHi is Nonh 239 
irtHi, relaiive ability qI the ^ mom U) 

charge or disc hjirgc 273 
(Mopca 266. 267. 269. 27^ 272 
isotofiH. WKjn^y ctafited 266 

fesus xi.Tf27 

journey of man 28 


keynote 259,260,282 

kn&w nolimiiationt 33 

know Ebe Light 

know, fica&efidonoi 286 

Knowing Mind IE still 44 

knowing, wnwlinns ve mislzlccn foe 

■hinting and 58 
knowing,, ulEimnte goal of spiritual 90 
KNOWING, we do not stop 71 
knowledge Jii,3iiii.3.4, 8. 15. 18.23.27, 

33. 34. 35. 36, 38, 39, 42, 43. 44. 45. 

46.47,56, 5159,69, 71,72. 78, TO. 

89. 163, 164 
Voowteftge HJmcs fo man fioirr ihc 

cosmos 27 
knowEedge Irwn books or schools 35 
Knowledge ix cpft^ic 34 
kncwtedge lies in ouse 46 
knowkdge of caujc. fundBmcnta] Faws 

QnLj|}>rinCEpre&in[isi be based upon 46 
Knowledgt! of the Light 36 

ktNiwIedge, infbmialion is not 35, S9 
knowledge, itcw liii. 27 
krtc»wk<3g«. machiiw^ can express 56 

knowledge, Man heCfnnes a higher bein^ 
witiigteaterpowerasheKquires 89 

known octaves which lie within the nmge 
(jf perception 272 

langu^e 17,25.3X94,273 

language, univet^ 273 


THEaNE 107 
law miut be obeyed. God'sone 109 
lawqroqi4^L o'pfiO-'iite aiid sequential 

interthanie 187 
taw oflDvei 218 

language 17,25.32,94,273 

language. univeiraJ 273 


THE ONE 107 
law mtut be obeyed. God'sone 109 
lawofoqiUdL oppO^ile mid seqiicntial 

interchange 187 
taw oftove 2l8 
kwnf Nanaif 280 
law of repetition, Nature't 204 
taw, ctsmic 65 
Uv^, Gtid'sunivcr^l 66 
taw, proixS'Sa of natural 177 
Uam 5,9,29,42,69. 109, I FO 
lens Ki,M, 171,,245, 

lever 22.39. 115. 132. 172.197.202,240 
Life and death 49, 122. 123, 124. 175. 

190, 191,192.193.194,203 
life and death are but oikrois of a^ 

other 49 
life canijot Uve withoot dying 194 
Life chains a body in excess ofitt 

discharge 124 
life cycle 72, 199,205 
lift a eldtniJ in man 49 
life is immcrto^ 196 

life ia not chemistiy or germ^ «f matter 36 
life h not in Ihe body 36 
life is spirit 36 
life principle lii. 196 
life, whole puippBc of t09 
life-duth cycle 71,] 73. 193,226.263, 

lifo^dealh cycle. Sleep is the death half of 

the 71 
life-death cycles of die cIcmerEs of hibHh 

I tfe^Ieath-resumction sequences. 196 
light "travels", illofiion of motion givnt 


Light stmt 114. 115, |4a 
Light aLntit, Mindiv tl4 
Light cannd be seen; it can only be 

known 160 

CONirERKlNC 16* 
light illuAionnol motion 219 
Light lA Being 98 
Light is cKpfKsed h? motion 161 
Li^hliSNiill 160,284 
Ligihl is the seed of Creation 98 
Light la the univena! ianguHge 273 
light rrpfiengcrs 48 
Light of all -knowing f4, 103 
Light of all-knowing, mandestred the 

Light of God 14,15,16,27.99.113,287 
light irf immortal Life 26 
UghtcfUiveand Truth 30 , 
liglu of suns, white 53 
Light ol the Spifii 90. 98 
light nf the sun 52,53. 160 
Li^L only seems to travel 169 
light pre&sufK are conslandy chanigin^ 

Lighifayft 126, 167,244,273 
light rays. Inwardly bound 126 
light rays. Outwardly bound |26 
light Units nl d\c; elenicntJ! 275 
light units of the elcmcnt-'iaie aJt alike but 

sre differently ccmdil toned 275 
light wave a%ti, Curvaiure of 245 
light waven 18.43,44.50,57,94,114, 

115, 161. 163. 166.205.222,226. 

239, 240.246,251. ZTi, 273,275 
light waves, spectrum unalysiK of 273 
light within a mirror-bound fTiom 2!! I 
lidityear^ IG? 

|.^1;J3^...4^Uhftawi□RJK!H^jK llw lOl 

light units, of (he eiemenls ait alt alike but 

«e differently condiltoned 275 
light wave flies. Curvature of 245 
lipii waves 18.43.44,50,57,94,114. 


239, 240.246,251. 271, 273, 275 
light waves, spectrum ii/ialysiis of 273 
hghi within a mirror-bound room 281 
Ei^tyear^ 169 

LighL all'knowing wk in the lOl 
light, block 
light, incandcBMni 53,203 
light. Incandescent Mins of whiTc hot 241 
Lig^, inspired messcngcm of the 90 
LiahL Lei there be 99 
light, matter E( the motion of 16] 
UgtU, Oneness Df Ihe H»,201 
Light, polarity of 99 
light, pulsing wavta of dual 132 
li'ghl. seeds ef 201 
Light, simulation of Light in matter k$ tsil 

Light 163 
light, sis miTTOT planes of still 277 
l^hL Speed with which - pre^umi^iy^ 

travels 169 
1^1, sunlight we lecl upon our bodies is 

not actual - from (he sun 169 
Eight, suns are gcnenited into 

ifKandcscenCc by two black river* of 

evacuated 24 1 
ligtit, three points of still 277 
Light, unconditioned 119 
light -waves, elccinc oppositcs (>f 51 
light wave^ transient 50 
lighti, conditioned 7, E 19. 247 
lights, electric wflvet of two opposing 

lights, falhErHmtisr 99.115. MB, 1^1. 

lights. gcontBtricprojeCiifln of two-way 

opposed 279 
like conditions seek lile condilioni. 238 
likcscfkslilte 157 


love,41,87,88,90, 150, 

Love c»n never dominate the worid unti t 

Love, Gild is 218 
Uve. God s 218 
love, law of 218 
love. Symbol of 218 


macroco^imiE: 23S 

magnci li. 14, 16. 17, 39.63. I OS, 1 13. 

118. 143, 154. J 55, 162,218,219, 

236. 227. 228. 234. 115, 236, 237, 

239. 250, 257, 260, 279, 280 
magnet, bar 235.2.36,237 
magnet, ncicssaiy lo corteci ihe general 

impnuk^ion thai d>e earth is a 236 
n^diKtic F4. 16. 17. 39,63. 108. 113, 

118,148. 1 62, 2 i 8, 2 19, 226. 227. 

22R. 234, 236. 239, 250, 257. 260. 

Magnetic Light 16. 17. 63. 108. 1 13. 1 18, 

148, 163,21 9. 226. 227. 228. 236, 

magneikpolefc 14,279.280 
m^nelic stillness; 260 

magnetiftin k\, 14,235 
male 123, 136. 149 

m^te candiiion is one of compici^ion 1 36 
rnale principle of Creation, Gmvitniian ek 

the 149 
Man and God are One 69 
man IkUcvh httruelf la be thinking when 

he & only wnsing 58 
Man cannot acouire knowlcdfie fr^ini 
schools 35 

1 from God at any 

boo)(s or schr 
Man miy not be a 

lime 69 
male 123. 136. 149 

ntalE candiiidn is one of compiession 1 36 
n^ale principle of Oration, tjmvitoiian b^ 

Uk 149 
Man and God are Oive 69 
man bcFievei hitnself la br thinking when 

he iKonly sending 58 
Man cannot acouire knowlcxtge fnnti 

bool(s or schools 25 
Man may not be apart from God at any 

time 69 
M:in'spowerlie,<i in giving 310 
man's range of sensing 205 

msHi elTarts of - to trsiLsmutc one 

element into another 280 
man, God dwells in 196 
nian, Ijod is the fulcrum of 115 
inan. Jd - arc all of the actioni and 

reactions of his previous sti^!^ 265 

AND 68 
manifestation of power 110 
manifestmg the Light 15 
mass 23, 62. 86, 124, 156, 165, 178, 181. 

182, 183, 185.228 
mass, contracted ]S3 
masS', cipamfcd 1S3 
mate xii . xiii. 2, 1 5. 28, 36, 42. 61 . 76. 85. 

90,99, 104, 123, 124. 123, 126, 127. 

132, 225. 228, 2*7, 249. 753, 267, 

mate, oppc&ite 126,225.236 
Matter and span llkcwixe aie ^x mates 

miitiera.% pairs of ofjpoeite conditions 286 
nutter gradually interehangcs with space 

Matter in violent motion simulata te«t 

and balance 75 
matter i£ bi^a reconi of G>od'k tmowing 


Matter l£ divided into solids aiKJ saaea 


matter IK ihe mution of light 161 
Milter neither auru:t£ tiAr repets other 

matter 155 
nutter of space, inviicibte octaves of 

finely divided 273 
matter. atKumption of ite realty of t64 
matter. anributcA of 245 
matter. Carbon alone esptesses. Ihc idea 

of 264 
matier, Elnitriciiy coaditiofls all icxku 

maiter. element)) of 157, |6a,240.259. 

mailer, life-dealhcyckfiof iteeleinenis 

of 264 
nuitter. ru> Light in 163 
matter. octave\ of elements of 259 
matter. Organic 65 
mutter. twoconditiionsoF 156,222 
maturity 67, 175. 178, 189. 192. 264 
maturity of cafbnn 264 
meunine 18,40. 31,53, 140, 1ft9, 203 
mcaKunihlc quanCilite 17 
measure c^led "electric potential^ 182 
meaxuie calln) '"weight" 182 
mcasLire of elecfric potenlial 182 
meas^ite of eKten^ion from zero to zcto 

mcchanicul principal of Nature 219 
nfiechanical pnnciples 39 
mechanics 260 
melting point 224. 245, 264, 266, 267* 

memcrie?^ 3, 23, 57. 69 
i^nwry 23,25,43,45,62.65.67,69 
menial ecstasy 25 
mental. Insiinciiveactions wkI cell 

memofv rcflei actiocu are nw 62 

mcchanicut principal of Nature 219 
mechanical principles 39 
mech^ics 260 
niclting point 224. 245, 264, 266, 267* 

memnrieA 3. 23. 57. 6* 
njemory 23, 25,43,45,62.6\fiT,« 
mental ecuosy 25 
mental. In&iinclive actions and cell 

menwfy reflex acEionx are not 62 
messengers of the Li|;hE must multiply 

into legions 90 
metal 51, 267. 268, 2^.281 
melal, radioactive 268 
mcEallie oppo^iEes 267 
tnetal lie quality 267 
TnccjtKCi£mic 223 
milkweed fluff 19 
mind is frec^ fnom concerrtmtion 69 
mindisli^ht 12. 114 
Mind is Light at lesi tl4 
Mind. Organic maflef generate* poioly 

from the desire of 65 
minemi 23.62. 145.201 
mirage 15, 23, 34, 94. I J 7, 118, 234 
mirror boundary fieWs 279 
mirrored cxteniton, ettual and oppoalw 

miJTored infinit«s 130 
mijToi^ and lensc* of space "i 
mirrors of action, mimjis o* Mction Tfi 
miiTora. wave fieki* aci a* 169 
moitfuit in the ^"^"o*Pf*?. "^u t^* 
moon 46. 153. 154, 1S3, 253,254,153 
mortal symbols 36 
momlity 5,31,98,^ 
mother bonis the father m 
mother, fadicrbortudw 176 
mother, womb of fjH ^ .-^ 

mother-light 126, m. H9. 16^ J»^ 

moihcf light priKlp** 166 

niQtha-'ltght, Nc£3tivE electricity n The 


NEtmtALlZED 128 
nicrticjn in iinljr one Jireaivrf^ %aaa. 

Motion \f on tllusion 286 
nwinn is cxpressfflJ in wai/« l&i 
Metitstt ifi ftv ihe sole mitpwe qf 

numiliKEbti! idei 200 
nxtfioci ts [HA in the moUon bui in Ihe 

di^lno* from Wi^icli it (k citKiHiflJ 54 
Motion ItHtfiii ilEuEjon 5\^'Hi 
mnlJDfiitiiciril mio^iii^tcnl 78 
UK^iun pictutE prajecikifi frtun our mn 33 
motinrj pietui? univcfst ^43 
McKion ^imuilalcii j^iih^t^ncc ifA 
TnotiEin ctirte froin r»t and ntums to nsl 

motioat unphtiids eepnscnr maxiitnum 

nuiidti. Duin;^LjiHn tllutiMOflte 

tnxicm. Omn^c Uti$ is f4 
nxAiocu 'Conditioni necaury for 

intcn^uinge of 232 
motioh, dasim within ^1 maneru) 

expres 1^1, 123. 185 
motion, dcctric univeisc at ftj. 7S 
(notinn, ituJiimuni Z7\ 
motion^ minimuin 2? I 
mcrtion, octav« wave fonnuli wlncti 

^vetm ill ^8 
mtrtioft, [ippoud 1 15 
motion. oppufiiCf eapKS3Dn$ of TM 
fiMtido, ren Ittkti iSS 
TrKKiCfQ. Mtcming 3, IS. |l^ 50, 74, 76, 

71 W. t4l. 149 

«pnK t2I. 128. 18^ 
TDcHiion, clcclrit univwsc of 63, 75 
fnoiifiti. itiokinum 271 
moticn. ininimum 271 
Tnofion. «Uve wave ronnuls vhidt 

f^viJiuiJI 25S 
TTH»lion, iipjH&ed 1 15 
motion. opposiK expresEions of IA| 
Trajticm. rut from 185 
ntcxiwi. sccmiinig 3, 15, 10,50,74, 76, 

78.91. I4K 149 
rrudon. sole cauK of two-way 238 
motiun. sbUfsctf 56, 121, 259, 2tiO 
ntotion, sutvslajice is purely IM 
tnoiiCHi, xcit} univCn^ of Ke£|nin[ 

nHchanpciI 282 
Tn?(iaole59i ort>i[ 83 
nHXivaiivc l^cKCc. Elcctrifiijr k the 57 
niGving lever 39. 1 15 
ntovine diinj^s move not (59 
hfultiplkiiion 125, l£S, 219, 226,245 
fralUplkciiy 2, 17,50.63,93, 144, 173. 

23a 248 
Multiplviiuifld dlivklin£prc»ur» 277 
mu*K 40. 69, 259, 2*0, ^75. 282 
TTOPik, tones of 259 
Tsmn'tcai oct^ve^ 260 
ntiuLcal sate 282 
miutcal rones 275 
mj/stcnr of ^cnauer i^Dpearing fnmt fpue 

(D be aECemueCy fwaJlowed by space '" 

Tityttoy vT^Nvhcndo urt^ when w« 

die" 199 
mytteTY of fravitiiion andndislion 232 
mysicrv Qi iww [he clementj bccocne 

ituiihcniBiLEdJty prefUcucuwiuOQi 

Mysiic 25,27,47 


VatuialLaw 17?^ 184,260 

^otwc fonver LmfDhti into mtny llO 

dub ,» ..iuBl rtl«M>H HI) 


lutureofU^ viti 

Naluic ftcocdK every ictHHi and dc!t,ire or 

The body 2ns 
Nwiiic's gynjKopic pnncipte 158 
Naluic'-tlAW ornfpeiiliDn 204 
Nalurc. conKtanE »]»rating pmcKS in 63 
Nalun;. cre^ting-tlKtciiling^TCcrcailifiE 

ttengs. in 196 
Naluie. tliiinfcgnlion pnKcu or 254^ 
Nhucc, faiiuf principle of 227 
Noiurc, jp^lllalunfoldirig-refolilinf 

piiDcipIt of 25(1' 
Kituie^ tnilde-JHit outside-in principle of 

25 1 
Natum. [Tfvw^iA^^t^:\a^K^em^ico( 263 
Nanu?. iTKchuiJca] principal qf 219 
Nalure. 4pet;irum or 282 
njtutCr winding up ptXKxsi of 266 
Niurvne ^,93 
nc^laean nuhine away fmm each other 

nebulae, ring 127. 1^9 
nebulae, tp4nl 149,243 
nEB!»ic« 17,34,116,284,284 
nejfativc cell 234 
nf^pvf eEcciric pnncicilc, R^ilMiion m 

the 227 
Ne^Hiive clccirk^r I23| 124, 14«, 149, 

Meitative elecmclty ti the mDthff-li^l 

^teJatiw PriDtTpIc 17,119 
neguive peine LpTe. cEectnc univene it the 

negidivc Weight j M 
Mighbcr. Hun Tirtohy eelfratherthan 

ihy 88 
nnmalis 121 129. 135, 165 
nmtrCHi 364, 166 
New Age mil, 28, 47.90 
^tniLve iEbtlrittiy tbirte jihjdki-jlum 

hfCt^idivf PrirEipk 17.119 
»^aflve prinf ip(e. electric univexse islhe 

negative weight 1 84 
TKi^bor, mtrt first thy wJr rathef than 

Ihy 83 
neulralize 123. 129, 135, (65 
ncutcmti IM, 166 
NewA^ niii. 23, 47.90 
htcwion 46. I6[ 
nine 234. 239, 240, 25i, 263^264, 272, 

277, 232. 233 
NiiKUnnlvenoJ 2S2 
nine ooave cycle 264.277 
nine, univcTHd 233 
TunrtyElc^wt 2J4,239.240.25ff 
nineiy Jc^fdcs id the eattii's nufvx 258 
nineh' degrees, MEllnes^at 258 
Nfitth 100,101,123.156,239,240,279 
K^nhmiwiStmih 101,123,240 
nonh mtg^iax pole 279 
Nwth, inwvct ndtal dinctknt ii 239 


gbliWTjKs. cMUh'i 280 

OhUiing 223. 255. 279 

oh^ting pLjiKU 279 

oUuiag «phcn3 323 

oHive 17^ 18. 166, 16S, 22(,240. 258. 

259. 26a 261. 264. 265, 266, 267, 

268. 269, 270, 27 1 , 271 273, 274. 

275, 277. 279, 3S3 
ocu^e cycle, nine 264.277 
octave exleiuioni of cartKin 265 
octave of caf6on'& aging 269 
a(uv« Qfcleitieai^tc^no 266 
ooAVi [OM4 240. 260. 275 
oa«vei«K». lyrobwpic 240 
ocwvtwa^e 17.11166,221,251259. 


which lie wiihin ibf nmsc erf 

Dcfntt. tlemeni ttllb tJK xbxy of iti 

Bntire previou '^ncamatknj^ in olher 

octaves, fulcrum of the wave ol musical 

ocuvexv invisible 273 
ociA>vK« known 272 
Dctavei. wave of nuKiic*! 2hO 
«( (92,235 

oniitipotcnct 2. 4, 20,5^*9*91, 771 
ixnnipcpieni 7, 21 
Dmniprsence 2,4,21! 
Dmnipresem 13,20,65, (Ot, 162,198, 

omniscierKe 2, 4, 27. 32, 33. 89. 206 
oiTTniHrkrtec arul mnnipoteAcr. fpalaf 

omniACPent 7,20,213 
OncUihl 12.13, 14, i5, IS. 2t, 35, 37,, 115. 118. 121. 

130, 143.156. 163. 179. 199.201. 

One Living GodofLuve 23 
One Magnetic Light of God I6lII3 
One Mind 12,13,19,23,24 
One^iiltUg^ 14,13,50.53,202 
oat ihing itt ihii ufiivent: 44 
One Thinker 3 L 1 3 
One Whole rdea 3,6, 13. 19,33, 7&. 113, 

OKwhhOod 3],9{> 
One wjih die <jod-Mind 32 
One. Alllhing^ai? Ill 
Oive. Maci ^d God >re 69 
oncwM of sphcffii and cubs 24^ 
Onf (KRs of Elh: Li^Kt 108.201 

Oneness, ciamit gosil of 108 

onencML, desire for 63.85. 128, 177.223 

onene^i, luavecondJlionFiire foKver 

licelcing 16 1 
fS^rptud h£hti 12. 17.279 

One wiUi the God-Mind 32 
One All things arc til 
One. Man *nA God are 69 
uncfenofiphemandcube^ 243 
OnCAKs of Ehe Light Ifffi. 201 
Oneitcss. cosmic gtial of iOB 
onetieifi. deitire for 63, S3, 12S, 177.223 
onvneu. vive conditiont ire forever 

weeing 161 
upprfttd li^jhix II 17.279 
opposed motion 115 
□l^nscd pn!»[jfi3 136, 1 56, 211, 243 
oppOKLtecnndiiianisofcoinpnaEion and 

ci^pansicm 231 
□ppo^itc dicTtrlioned TTKHicFl 13 
oppo&iu electric prK&urH of coAfiresiian 

ind expansion 119 
opposltemalE 126^225.236 
□pptifltilc poles 154, 155 
opposite, equal 122. 127,259,267 
OppofilR arc Mil ihjti^: ihey dr 

conditkins of things 135 
OpPOSrrFilBOftNEACHOrillEft lis 
oppOAites, electric 51, 182 
opposiEAS, eJccfEical E23 
Opposite^, fslher-mother I S3 
DppoALEei. positive and ixgalive 119 
oppcKiEic». viHdiiioeOf 133 
OfhFi. Hited lOS 
orbit, moiiofllcssi S3 
orhii. jtvoluEion around 95 
orbits 151, E7I, 132, 240.243,255 
orbiEs 4J?tind ihc sun 255 
DfhiiK. of rrunier in EfUkx, ptKaflUlofai! 

Dfbtb. oquEpotential 243 
otBOdic 43. 65, 20a 201. 233 
OAcillaling 4 

Dutbrealhini of this univeiul boc^ 176 
Dui&idcDCfHirKlvct 23 
DUbkdc-ifl ]63, 174, 183, 204.226. 250. 

outstanding chsTKECnsUE: of M'avtia 108 
ouhvanj breathing lOO 


(xiEwutI expkMionL. vrinm in Nature ine 

Dittwafil e*f>ki^ivr action 223 
ouEWirdfadiflldirectHKiiB South 239 
Outwmnl ihnibi o^ T3di4iion 135 
iJtJEwHnJI thrush of radiAiivcpresKSures 235 
outt^ard-ducharging hrcinh of d«ati 1^3 
Oulw^'in'WaTd eKplnflLtMTE 221 
QurwjunKy bouisd lighmys 126 
ourwardiy bound toward the heavcnu. 

gflBcS QIC ihe sylidi 1 26 
OKygen and hydrogen, voitdirvce of 1 36 

Pain q d tno fnlcnac cleClHc cunmt 72 

AND 71 
pairauroppoHlcnpccsMons 2,49, 128 
painofopposiiAi tO. 106, t( L I5L 152. 

fiiiira. of unbalanced conditkms 17 
p&irs of unbalanced opposiics 1t]i6. 133 
pajFV. clement^ 287 
P>Bfticle 23.62.85,36. 14a 153, 164. 

165, 166, 167. l«a 
pans of mc One Whole Idea 19.33 
pariSh. dividing; wholEtvu into 98 
putem ofancanhctuake 250 
pidlerti, repel i don of 132 
paiiern^d fonti^ tepeai their pjuiCnv 

Kquenlially (!13 
peace, caimotMand 257 
penduLiiffl, ivringing 109. 194 
peiKtuiimi, Iwo-Mray ntoving 179 
pCnicpiiDn, range of 6,272,273 
pcffea balance 47 
pertpcclivc 46 
photook 164 
phyjiicai tensing 90 
physics SI 
piston 169.174, 177 

sequentiBSly tJi ' '"" ' 

tft^ce. calmness wvd 257 
penduliinfi, swinging 109, 194 
pendutuTn. tw>'o-way movinig 179 
perception, ranscol 6.27^273 
perfect (jaliDCc 47 
perspective 46 
photoni 164 
phyu^l sewing 9f> 
phyEiA ti 
phton 169. t74. 177 
plao of the Creator. Carton fulfills the 

pjajie of ccprait pressure 184 
plane nf gymlion 230 
plane of our earth jLOCfuabiiritl rtgion (82 
plarKofpffiuurc equipoUniial 182 
plane of n»l 233 
plane of wave amplitude 123 
pIvKS of die wave Held venr»ia 

cuivahirr 277 
planet of Kio darvabnE xxu tS3, 161. 

pUiKs of zero curvature. CurvuurE eitdk 

Hi 162 
planes, cube tfoundojTy 247 
planet, motkn^ofthe 84 
plBiiei&. obluing 279 
polarity 99. 154. 151 167, J99 
poiarityofLighE 99 
pokriulion 202 
j»te of iWflEion 179j3W 
pole, msgneiic 14,279.280 
pcde£. itttegrmion of maitcrit 251 
poks, ^j^iposiie 154, 155 
pt^pt, po^ive and negative 167 
positive and oegtLive dcmeniK of mal^r 

poHtivfi; and negative np|KKite& 129 
positive and negative pines 167 
pcsitivcccll 73^ 
pG«^[ivr elecmc prirKiple, Gnvkodon is 

tiie 227 

Positive electritily is the fadticr-lEght 1 43 

POMlive l^nfiple 16. 34, 113 

poNtivo weight 1 34 

positive-ncgjative waive parts of « wqvc 
cycle 72 

potential 125, (39, 165, 167, 181,132. 
133,184. 185.220.221,225.226. 
231 . 234, 237. 23S. 239, 24a 244. 
245, 248. 258, 259, 2fi3, 286 

potemial of all orbita of nuEier in spwe 

ppEfhtial. ctccEritr E 39. 18 1, 182, 184, 

potemiaL falhtt principle inijltiplie* fight 
inCD density and high 125 

potemiaL lowtr 125.(65.259 

power tf. expresited in waves nf Tmrinn 

powt;rgfDglit It4 

power of severan^ 28 

power quKtity of Mind |in 

powerioaeair 113, 114 

power Eorcafrim objectively 43 

power which (i« in knowing 31 

power, cuprewionof 38, 114, 116 

poHwr, expTrM.ion of poww In wave4 is 
Adi EF4 

power, fuloumof 172 

power. nunrfcTJUltlon of TlO 

POWER, SOURCE OF 35. 1 13 

pTe^iiUTr condition uf thiiigs 136 

jjcCKKUi^ condition, iwnj 153 

pressure condiiixmh 232.233.235,237, 

pireuiin;. equal 134,231.244 

presHirc, Gravity 108 

prcssuiE, lower 259 

prcsture. plane of ettust 134 

pidMinrs., cptivofidl 245 

pressures, dividing 277 

pmsuFCK, electric 119, 136. 184,275 

prevuic^ opposed 136,156,221,243 
pressnw i'i&i«jiiKH',"^trrjN* "*"^ "" 
preiwmfe coudittLHis 232, 233h 2.35. 237, 

pie^ute, equal 134,231,244 
pFC:ssurc. GnMity 108 
pccaiyre. lower 259 ' 
proisurc. plane of equal 184 
pnessuicx, camt of lul 245 
press-ures. dividing 277 
pressurwt. cfcctric 1 19. 136. 184, 275 
pcea^res. oppHcd 136, 156,221.243 

fureisurca. univerw of varying 274 
pnr^iUiVA. VAriMiDnof 166 
principle of CrealiOT 108.110.149 
pHnc^E^of elfl:lrkiiwaiciic«K 61 
prirKiple of equal giving (06 
pniwjple of giowih xJi 
principle of love 218 
principle of power 21 
principle of Ehe electric cunrm 231 
principlecfuniEy, BALANCE is the 106 
pnnciple. falhcf-ltght 166. 167 
principle, fadier-molher 115, 156, 187 
principles si, 39, 46, 2fiO 
prisni! 273 

projection 53.92. 219, 243v 247, 279,284 
prolating 223^ 255 
pniton 164.166. 176 
protfm boms the electron 176 
pulEtdLorr, compicssive 144 
pump 33.231.240 
purpose of life 109 
purpose, ckctrically awirc of 61 
purpDSA, ntsn gradiratly knowt bt» li39 
putposcfulness 15. 168 


qiutky 17,13,3139.106,101113,150. 

ouatitvnrorunes& 18 

ijuanlirie* t7. 1112,38 

qumlily 39 


radar 220 

radfat. exiensions 2(9 

rsdijil imiver^ 149. Ib9, 134. 238 

radio} universe of cone M-cticHi^ 234 

r^iunt energy 175.176.177 

r^iute^ Heat 187. (83 

radiatiort x\,47, 128, (49. 1 50, 166, E 73, 

(74, 173J76, (85, (87, (8«,2U, 

2 19, 220, 226, 127, 13 1 , 232, 237, 

239. 255, 27S 
raliatieHi begins. gntviEy c^saet and 173 
Radiadon cupandK 137, (88 
Radiaiiofi i.1 known 3K rwUant enerey 175 
Rjdiation it, ttic female prrnciple or 

Creation (49 
Radiation is ibe negative e(oclric principle 

R-adiati^jn i% the o{ip<Keile of generaiioa 

R^auon thrvit4 ^imdy Dtdwvd 226 
Radiation uafc^ds rrnm the .i^ed 149 
rwiiatrnfl. Action:^ are the btisis of 220 
radial Lori. deceleration of (66.278 
rxtialion, degcnctalive pirocnK of Natufc 

i« 226 
radiation. Disintegration of w^ and 

planets by 255 
Riiduiiion, Gi^vLiation and xi. 150,21 L 

219,226,231 ; 

rndigtion, tnysEcryof gravilaJJotj ud TXi' 
tadialion, sular 137 
tddiaiivceicpaftiiion PlT vacuity 264 
radiative pressuciEs. outward iliiusi of 

lodLati^fify 123,223,231244,259 
radii of a cone 235 

planets br^^ 253 
Radiation. Cravitaikn Md xL (SO. 2((. 

2(9.226.232 ^ 

radiation, mystery of gravitstioo and 232 
radialion. 54iW t^7 
radiative esponrti on (]( vKUity 264 
radiative presfiurEa^ crijtvrard thcVst of 

ladiativjEy 123,228,231,144,159 
rvlii of a cone 235 
radioactive dcadi principle 268. 269 
radiiaaciivity 22^.266,270 
railroad Eracks, illLisiEHi of Ehe 94 
Rjiin 1 sKing vcri ically from a c Lotal faHi 

cgAically 245 
nin. electric patenti^ of 245 
re-giving ||0 
leaklion. centrifugal 145 
icaction, gcncrO'Dctivc 269 
tEBttion, LnwQfd cxpli}Sive 22S 
reaction, miirrofsof 277 
rcaciionit Kt inward cAplesioru 120 
RcacEioiw arc dv basit of gravitation 110 
Reactinni rofotd fonn imo formlesAnesfl; 

reality xii, II, 16,23.44. 76. 94. 164. 

noli/atioo of 0«ncss 28 
feborn, body of man TTwf he forever 196 
reciprucative proocu. father-mothet 133 
fecon<»niraied 49 
recocded thinking ( ( ( 
recording icii, 3. 4, 23, 14, 44, 50. 57, 58. 

67, 14. 85, 36, 164. 203, 205, 233, 

249. 17 ( 
recording ihfKi^-pgtternx in TnUut 50 
recording of thought 44 
(fid. spectrum of hydiogen it 

preponderantly 273 
renejtes 4,23,25.62.68 
refolding lii, 101. Ua 121, 144, 146, 

148. 174. 2H. 205. 23a 151 
refolding iriio one (10 
refD(dnven! kH, 243, 164 



irliiciDmhip xiii. 35 
FcliiEtDnihip !o the uni 
jvUgkm xii. xiii 
ntlrfkMS teaching I 
rcpeijtinn of pattern 132 
ApfTTducOvn 13^ 133. 134. 170 
Rcproductioft ar tihbAlia» 132.134 

repulsLDn 1^53 


mistance S6. nsi. 1^9.221,268 
resistance, gcwm^activc 268 
leu Mitd btlxnee, iltuuonaf 75 
nsi caniKK be unbilwcal nave by i1tu«iion 

mt Trcrm motinif 1 85 
fCHpoLM 129, 1 33, [49.279 

TCaE. haldiHX hL«i tKcn flitaLited b)' 120 
mA. all DcUvaisihe keyFM^of 

KM. ci^cttpfe&sian pDinl or 173 
iBi, coDdiikin or U4, l^, 139. 141 
REST. DESIRE FOB 12B. 139. 144 
icu. (xpaniion pD^iTf of 173 
Re$t. fulcnim of po»er in 172 
ml, tdcd spmtAS tmm i sisle or 200 
rial. mcHkia uom fnird t&i UUt ittttnu Id 

ml, mutiui poinc of 130 
fesi, |f|ancof 133 
iBi. poimof 75, 1 14, 130. 148. 173. 220. 


AIUr.f*uuifi4Ldf ?fi7 

rot, ckpinMon ptiitiKil (73 
Jtost, ftttcnun of power in 172 
rm, iikj. !.pntig£ from a. Male of 200 
ifsK. miAian i^UjU fmn fisi md JttOmS tQ 

rwt muiual poinini 130 
rbC plane or 233 
nst, poinlof 73, 114, ISOl I4S. 173.22CK 

rsC pOKitton cf 267 
rat Sex HiuAu Aiid itnffts intenstfjr the 

farthcF Ihey m removed from liO 
rcs.\. AEitiiiLflliitg 75. 76 
rut, sialcof 121,200 
r»t, Tcnstori has nof BECC^E 140 
rtsu rwajnim&of 129 
mull of lex desin 121 
rcsunwliPO J»,49. IW, 178. 196. 200 
tevcrul 250 
rhydimofTniUi 30 
rhyirttmic balinced intercharvBC 2. }05. 

106, 107. 109. 150. ia8.2ia 
rtiyl;hm!c Tmflgcs wiihin tmut } T I 
Hvythniic invive unii-ene H, 19 
rhvihinjcaEEy enterchtngins oppofiics 4A 
ring* 2, 4. S, 1 3. 26, 28. 59. 90. 1 36. 1 27. 

154, 159. (89. 197,2130, 33 J. 253, 

254. 339. ■27* 
RjAga Are iJw "deadi" half of ^ cycles o( 

sphcfcs 2^1 
n^inf gyrfucoptcally 277 
intBtion upon its tuts 85 
iQtuion, pokof 279.2fi0 

sdcitte xri, iiiii,2,4,27t3I,3Si*9Hl87. 

Kientinc prDgreu 89 

KkFitfU* 42 

KtofGixf'>nugneucLi£hl lOB 

sen of ifA$aiiDn 37 

mef x^Eii, 47.41, 93. M. 125.211 


uedorinmga 168 

»chJ, OnWt^ lefbldi Krwbd ihc f4ft 

jieed, hnven'i rtfaliling inlo patiefucd 

Bccd, RadiiGon unfcrtdi rrem ihc 140 
ulfcTcaiin); universe T3 
Self iii imFTHmal 36 
Self pf nan 16.22.70 

»nuli«is m mintaken for Ihinking and 

knowins 5& 


teflst of reeLin|L 43. 44 

isensed coivftntoiu 45 

noised cuipitcncc 45. W 

iemed nKitwrifs 23 

Kctwd otHervatEcms 45 

b«iu£« lue Etuulcquaie 2SS 

»n&esaie Limited S6. 1 16 

idues ve Eimttcd la nbc pcttpcptioa ct but 

one of ilic ne^EOU 116 
KctMC:; oic mmion ^ 
MTundo not know 286 
itxma Topami Xii fnouon in only one 

dirccfJOD ?8 
iiense&. deceplicn ofdM 136 
senses, inddcquKyof iIk 84,2S6 
unsina knot tltinkin^ 42 
lending myf I cease 3] 
sfinsini. mubelicvotiuiucErtobc 

Ihinkmg wlxn he is. only 5B 
jEcnxing. rran's range of 205 
^cpLifatMHi, dnuvfnr 17^ 
rfqucTict 18. 65. 66. 76, S3. 93, 93, 1 44. 
)ensm£ jf nontiinkiitfi Al 

«£[tEin^, ifiaHbclicvci^hicnscIf Ul bo 

rhinkjng whfn he ix on\y 58 
stnsinit, num'i; range of 205 
iepartlLofi, dcKire for 1 73 
seqiKiKC ia.63,66.76.S3.92.^, ]44, 

150. 163. 196.202,221.222,247. 

2M, 2£6 
Scnc tiru ^ tFTdher B8 
severance 27, 2S 
itcvcTVKE nf soul from body 2B 

sell dtNJXv <ft eknrK action >nd reidiiM 


9Ci^ divided. Alt thine Ht 136 
Sex iA not a ihmg 1^9 
Sex is ihe creative priiKipk ll9 
Sex is the divisLoir] of 4 bakncod 

cquiLibriuincofvttJIian 119 
wirniUHv 123,125. 127. 132 
Sex maie& ire iwa cf^ halve» of one 

ncxmittes. Mwer and spKe ire 127 


Set oppu^lion 136 

Sex iensiofisL ind ilnjiu rntensify ihie 

fanher ihey arc re^moved from reit 



«A oin wldwm llie ohcr 

fei-ojBiiitiiAttl 123, 13K249 
sei-conditiorKd spinU 249 
sc]t^in[creliBngiFi|t [31 
« corklilion l<s an unl>aliinccd 

condition 1 19 
sexed conditrnn of ii:nbfiljnKc in oun 1 20 
scicdclci^tric unjvenf 1 17. 1 18. 121 
xexlE&& 10, 119, 1^. 134. 1.56 
uMleu, elcdncalLy hoLuu^edcofblitianof 

anything is 119 
^hafl of a wave 25(j 
fhape, luiivcTK hs^tio 281 
lilrmsc is cternaL audic coodiitm of 

silence 135 
simulate eternal Uie 48 
HmuletiiitB T»lity 164 
lintuljuit^ real 75,76 
uimilitiDn of tdea 19 
fltmuljuion of pDwdr 39 
tlmulAtionoriUabtli^ 107 
dit mirrurptanesofuill li^hi 277 
itkil] 42.6B, 69 
slixp 4,5,70.71,72,73.197 
^l^radiatKHi 187 
wUrfiyiiiHTi 9.62. 1 71, 199.300. 254, 

^olar sy}.lern j< a gywKO^K wheel 280 
solar system, movements in the 171 
lOlKT syslcm, urn is ibe Mod uFiKift 200 
S<ml xii. 2, 4. 7. IZ 23, 2S. 29, 57, 98, 

113, 146,203,206.271 
wHwid 15,40,53. 135.201.25^.260 
jtoundwave 259 
Source of all knowledge 35 
souTCT of every thoughl 32 
KQlUce fif inspiration 29 
SDurcesoutside of ourulvei 28 
wuth 67, too, 101, 123, 156.239.340. 

MJUifiyMciiri'iaitn'^V'MX^^t.'wi^^ iH, .,'-, ,-- 
Soul Tiii.2,4,7, 12,25.18,29,57^98. 

113, 146,203,206.27) 
sound 15,,260 
itOundwaVi) 259 
Soun:eofall knowlelj^ 35 
source of every thought 32 
viviai of inxpir^Jnitt 29 
souresotdiidc of ourselves 29 
wiah 67.100,101.173,156,239.240. 

MHuh Tnagneiic pt^c 279 
Souih, North and 101,123.240 
SoutH, l>Jorth ind - diametricaily oppD» 

cathodicf 240 
South, otitwird radial direciiofl is 239 
vpacc d)r»htcgF?^n truner 1 27 
Slip's 'n a tiiviskin i/f &oIidfEy fcnta liemiJTy 

Ap«ce wiihiR wave fields is curved 162 
space. cDtd 170. 188. IS9, 212 
ipace, coldcLj-bdA^flve-rieblii of 124 
!^piao*. caMdafk 241 
space, cotd of I B8, 259 
^psce. cosmic duit of 131 
iHpflce, expiLpdcd condttKni of 232 
4pace. maik:r grai^ially inberchutfe* wiitli 

i^HctTOKOpe 273 
spedmrA anolysii 272,2f73 
tpecnutn uf NfliEirt 2182 
jpectrum, color 5 1 , 259, 3601 277 

rtp«lniin. toncaoFlhe 275 
&pKtnim, viiibte atkdirEViiible 274 
sfKctrum-divided ixuflive-negitlive coltrts 
tpoHlofhghi 169.2&4.270 
sfieed with ^hk;h li^ht preauiaablir traveU 

sphcTT, cube md - *rc one K3 
&phcn: ij bom frpfn the mbe 223 
bphere. cube is bom Irom the 223 
sphcrr. proccu of becDming a 166 
sphere, spiral is an incompleted 248 
ijAKTt, tnu 166. laa, 222. 223, 380 
SohcTK cornc into beln^ by pmlaiing 255 


ipfaeiii, amEripetfy spttals wind li^ 
waives iiUo 246 

xpherrs, CDncenlriiAl 344 

fpheret, Ekctricify tsforevcrwindiEij; 
light up intu twt 124 

^phcies^ hfdeij arc bor^ dnwgh 251 

spheres, inbreathing of 226 

spheres, rntandesccni 14^223,347 

itphtrcs. obluuti^ and pralsiit^ 223 

spheres, outhicalhing of 226 

fipherk^l pldiKs, Ea$t-Wcn 240 

tplicric^ syiKtemi 247 

ipirttharijicopc 270 

sptnd tipices 276 

sptnd bas« 276 

Spiral forms mu5f have intcn« 
indlviddaliiy 250 


spiral ts «ji iTicotnplfied sftaeib 348 

ipifid journey 275.276 

tpiral fKAulAe 149,243 

spiral ptiira. Ofiening and doling 260 

i^nnd, ckKkiaiteKpoTBl iKAtwa.yKa 
ckickwixe 250 

Spjmh and cnyKtflls hsve individuality 

ipiT^k, cen&rpetil arxl cenlrifufcal 246. 

spirals, Twtyway j^iKonditiEnai 349 

ipiHtKsiili 36 

Spirit, avafejic^iof 23. 89 

5pint,(«ogni:£ing CAUSE in 58 

sptritujLasvjduHiittj, need Tor - b gmt 

tpiriiiol awa^ness of being 22 

iptritu^ cotiECioianeA 35 

spiritual inlKritance 45 

^pinluaJ knowmg 90 

spiriiujJ QUALITIES 22.164 

tpiriiio^ univene of iLnowing ]fi3 

KlibilL[;y 16. 17. 106. 107 

liability. InstihiHEyij forever welling [D 
Spirit. n3c:a8"iz]ngCA<-':jt: tn jh 
spiritual a'AiilEening. need fey - is giesd 

splntual qwHTnesjofbeTDg 22 
spiritual eon]idousiies» 35 
spirttuil inheritaiKC 45 
spiritutd LnQwjng 90 
spirKuol QUALITIES 22. 164 
&.pinLiMl uni ver» of knowine 1 63 
Exility 16,17, 106.107 
uubiliiy, [n^iahiliry i% forever seeking to 

find 106 
xur 46,7^ 134. 154.161. 1», 170. |89, 
191. 214.239. 240, 253, 258,270, 
xtAtk and dyiuinic etpialtH^ 234 
nuicCQndNkmkHetcnni i35 
itattcccnditian of litencc 135 
miK equator 136, 183, 184.233.234. 

235. 349. 25a 
^6c uniivene of i:susc 258 
ituk. Lcfkllh atid tmaiMi a« 283 
stellar systems^ elements of tnaiitt aie 

nrinlfltun 280 
fiUlEoOstnicmind Lmivcnc 14 
sjill tight of Knowing 31 
stilEmagnetkLi^t 17.63, U3, 148.219. 

itill, y^iji 160.284 
i<^ilinc3^s u ninery deereu 35B 
a.tLl]Mc!,&Df Mind-knawiiig 249 
•Uillneu of the fulcrum 39 
■aillncsi of the One Msj^nctlc Light of 

God 46. 1 13 
^llncK of the Source 35 
stlllneis, conmKting [toward 156 
stillness, expanding tmm 156 
Hillnejs, Go^'i 115 
stillthss^ magnetic 260 
Mop thinking 31,7] 
£tDenis Off eirih 107 
Mroke, compiTaJion 177 
lubcark^ciou). mind 23 


^ubstaitce 13, 22, 24,44.43, I3fi. 161, 

[65, 166. 237. 266. 175. 2ft> 
ii{b«.tance u purely mntiEHn 166 
sulMance, Motion itimuLDles 166 
Sun charges the eartb £24 
f»sj i»ii crtKible whic^ mdlts idl kbss tnio 

«iK 32 
sun is reproducing tts own cwiditmn on 

tbecqnh 169 
MID IS thfseedufdtiftsaljkrayMcm 300 
sun should have iwiK^ DuMong 4go lfl7 
uin'sbeat 1&8 
£ti]r& pole of rotation 27^ 
sun, cold space will bofe a bbtcl hnk 

through Ihc 189 
lun, tSiaclwging the 167 
sun, oitiitx amimd the 253 
Min. planets nexresi the - move Ttuth 

fatilcf 17) 
sunlight we feel opon our bodm is not 

dCtuiil Fi^hi: (mm the jun 169 
taos iLfc ^cncTsicA into tticande&CFncc l^y 

TWO black nver\ of evacuaicxl Eight 


ifunn become nngs 127 
suib' equuiori 241 
supercon^ioustnlnd 23 
awofA, die hy the 89 
lyrrthol of CR:aik>n 81 
symbol of los« 2IS 
symSMji 26.43 
symlwlsj mfcmn the thinlwrtiftJlc thought 

conveyed 43 
synirnclry, conic ^f4 
svnckmnizE 161 

talk with God 23.25 

^ymnuiih tETJ*til)^■ ■*'"-'^*^ in>*i.»K> 
symbols 26,43 
Nymbots infonn die thinker of the UXKEght 

ewiveytd 43 
^ymmclry, conic 234 
lynchiunize 161 

talk with Ood 23, ^ 
tcmpe^aI^P^, Weight should be measured 

dually VI 181 
Tension 1 3. 22, 38. 42, 50. 32. 53. 60. 65. 

S5, 100. in, 117. ns. I.^9, I40i, l4t. 

146.155,156.163.184, [97, 198. 

1 99. 200, 20 1 , 3fl2. 203, 2 1 5, 2 1 9. 

223. 229. 230, 243, 249. 265, 281 , 

TouionhiuncH BECOME rca 140 
tenuity 125.165.243 
tettuiiyi Space it a divinon of sobdity 

into 125 
thiftlc pqwerfiilly ftwti knowledge 43 
think wth Ood 23 
think, to - it lo create 1 1 
diinking consciously 23 
diinking intEnsiriei 38 
Tbinkrn^ h eleciHc 23 
thinking is not power 38 
diinking, concenmtiveiiiHldEcenlnilivt 

Ebinkinj. E^<il itsprodiKtof man'x 218 
thinking itup 31.71 
ihoughl^wave univcr« U 
ihtec dimensional univcTK- 46, l>5 
thnee-dimenstcmal raduil uniwrne 219 
tides 153.154 
time and space 49, 65. 2Ui 
tifnc ditntaisitm 205 
time does not exist 25 
Time flQWi two wdyt 2^i 
Time i> s unreal a the wave universe i^ 

uniui 2&I 

Time in but cine ofihe tfTecti whit^ 
toniuitule^lhi$unjvcr<u! 281 

lime A nufjht 93 

liiTK. Conlinuiiy infer?. 28 1 

time. lEIunttn of moliun, change, 
MC[uenccartd 247 

tiiDci. LtlusionsorsequemievKtof 286 

timelieKs Euid'^Eri 13 

litTwEesntnasbofiniranKe inspiration 77 

tunal 260 

tones i>r music 259 

tonei of die specErum 27$ 

tones, color 275 

tones, cye)C of 275 

toftpk harmonic 259 

tone», liotopn itre s.plil - 266 

tones, musical 275 

[ones, octave 24(1. 260, 275 

iime:^. wa^e Held 383 

times, wave motion is cspfeued in eitN 

tcuTTJBiocs 107,255 

[tngedyuf todaiy'sciviliufioD 89 

[raniffomiiuljon 9, 28. 53. 62 

trjn-^rormed 7, 8, 18 

lran^mutc one element into^itiotlyT 28Q 

Trinity 99, t38, 140, 179 

truth 1.2, 18. 3f]. 109, 163. TW. 314 

two are eciuo! holvA <tt out 48 

rwoconditionH of nutter f 56, 222 

two iliceL'tioru; of eletirie pressures 136 

two equally unbiiEBnced [:anditiDns 119 

two negations 34, 2K4 

TWO oppi3srre electric 


two pointb of re^t 129 
two Kupieme iUtuions 93 
two unWcAcK 14 
two-way m«ion 79, El5, 121, 16I. 173^ 

Jwi^i^av ipovintocndulum 179 
twoncgiitiun* 34,284 


two points Of mt 129 
two supreme illusiioi^ 93 
twouhivctifi, t4 
two-way motion 79, 115, I2l. 161,173, 

[wo-way moving pcntbjlym 1 79 
two-way pump 3^ 

TwO"way !iex -conditioned spirals 249 
two-way ^ral joumey 276 
twD-wAy thinking 115 
two-way univerM 124, t65. 239 
two-way wave motion 17 
twos m^ become voi'ded ia the One 134 


ultimate ^al of ill mankind 7& 
wkimalc go^ of npiniual knowing 90 
unbolnxice, Reptodoctioo of 132, 134 
unhaluice, Weight is »nic»SMcof ISl 
unbalanced action, baiance cvci> 108 
unhql^need cHhlitLOfi in feature oiuct be 

baliuiced 127 


(52,231 ___ 

111 and oppcriite w& na» 

unMonced lifbl 21 
unhatiufced motion 17 
unchanging 17,18,37.98,240 
urKondiriorwd |7.22,9S.1I9 
Unconditioned Light 119 
und(:riying]owofC«ili«' 106 
unfolding and rcfbfctiBg « U7* 
unfdding-Kfoldii^ '**■ f^ ^^ ™' 

PRINCIPLE 14^.250 

urthappiocn 107 


19. 5S 
uAiLy between divided ports, deufe for 

unily. HALArNCEi^ihepnrHrtpfci/ 106 
univcnut body SO. Il», 176. 177 
Universal deicc rorcbangE and 

mulilptkJly 63 
univer^ dfrsirc for nncrtcia 63 
universal cqiuJiMum 13. I I5»2l9,2)0 
■intvcrtil expan!iion 177 
univcrail language. Ljghi h tiK Z7J 
univei^ Ihw «iii,2. 66.67. Ilfl, t9l 
UnivtnJil Mind 3, II, 2J, 53, 139, (44, 

Universal Self 1, 13, W, 206 
untver^ Self. Awajcness of die Ueht of 

nnivtruj M]llr>«£ 17, 2S2 
unifveml stilirKU, rtiedzetnof 17 

univcisaj. Nine H 1^ 
untve-FSt! Kia ^'luk brcddtes iJJ 
universe hM Ttfi ^hapc 2SI 
Dnivcc^ 131 BgeLcfii 46. 281 
urtiv(^r&e t& comirclJed bdlely by electrto! 

!>Cf1UJi(Hl 1^5 

Udivcrvc ix dua] 239. 243 

universe is one 19, TCU 

Bn;vetH iifh^ttm n\ 

Univenc of Being 211 

universe of cuiiae, AUlac 25fl 

anivc.rse orchus^ 77. 219 

untversc ef illiL'don 46, 219 

twi^Kse flfJindwing M, 15. I&, H.7S. 

Bn]vc{» of Icngih, tiTEadlh and lhicknc» 

iimverwofinuttr 12.34.50,219 
jmlMr-rw ^. in.»iteT,ln motion 12, 34. 50 
universe of batunx it 
Univeru of Being 2iT 
univeneofCHSc, uaik 258 
unlnnu of chuge 7T.2L9 
univene of illuMon 46. 239 
univeitc of knQwing 14. 15, i6, 22, 7a. 

H. 163 
universe of length, hreadtti and lihiciux» 

univeru of maUR 12^34.^0.219 
ufiivcnc of matlct in mplkn 12,34.^ 
universe of nnfUler, lime, chjnge mJ 

muUoo 219 
UnivetM of Power 9\ 
univcrae of Eeafiiy 239 
universe of (eermns motton does not cxia 

luiivcrsf oTMCmJTij'uitKaniiaiit^ 50 
universe of sens^ion 22 
univervof scaling 14,15.163 
universe of tmmieni truucr in nntioD 35 
univcFxc of vu^ing motion 174 
uniivme of VArying iifessuEn 274 
univecM of wave5 132 
untvecK, balance m the 107 
univct^ BftUofc t> die fouodadon of dtc 

unLvene, continuity of the tOll 
univene dualeleeuic iOfr 
univerx, illuuon E»f ITk 93 
LLfLLveric. imagrncilr^dta] 219 

universe. iriTelliginccof she lU 
UNIVERSE, magnetic-electrk: 

uTiivc™:, TBCordifig jysEcmQfthU 

ereiling 271 

LimverK. s:e€miTi% Chree^imenfttonal 26:2 
'UnJversC, slJII nu^nctk li^l 17 
univene. thTE^-dirreruiDrLid radial 219 
universe, zam 78, 230, 2^2, 2S4 
un*iniilf^ 124. 173. 174.254.279 
ophiiirbw 175. 17ft. 227. 22a 

VKUity 148, 
Vacuity of negative electrtcity 148 
vacuity, rodiutiiveeKjTaniilDnof 2&4 

vapor 125. 126. 156, 1 57. 162. 183. 198. 

vibration 59, 76. 160. 161.164, 170.171, 

249. 259. 275, 231. 282 
vibralifHi in a wave Held depends upon 

volume, rue at 170 
vibrations dJEappear inio Ibe universal 

nrroofMillne^ 282 
vital liii. 267. 268. 269. 272 
void each other 119. 152 
voidance xi. liij ID. 126, 131, 133, IK 

136, 137, 144, 155. 173.232,248 
voidonce of (ine coftdiitiun mud take piace 

tkcforc repetition cui follow 137 
vobdarvLe nf oppOMition 1 33 
VoJdilnCE D^ unhaiiuVe 118.133 
voitdance principle xi 
voktancx^ tia!anccin I]] 
voidartcc. scK-hilancIng 131 
vokCcd ain it occun. action it 288 
votia^ 38.72. 160 
vohinKoreadKiucceedineelfxnent 277, 

voIllttk, expondini inia grcatcf 167 
voEunve, cKpan^ionof 166 
volunlary sind invoEunMry airtioiM 57 
vortex I66.22S,235 
voita, apexcfa 166 
vorvex. f^kcirie 235 
vortex, wtrftlpool inoiiDnof ihsafeffiic 

vomces 152, 235 


vnlume, cxpanunH af 166 

voluntary and involuntary actions 57 

vfirtci ^^i^, 228,235 

vntTEX, apciofJt 166 

voriM. ela^ric 235 

vortex, whirlpfxil motion of the etectrk 

vorticei tS2.Z3S 


^Hif 3S. 39. tOU tOl 108. 126. 136. 

156, 157. 162, 1«3. 17^ IS3. 184. 

wave amplitude 129. 144. 222. 223. 265 
waveaxu 129. 166 
wave eDnditkuk&anr fonrver tttfcmg 

nftei)c« 161 
wave cycle. po^Jiivc-ncBUive wave pans 

of a 72 
wive cycles 1^2.173.107 
wijve Hetd gyrmicopic principle 275 
WHve field inncs 232 
wavefiekL outer bouodary pUuei of the 

wivefictd, planes nfltie 277 
waiVE field, raiti 4>r vibnuinn rn a 170 
vk^ve Field, ^luw vibration in a Ijvgc 170 
wxvF fteW^ act jA mirron i(ft 
Wave fjcldi, fjist pul^ttrg interchiitge 4]; 

cKtiemcly ?mal] 170 
wave fields. E^Eci of vEbmiofi in |7J 
wave intexetiange 176 
wave IItk which tcconlt all cffecQ of 

motEqn 249 
uave tn«io4i ii expensed En dchi tones 

wave of nHifital octaves 260 
wave pnHiLUT. condiiionof 167 
wav£. amplitude of dtc 166 
wave, gyroscopic 24U' 
wave, miftimum tnotidQ In the 271 
wave Rhofl of a 250 

Wcieht iA a tiieauiJ^ of LLtibdlanee tHI 

W^ghi iinota lixed piOpciy cif nui&a- 

Weigh! i;>f numet 1 82 
w«i|[ti[ of ihc csnh 46 
Weight ^tKNl]|j he measured dLiilly as 

lempcrnturr 181 
weight, tle^finitions of 1 84 
weii^ht. meuiire i^lkd 1^2 
wcEght. negative and positive 184 
wcni 29. 127. 135, 195.240 
Wesi and Eaut do not oppoiie each mher 

wheel 3. 6. 19, 43. 75, 83* W. 183. 277, 

278. 279. 28» 
vfh iflpool motion of the d.ecuic vortex 

whir light 1 2 24. 53. 1 30, 203. 24 1 
wliiie li^. t^LTknc&sofspace is/sdiaial 

ftom two incaiKtesctnt fivers of 241 
wi nding up pft>cc&i of naturt 266 
WDvran 68. 119 
womb of moOKf 202 
wofd XI. 17. 1S.»*7»S9» 

104. 105. 123. 151.203.215 
work Jtii. 15. 21. 3r, 32. 48. 63.65. 6&. 

69. IDS. 114. 120, 144. M5. 235. 249 
wptW xii. 2. 26, 36, 47, K«. 89, *)a 131 
world. Feat ekimrnaies the 39 
world, njaiton^ofthc R9 
world, new 26,131 

XHtCMO. 269 

69. T05. 114, 120,144. 145.235.249 
wiirid »J1.^ 26.36,47. SB. 89. 90. 13 1 

wotlid. Fear dominaicj the 89 
world, nations of dK 89 
worbJ, new 26, 131 

ytllu* 279. 2&2 

<en M.H, t7.7g, 152. 153, 16Z 169. 161.,230,231, 

243. 245. 258. 264, 265. 266. 267. 

268. 269. 27 1. 272, TJ5. 277, 279. 

2Sl.2S2.2ft3, 2*4.2*5,287 
zcTOCumlUEB Kii. 153. I62h 169. 2l9» 

zeroofdillitesK. i/jtirAions diaippcar info 

OuuniveruE 282 
«rD picuuTE condition 153 
icrounivcrae 78, 230, 2S2. 2«4 
wm. action orf any naiufc hcgita with 

am. centering 283. 284. 237 
icK. tfxt^ in 213 
icre. from wro to 230. 275, 233 
zciro. sum of dually reflected motion ihkts 

ejupteSKrd iii. 234 
2en3. three eencerinE; plaries are cemered 

by 2&3 



Jesus said, "GOD IS LIGHT," and no man of fhot day knew what He 
meant. The day is now here when all men must know whof Jesus meant 
when He sold "GOD IS LIGHT." 

For within the secret of Light is vast knowledge yet unrevealed to man. 
Light is all there is; it is all we have to deol with, bgt we do not yet kriow 
[What it is. The purpose of this message: is to tell what it is. 

Today's civilization hos advanced far (n knowing HOW to deal with mot- 
ter but we do not know WHAT mottei' is nor the WHY of il. Nor do we 
know what energy, electricity, magnetfem, gravitation and radlotton are, 
Nor do we know the purpose of the inert gases and WHAT they are. Nor 
do we know the structure of the elemental otoms nor the gyroscopic 
■principle which determines thot structure. Nor ore we owore of the fact 
thot this is a iwo-woy continuous universe of balance in oil effects of 
motion and not a pne-woy discontinuous universe. Nor hove We even 
yet heard of or suspected the most important of all principles in physics, 
THE VOIDANCE PRINCIPLE and the mirrors ond lenses of spoce which 
are the cause of illusion in all moving things. 




3 207 


I l'!|[ll[]|l!|ll!l 

9003 5692 7